Groundhog days of woe for UK and USA – early 1970s rerun



Parallels are being drawn between the present political imbroglio in the UK, with the early 1970s which saw major discontent with miners, a three-day working week, an oil crisis, entry into the EEC and the Irish Troubles at their height (the Birmingham bombing killed 21). The hastily called 1974 election led to a humiliating defeat for Tory PM Edward Heath, who gave way to a minority government under Labour Harold Wilson. Another election eight months later gave Wilson a small majority. Five years later, after the Winter of Discontent with public sector unions out on strike, Maggie Thatcher was elected. So the pendulum swung from right to left and back again. Heath lost on the slogan ‘Who Governs Britain?’ and Thatcher won on ‘Labour Isn’t Working.’

Oddly enough the USA was in full-blown crisis mode as well from 1972-4 with Watergate escalating.

There are astrological similarities to 1974 with Uranus having moved on half a cycle, Neptune almost quarter of a cycle, and Pluto just past the quarter cycle. In 1974, there was also Saturn in Cancer square Pluto, of which we’ll get a taster in probably even starker form come 2018/19. Tr Saturn in 1974 was about to conjunct the UK MC, square the Ascendant and oppose the UK Sun; followed by Tr Pluto conjunct Ascendant, square Sun and MC. In 2019 tr Saturn in Capricorn will conjunct the UK IC and Sun, oppose the MC and square the Ascendant. Tr Pluto has already moved on from the conjunction to the UK Sun by several years. But there are similarities.

Nothing is ever exactly the same – you can’t step in the same river twice – since the cycles are constantly shifting. But tr Saturn moving towards the UK chart axis by 2019 certainly suggests another game-changing and discouraging time.

There are previous posts on the USA’s woes around the two periods with the tr Uranus square the USA Mercury opposition Pluto and tr Saturn conjunct the USA Sun, Venus, Jupiter. [Dec 26 2016].

4 thoughts on “Groundhog days of woe for UK and USA – early 1970s rerun

  1. Hang in there Chris, we’re in Ascension times, the energy on earth plane right now is reaching unprecedented peak which is why we’re seeing the Shadow rising, especially in the US – its rising to be healed. Pluto’s effect over the U.S Sun is doing what has to be done, unfortunately we’re all cut up in it. Eventually this too shall pass. Lets do what we can to fight for what’s right but also know a higher plan is also at work, it won’t be the same in the end but we will be alright.

  2. Chris,

    I really feel you. You have expressed my mood and thoughts about our country and I, too, think the UK has it better than we do now.

  3. Chris, I couldn’t agree more! I’ve seriously considered moving from Florida, but have a teen who has 5 more years of school which I don’t want to disrupt- excellent schools in our county and great universities. It’s disheartening to view this future although I firmly believe that we are in the midst of dramatic change and will come out on the other side with a better world.

  4. “Crisis Mode” in the United States is right! I’m really losing hope in this country. I thought living 8 years under the “Baby Bush” regime, a recession, two international conflicts (one in Afghanistan, the other in Iraq) and the financial crisis of 2007/2008 was bad enough. However, what we’re living under now is MUCH WORSE than ANYTHING I’ve EVER experienced before. Donald Trump and the RepubliKKKan Party doing everything they can to destroy Obamacare, social programs, LGBT rights, women’s reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood, the environment, freedom of the press and so much more. Trump and his administration are now attacking national monuments (like Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and many others) so he can allow logging and drilling to take place. He also wants many vast acres of unspoiled public forests in Colorado to be cleared for some disgusting coal factories. Here in Florida, they’ve already started the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline (which we hate). Environmentalist groups are protesting and filing lawsuits over all of these things….so, I try my best to stay hopeful that justice prevails. I’m really counting on the 2018 mid-term elections. Clinton-Obama Democrats (like myself), Sanders Democrats and progressive Independents MUST agree to support THE SAME CANDIDATES for the House, Senate and Gubernatorial (we have one here in Florida next year) races when it gets to the general election – that’s the ONLY WAY we can defeat the RepubliKKKan Party.

    As for the UK, I still think they’re better off than we are. Theresa May’s Conservative Party, at least, doesn’t have the power that the RepubliKKKan Party has here in the U.S. right now. I’ve heard May has tried to form some kind of coalition with the ultra-conservative “Democratic Unionist Party” of Northern Ireland, but at least they’re not controlling the whole country.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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