Naya Rivera – a family in mourning

Naya Rivera, the former Glee star, is missing presumed dead after she went swimming from a boat on Lake Piru north of Los Angeles leaving her four year old son asleep on board. The lake is known for hazardous conditions including whirlpools and there have been several deaths in recent years.

She was born 12 January 1987 1.56 pm Santa Monica, California to a fashion model mother, started acting when she was 4 and had also released albums.

She had a 8th house Capricorn Sun and Mercury with Neptune also in the 8th – so she would be intense with the ability to project an aura. Her restless Gemini Moon opposed a 7th house Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius, not making it easy for her to settle in committed relationships. Her marriage to actor Ryan Dorsey, father of her son Josey, was tumultuous and short-lived though they shared custody when they split. Her lucky Jupiter in filmic/musical Pisces was in her career 10th house square her Saturn Uranus and widely square her Moon, so she would have had a chance at real success.

Her Saturn was exactly opposition her Chiron natally and her BML at 1 degree Cancer was caught head-on by the June Solar Eclipse.  Her Solar Return for this year was very blocked with the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury conjunction in the 8th as well as Jupiter.

What a tragic experience for a young boy though it’ll take time before what happened sinks in.  Josey Hollis was born 17 September 2015 and is a late Sun Virgo; with Mars in late Leo square Saturn in Scorpio, which square in whatever signs is often associated with tragic or violent death, not necessarily his but happening in his life. His Progressed Mars is moving to square that Saturn exactly over the next two years which will maybe when it starts to have an impact on him. He also has a controlled and controlling turbulent T Square of Mercury opposition Uranus square Pluto with his BML exactly square his focal point Pluto. His Chiron is catching the tr Neptune conjunction till the end of this year.

Her ex-husband, 19 July 1983, Ryan Dorsey, is a Sun Cancer square Saturn Pluto in Libra so not a great match for her Capricorn Sun. His Sun opposes his BML and his Chiron opposes his Jupiter – lives touched by fated events. His Mars in Cancer was opposition the Lunar Eclipse of July 5th, three days before the tragedy, which can coincide with a tremendous shock.

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  1. “What a tragic experience for a young boy though it’ll take time before what happened sinks in.”

    4-year-olds don’t have a fixed concept of permanency, and thus do not understand death. I know, because I lost my mother at this age, too. How 4-year-old experiences a situation like this, in whole, is probably not what one expects (I’ve spoken about this with two professionals later in life, and they agreed), but will be profoundly impacted by adults around in years to come. I had a loving, if grieving father, but my “saving grace’ were my paternal grandmother and aunts, who were close to my mother, but not overwhelmed by her death. I can only hope Josey has these people around him, too.

  2. It would be interesting to uncover the astrology behind the show that made her famous – Glee.
    A lot of absolute tragedy has come out of that programme. Some have said the show is “cursed”.

    I pray that boy finds the healing he needs. Ridiculously tragic.

  3. It looks like she has a mutable T-square involving Chiron in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Pisces in her natals. I would guess that transiting Neptune, currently at 20 Pisces, activated the T-square: Jupiter (overwhelmed) by water (Neptune & Pisces). The “murky” water and the fact that they’re having trouble locating her body (since it’s assumed she drowned at this point) are also quite Neptunian. Moon was in Aquarius when she disappeared, but has been traveling through Pisces the past couple of days as the story broke. Very sad circumstances.

  4. Josey Hollis could manifest misogyny as his unconscious mind feels his mother abandoned him. His father also would have his resentment increased and he certainly has a potential for violence and bullying.

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