Trump – taking a wrecking ball to US justice


Trump’s pardon for his old compadre Roger Stone comes as a knee jerk reaction to distract from his calamitous failure to handle the pandemic crisis, with cases and deaths rising again, and – from his viewpoint worse – the Supreme Court indicating that his tax returns should, after delays, be handed over. The Washington Post described Trump’s decision to free Stone as “an unforgivable betrayal of his office”. Even William Barr had described the case in which Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering as a “righteous” prosecution.

All of this as tr Uranus has moved for the first time to square Trump’s 12th house Pluto which indicates a time of turmoil, disruption and upheaval. At the same time tr Uranus squares his catastrophic Mars/Saturn midpoint, with both in effect till late September, and repeating again late April/May 2021. His tax returns will almost certainly not be made available before the election but, if and when they are, will expose his dealings with Deutsche Bank, already on the hook for past money-laundering scandals.  Trump’s Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct his 2nd house Neptune exactly later in 2021, which is when he picks up a worrisome Progressed Moon through his 2nd house from mid 2021 for two years plus. So his financial panics are coming, though perhaps not instantly. His timeline below from an earlier May post.

Roger Stone, a long-term buddy and consigliere of Trump and before that an avid Nixon and McCarthy/Roy Cohen fanboy, was born 27 August 1952 with a Virgo Sun and a rules-don’t-apply-to-me, pushily-confident Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto tied into a mean-minded Mars Moon in Scorpio.

For a man released from servitude Stone doesn’t look too  happy ahead with Neptune undermining his confidence up to the election; then a calamitous tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint over the Inauguration and disappointment through 2021.  His relationship with Trump will be separating rather than drawing closer from later this month and again in late November/December with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Mercury.

Trump’s Timeline from May 12th post:

From 5th July he picks up the catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, to which Ebertin ascribes accidents, illness or tests of nervous strength. At the same time he has the disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto. Both keep running till late September, and return in April 2021 – at that point along with a blocked tr Saturn in opposition to both his Pluto and Mars/Saturn for more setbacks and headaches, and those run on and off till early 2022.

July 6 to August 18 he has the discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn, returning late November till late December.

He will get some uplift mid August to late November from tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint though that’s minor and it won’t outweigh the fraught tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint running at the same time which will bring a struggle for survival and a real test of nerves, and the other influences.

He’s got an extended run ahead of Neptune transits which tend to lower energy and undermine ego-driven ambitions, and can also indicate underhand and deceptive tactics. He’s nerve-stretched at the moment and not thinking clearly with tr Neptune square his Sun/Uranus midpoint late April to late August. Tr Neptune squares Uranus/Node through September; and opposes his Progressed Moon over the election.

Into 2021 from late March 2021 tr Neptune squares his Moon and then his Sun, on and off till early 2023.

The June Lunar Eclipse this year will be opposition his Uranus for a shake up; and more significantly the December 23 Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun.

A Solar Eclipse opposition a natal Sun usually brings a realisation of not always being right and needing to acquire a fresh perspective. A Solar Eclipse conjunct the Moon brings up the past and tests the foundations of life in a major way. It can bring public image under scrutiny. Robert Jansky says: ‘If society considers you a valuable person it will let you know.


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  1. It wasn’t a pardon but a commutation of the sentence, which is even worse. According to historian Heather Cox Richardson, “A presidential pardon takes away a person’s right to stay silent in court under the right established by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution not to self-incriminate. It does so because there is no need to worry about conviction: you’ve been pardoned. A commutation does not take away that right, so Stone now cannot be compelled to testify.” It’s a way to continue to keep Stone silent on Trump’s crimes that Stone is covering up.

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