NATO – pressured on several sides

The NATO summit this week will be an edgy affair with questionmarks over Biden’s health, concerns about a possible Trump presidency as well as far-right, isolationist politics looming large in several countries. Transatlantic ties are holding pro tem, spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but the future is uncertain.

 The 24 August 1949 11.42am NATO chart does seem sound, measured against the Bosnia intervention in 1993 when the Solar Arc Uranus was exactly conjunct the 10th house Pluto; Tr Neptune Uranus was exactly opposition the Mars; SA Sun was conjunct the Neptune; and tr Pluto was conjunct the Solar Arc Neptune – all very close aspects.  More so than the April 1949 signing chart.

  Where it starts to look edgy is after mid 2025 with tr Uranus square the Sun briefly, repeating in 2026 which is when there are significant challenges and pressures. The Solar Arc Sun is square the 10th house Pluto, blocking progress; Progressed Mars is conjunct the Moon moving to conjunct the Saturn in 2027/28 which will lead to major, bitter arguments and potentially devastating setbacks; and tr Saturn Neptune in Aries is in an undermining opposition to the Venus and square the Uranus. Whether that is an existential crisis or a global hot spot requiring NATO action is not clear.

  The relationship charts between NATO and Russia 8 December 1991 is essentially hostile and disruptive with a composite Mars opposition Pluto and Pluto square Uranus – and that is being threatened by tr Neptune opposition the Mars this year and next, moving on to sabotage the Pluto and then Uranus for several years ahead. With a peak of high anxiety in 2025 from tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune.

 With Trump there is an implacable-dislike for NATO from a composite Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Leo but apart from a tremor in 2025 there is not much showing up until 2029 – when one way or another he should be gone.

 The USA/NATO relationship chart will sag more than somewhat from 2026 to 2028 with tr Saturn Neptune in Aries in hard aspect to the composite Neptune square Mars, and tr Pluto opposition the composite Sun and square Pluto.

 NATO and the EU will have a few turbulent moments with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto now and into early 2025; and be under significant pressure in 2026/27 from tr Pluto square the composite Sun. Ditto the UK with NATO – same kind of timeline.

4 thoughts on “NATO – pressured on several sides

  1. I’m actually feeling more confident about NATO’s future. Argentina has recently expressed an interest in joining NATO (of course, there is still that dispute over Islas Malvinas with the U.K.) and Armenia is participating in the NATO summit this year (of course, I’m not sure if it would be wise to trust Armenia – that country did illegally occupy Karabakh for many decades, they had been a close ally to the Russian Federation, and they refused to sign Ukraine’s Joint Communiqué).

    I think since NATO is a global security alliance, the astrology is going to suggest potential stress, challenges, and threats because that’s the world we live in.

    Anyway, thank you for writing about this, Marjorie.

  2. Thanks very much for looking at this, Marjorie. Reading this, it seems as if 2025-7 are tense times – that period crops up in other posts. All part of the transition of the outer planets no doubt, rearranging the world we see. With so many elections around the world this year, we’re only getting started!

  3. This suggests an interesting angle. The lack of activity, only a tremor, in the Nato-Trump chart, till 2029 suggests he’s not in the international picture from 2025 till 2028. His dislike for NATO is so profound, I’d imagine more challenging aspects if he was president.

    • If he somehow does become president, likely he will be enjoying his new role as dictator. NATO and the international scene will ignore him until they cannnot.

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