Alec Baldwin – fallout from a tragic death

Actor Alec Baldwin is finally facing trial charged with involuntary manslaughter for the October 2021 shooting of the cinematographer on the set of a movie in which he starred and produced. The gun was not supposed to be loaded with live bullets and the young armourer has already been convicted. If found guilty Baldwin could face up to 18 months in prison. An earlier case against Baldwin was dropped. He has asserted he did not pull the trigger. An FBI analysis of the weapon suggests that he did.

  Born 3 April 1958 in Amityville, NY, no birth time, he is a pro-active Sun Aries with his Mars in stubborn Aquarius in a volatile opposition to Uranus; plus Mercury in stubborn Taurus conjunct South Node opposition Jupiter and Neptune square Uranus. An action man, resistant to advice, overly optimistic, a tendency to erratic behaviour – see wiki for previous ‘overly excitable’ incidents.

  It seems a fairly tenuous case but he is not looking happy ahead as tr Pluto is square his Mercury from next week till early September which will bring mental strain, repeating late year and then tr Pluto moves to square his Neptune and on for several years round his Fixed T square.  Plus his Solar Arc Saturn is opposition his Pluto around now for a gridlock. With upsets in August from tr Uranus square his Venus, repeating into 2027.

  Not his moment of shining confidence.

One thought on “Alec Baldwin – fallout from a tragic death

  1. Noticing his Libra moon this evening as his team has won a complete news buzzing dismissal of charges against him.
    Apparently his start into acting came when he decided Not to go into law, at NYU. A guy w alotta lawsuits along the way….fight and idealism with Aries and Aquarius, and if I was better equipped I could discern aspects spurring what appears to be a deep belief in righteous pursuits.

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