Murdoch clan – auld alliances at breaking point

  Rupert Murdoch is not only earning the ire of the Trump camp because of Fox news USA calling Arizona first for the opposing team, he’s also in the crosshairs of an Australian petition with a record 500,000 signatures complaining about Murdoch media dominance.

   News Corp Australia controls 70% of local newspaper circulation. Among recent controversies, its titles have been accused of minimising the role of climate change in reporting last summer’s bushfires, and publishing some misleading reports about the spread of coronavirus and the effect of lockdowns in Australia.

  Murdoch senior is knocking on at a few months off ninety, 11 March 1931 23h55, Melbourne, AU. And isn’t enjoying what lies ahead. Tr Saturn will oppose his Mars from the 14th of this month to the 25th for an anger-provoking setback and possibly a minor accident. Then he’s got a couple of catastrophic tr Pluto hard aspects to his Mars/Pluto and then Mars/Saturn midpoints from late this month to late January; and then a stuck and discouraging Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto, exact in four months. Just to round it all off he’s got tr Neptune moving to the lacklustre conjunction with his Pisces Sun from late February, on and off for a year. And additionally tr Saturn is moving through his low profile, less successful 1st quadrant about to hit the nadir from this New Year on with perhaps financial strictures for the next two years.

  Son Lachlan, now co-chair of NewsCorp, 8 September 1971, will also be feeling the strain now and into 2021 with tr Neptune opposition his Venus till late January for disappointments, financial and other; a discouraging uphill slog from late January. And worse his Mars in Aquarius which is tied into an Air Grand Trine and a Kite is catching the ratchety, tension-erupting tr Uranus square tr Saturn from late March onwards through 2021. The economic ups and downs always accompanying Saturn Uranus will hit him hard. He’ll get his mojo back from 2023 onwards but it’ll be a long haul before then.

  Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with Joe Biden is a power-struggle at the best of times with a composite Sun opposition Pluto – and their connection will be moving through turbulent times in 2021 in particular but on through till 2023 as well.

5 thoughts on “Murdoch clan – auld alliances at breaking point

  1. Uranus squaring and Saturn conj. L Murdoch’s natal Mars in his 3rd house, could presage a struggle with his brother James and/or his sister Elizabeth for control of the empire as Rupert begins to drift away.

  2. Isn’t the lore that Jared Kushner was “like an own son” to Rupert Murdoch? And that Rupert’s then wife Wendy “brokered” Jarvanka’s marriage when his family was against it? I don’t know how of this is just some PR spin, but it seems to me Jared and Rupert have some good synastry. One the other hand, I can see Rupert disliking Donald Trump. He absolutely hated Berlusconi when they were battling for Southern European media market, and Berlusconi wan. This went to a point where Rupert, a patrician arch conservative using his reputable publications such as The Times and WSJ as his mouth lpieces and making money through more “pleb” endeavors such as The Sun and Fox News, founded a liberal TV channel to Italy, mostly “to get” Berlusconi. Obviously, he was “only” in his mid-70’s when this happened. But this should make “Trumpworld” really, really uncomfortable.

    • @solaia. Which Times are you referring to? The New York Times is owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family, the New York Post, a daily tabloid, is owned by Murdoch, it’s similar to The Sun

      • Anita, Solaia is referring to The Times (UK). It’s always referred to as The Times, whereas the US paper is The New York Times. Murdoch does own The Times.

        • @Karen Doerr, yes, this is correct. I purposely brought up British and American exemples here. “The Times” has also been a major force in driving Brexit. This actually predates Murdoch’s era, when Jacob Rees-Mogg’s father William was editor in the 1970’s, although William himself seemed more Liberal in many issues than his son.

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