Mosul Dam – a cataclysm waiting to happen

There is serious concern about the rickety state of the Mosul dam in Iraq which is being underplayed by locals. If the 371ft-high foot 2.1 mile-long dam bursts, it would dump 11.1 billion tonnes of water down the Tigris valley, putting Mosul under 60ft of water within four hours, then swamping Baghdad in 15ft of water, drowning more than 500,000 Iraqis and displacing more than a million. It was cheaply constructed by Saddam Hussein and needs constant maintenance which hasn’t been done with the chaos in the country.

Construction started on 25 January 1981 and it was opened on 7 July 1986. Neither chart looks stable or cheerful. The 1981 chart has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Uranus now with the disruptive tr Uranus opposition Pluto in place from mid 2016 till early 2018.

The opening chart of 1986 is worse with the New Moon in Cancer opposition Mars in Capricorn picking up the tr Uranus square tr Pluto in hard aspect right through till late 2018; with an explosive Solar Arc Mars conjunct Uranus, exact in 2017.

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