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  1. Marjoree i do enjoy reading your page and love to learn more of what you have to write about astrology. However my question to you is; why is there so much rage and violence around the world with terrorism, is it because the media is able to spread the news more widely or is it because there are some planets changing the atmosphere creating this shift in awful energy. It saddens me greatly to learn all this hate and anger and killing of innocent people when love and peace should be the banter for the world!

  2. What is your take on Patty Duke Marjorie? The first half of her life was like Dickens novel. After her diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, she had stability and became a strong advocate for the mentally ill. She was President of the Screen Actors Guild, married her fourth husband and celebrated their 30th anniversary. Very courageous and big hearted. She had a seriously difficult chart

  3. Marcia Clark – I’ve been tuning into The People vs OJ and Marcia was certainly was put through the ringer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on her chart and what was influencing it during the trial. Thanks x

  4. Hi Marjorie
    I’m so relieved the site is slowly improving, much better in blue!
    However I dreadfully miss the comments, I use to learn so much from that forum.
    Please try to incorporate it under the news where it use to be. I’m having terrible withdrawal symptoms and miss the banter and your unique perspective which we all marvelled at.
    Here’s dreaming for that day……..

  5. Andy Grove dies! I had known of him during my days at Intel, down in Hillsboro, Oregon.

    Wiki claims his birthdate as 2 September 1936 , Bucharest. He and his mother managed to avoid deportation to the Nazi death camps.

    Some searching did not reveal any birth time…I found one natal chart using noon as the birth time, so likey a rough estimate.

  6. Malcolm Turnbull is gearing up for an early election in Australia, likely on 1 July. Any thoughts on how he and the opposition will go?

  7. Thanks. Getting there slowly. Still to put in a single drop down comment box that would allow more easily for discussions.

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