Cherie Blair – fastening her seat belt for a roller coaster ride

Cherie Blair, wife of the former UK Prime Minister, herself a successful lawyer, has been in the headlines for a failed health business which has left major debt; and her law firm’s representation of a Maldives despot.

Born 23 September 1954 1.20am Bury, England, she’s heading into a very up and down four years ahead. She is facing losses at the moment with tr Saturn square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint; and nervy with tr Uranus opposing her Mercury and Neptune from May onwards for a year. Then in 2017 she gets a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her last degree Virgo Sun; but simultaneously tr Uranus will square her Jupiter which will rescue her from a few tight corners.  2017/18 has tr Pluto square her Sun/Saturn which is depressing and discouraging; but at the same time tr Pluto squares her Jupiter/North Node so she’ll be bullish despite problems. 2019 shows similar good and bad aspects with a faint feeling of financial over-extension;  with a major setback in 2020.

Her fairly arms-length marriage with two overly busy spouses rarely in the country together is also coming under strain with tr Uranus square the composite Uranus Sun Mercury and square Neptune from April this year onwards. It’ll continue to rock n’ roll through until at least 2018 with those disruptive and separating aspects in play.


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