Moon Jupiter – not as cosy and sugary as it sounds

Moon Jupiter mothers or childhoods evoke an image of supportive cushioning echoed in Ronald Reagan’s thoughts about his mother who “always expected to find the best in people”.  A regular and involved church goer she instilled her religious beliefs in her son and left him with a strong faith in the goodness of people. He had a Taurus Moon opposition Jupiter.

  George W Bush with a Moon Jupiter conjunction in Libra was similarly closer to his mother than his otherwise-occupied father but ended up with a Jupiterian indulgence problem in drug addiction escapism.

  But of the other notable examples I could find most had hair-raising and fractured childhoods as the shadow side of Jupiter came to the fore – or perhaps looked at another way, their Jupiterian optimism was what pulled them through. There’s a risk in finding patterns from celebrity charts since many if not most come from dysfunctional background which will not all be connected to their Moon aspects. But still there are astonishingly dark examples – Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Marquis de Sade, Joseph Goebbels, Jim Jones.

  Jim Jones, leader of the suicide cult, had an impoverished unstable childhood, and a neglectful, often absent mother with “no natural maternal instincts” , leaving him to be cared for by neighbours, including the wife of the local pastor. Like several other Moon Jupiter types he had an early desire to become a preacher though he was also a devotee of Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong and Mahatma Gandhi, all of whom oddly had Moon Jupiter hard aspects. Jones had a Moon (Uranus) in Aries square Jupiter (Pluto) in Cancer.

Joseph Goebbels, chief propagandist for the Nazi Party, close to Hitler and a virulent antisemite was destined for the priesthood in childhood. He had a deformed foot, which historians, speculated may have fuelled his lifelong pursuit of women. He had a Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Libra.

 The Marquis de Sade is best known for his erotic works filled with violent sexual fantasies. He preached absolute freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion, or law. His family was abandoned early by father and he was raised by servants who indulged his every whim. His cold, distant mother abandoned him, joining a convent. At a Jesuit college, he subjected to “severe corporal punishment.” He had a a Virgo Moon square Jupiter in Gemini.

Alfred Hitchcock, genius film director, who excelled at frightening women in particular. Friendless childhood with disciplinarian, remote parents, Jesuit school with the standard corporal punishment. He suffered from glandular obesity. He had a Moon Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio in his 4th house.

Charles Manson, responsible for the Sharon Tate gruesome murder, never knew his biological father and his mother went on drinking sprees, leaving him with multiple babysitters before landing in prison. When she was paroled he said the first weeks after she returned were the happiest time in his life. She kept drinking. He landed in a strict school for male delinquents run by Catholic priests, where punishment was severe. More petty crime, more incarceration. Sent to strict reform school, where gang raped, made multiple escapes. He had a 10th house Aquarius Moon square Jupiter in Scorpio.

 Adolf Hitler, refused to conform to the strict discipline of his school. His father beat him, although his mother tried to protect him. Considered becoming a priest. Moon Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

Rudy Giuliani’s father was convicted of felony assault and robbery, served prison time in Sing Sing; worked as an enforcer for an organized crime-affiliated loan sharking and gambling ring. Giuliani considered becoming a priest but shifted to law. A Moon Jupiter conjunction in Leo.

Jimi Hendrix, father trapped in military till he was three, mother struggled and he was cared for by family members and friends. Father returns, impoverished, alcohol and violence,  in and out of foster care. Parents divorced when he was 9 and father got custody. Close to a grandmother. Moon Jupiter conjunction in Cancer in the 8th.

Johnny Depp, volatile and violent mother with the family moving frequently due to her restless nature. Beatings and outbursts, father a ‘kind man’, non-confrontational who left when Depp was 15. His mother then attempted suicide. He has a Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Aries.

Another unsettled childhood for Cher, whose parents divorced when she was ten months old. Mother remarried and divorced several times, constant moves and often little money, left at an orphanage for several weeks. Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Libra.

Leona Helmsley nicknamed Queen of Mean had a constantly moving childhood. Was a businesswoman, flamboyant and tyrannical. Federal income tax evasion. Prison.  Chainsmoker. Aquarius Moon opposition Jupiter Neptune in Leo.

Jodie Foster, parents’ marriage split before she was born, no relationship with her father. Mother raised the children with her female partner in Los Angeles, and managed her acting career from aged 3 onwards. Attracted criticism for allowing her to play a child prostitute when 13 for Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Virgo Moon opposition Jupiter in Pisces.

  Other child stars also had Moon Jupiter mothers – Liz Taylor, Russell Crowe, Charlie Sheen. As does Kim Kardashian with the steamroller Kris Jenner for a mother.

  My shorthand for Moon Jupiter was a mother who offered marshmallows rather than genuine closeness. A sugar coating, not the real thing, which is a touch harsh but contains a nugget of truth. And those who have Moon Jupiter in return sugar-coat mother and only see the best in her.  Though clearly that is more difficult when she is playing out Jupiter’s drama queen performance, or soaking up Jupiter’s excessive (addictive) tendencies herself.  The religious theme runs through many of them even if it didn’t hold into adult life.

  While many of the above can hardly be described as spoilt children which would be another Moon Jupiter thought, a few like De Sade and possibly George W Bush can be.

  Pitch in with any thoughts. The list surprised me I must admit.   

24 thoughts on “Moon Jupiter – not as cosy and sugary as it sounds

  1. As a mother whose kids have Moon Jupiter connections, one a square and one a sextile, in close degrees, this analysis concerns me. If I’m not really as nice as I seem, it’s because I’m keenly aware of how difficult life is and don’t want to give my kids the wrong impression. I have Moon Jupiter in Cancer but about 15 degrees apart. (Marjorie, I feel that you’re showing a dislike of GW Bush a little too much for objective analysis. I objected to the Iraq War, too. Whatever his drinking problem, he quit when his wife first told him it was problematic to her, unlike what hardcore addicts would do. If you read Susan Page’s book about his mother, she was depressed when his sister Robin died and GW felt the need to take care of her and not play with friends. That kind of woke up his mother not to be so co-dependent. His mom probably did not spoil him.)

    • Actually I thought I was being extra nice about him.

      Barbara Bush, George W’s mother also had a Moon Jupiter conjunction and one of her pearls of wisdom was “always find the good in people and not the bad.” Which fits in the spectrum of Jupiterian meanings.

      • My mom says something similar to that. Maybe it’s Moon Jupiter or may it’s his Cancer sun, but he sure feels strong deference towards the women in his life. Many men I know would not feel so responsible for their moms or quit drinking at the request of their wives. It is thought that he has his mother’s sense of humor.

  2. I have moon Jupiter in sag and had a great childhood, to this day I feel protected, hey I even look at Jupiter at 5am every morning in the sky, it’s reassuring, what rot you write sometimes Marjorie

    • Emma, Manners!

      Sagittarius Moon – I will be for ever indebted to Solaia sometime back when discussing the actor Woody Harrelson who saw only the best in his hitman, convicted felon father while his two brothers took a more realistic view of the old man. She connected it to his Sag Moon.
      I thought of the two I know well and it resolved decades worth of irritation on my part and solved a mystery. Not only do they view the past through rose-coloured glasses they get seriously hostile if anyone tries to suggest an alternative viewpoint.
      There is an almost Venusian streak in some Jupiters which only wants to see the nice bits.

  3. Omg. I have the moon, Jupiter, cusp of the 3rd house and South node conjunct in Taurus. This is the apex of Yod- meptune- Pluto textile. Damn this sugar coated view of my mother you have described above, it is a hard insight to swallow but true in 100%. I am so exhausted when I think of describing my mother’s parenting style.. i was a great child ” who was invisible at home and took care o herself all the time” with the father absent due to work abroad.

  4. So… I have Moon (conj Mars/IC) .. all opposite another close conj. of Neptune,MC and Jupiter. I spoke of this in the Moon/Neptune post.

    My mother is a VERY complex person. I’ve described her as frozen at the age of 2… with all that power and ego and ME and MINE. She was lucky at bingo or lotteries. She was an amazing poker player because she can “read” people. She has any number of ways to get inside people’s heads. My husband’s description of her after a first meeting was that she was exactly like Gollum, from Lord of the Rings”!! She was all-consuming, full of rage, sneaky, cunning and critical.

    It’s hard to find a lot on the shadow of Jupiter… it’s slippery and unclear.

    However… I did find an interesting description on a Vedic site that rings true for me.
    It says that Jupiter “calculates’, and if expressed negatively can use all of it’s skills (like a lawyer!!), of stealth and cunning. Others are seen as inferior. A negative Jupiter is callous towards others.

    Now THIS offers something more to Jupiter’s shadow, and certainly describes some parts of my Mother’s crafty way of manipulating her world to her advantage. It’s been quite remarkable!

    Having said that, my Jupiter has also been traditionally beneficial in all the usual ways.
    And, I believe, given it’s opposition to my Moon, has opened a surprising door of healing and acceptance between my Mom and me.

    I know of a person with Jupiter square their nodes and this placement has always puzzled me. Surely the square must offer some challenges. After reading this Vedic site.. oh my…. I do see that they have to work with this more challenging descriptions in themselves for sure.

    It is a much more complicated planet than we think, I believe!
    thanks Marjorie and all.

  5. Marilyn Monroe has Moon Jupiter conj in Aquarius. She had a single mother who was in and out of mental hospital, and Marilyn was raised in orphanages/foster homes. She described her early childhood (before her mother was institutionalised) as happy.

  6. I have a Sun, Moon, Jupiter stellium in Cancer, 7H. This stellium trines Uranus in my Scorpio MC and squares Pluto (9H Libra). My Venus was conjunct my mother’s Sun.

    I certainly wasn’t spoilt and my mother was a very straight-talking, take-no-crap Leo 🙂
    Her fiery strength always inspired me, and she supported my ambition to go away to university when other family members maintained I didn’t deserve it. I grew up in a family where close relatives had to be put on a “information starvation” regime, if you catch my drift, otherwise they’d go and sabotage it for fun.

    So I see it as Moon (mum) supporting my (Jup) big city dreams and goals. I didn’t experience her as a meddlesome parent. As long as I was happy, treated people well, and had a purpose, then she didn’t mind what I did.

  7. moon Sc opp jupiter Ta square sun in Aq: incompatible parents, I was never asked if I have a choice in anything. My father’s second wife was a religious dogmatic, never felt I really have a family, nor belong in one. In adolescence I found a ‘spiritual path’ that gave me the feeling I’m at home (taoism and buddhism with all their health and spiritual maintaining practices and all those masters sharing a sort of pragmatic wisdom really helped). I’m still there, without the religious fanaticism. It helped me stay away from overindulgences, never been an addict, never took any drugs. I still don’t have a proper family, realising my inner being is so broken I’d bring only unhappiness and sufering the other half. But I’m fine in my solitude, sometimes I’m even happy, ‘whatever happiness means’ to paraphrase a famous quote.

  8. Interesting as I have Aquarius moon opposite Jupiter in Leo, which is in wide conjunction with Mars, Uranus and the ascendant.
    All this is sextile my mother’s son in Aries.
    Not really any problem though we did move about a bit when I was young. There is a slight religious bit but nothing disturbing. Oddly I feel I have let her down rather than having been affected by her. I am helped, I think, by a strong sun trine Saturn but I feel the Uranus element per earlier post.

  9. Cancer Moon square Jupiter in Aries here. Mother and father had a complex separation/divorce when I was very young. My mother left me with my grandmother when I was four or five and didn’t see her from seven or eight until about 16 or 17. Courts placed me with my grandfather, who was separated from her, around nine. She passed when I was 11. He remarried. Had very few early memories of my father, if any of them were real. We got in touch a year after I graduated college. He lives far away, and while there is no bad blood, we are not close or in regular contact. My mother also lives far away and on average, I see her about once every five years now.

    I think I am probably luckier than most the way things turned out.

  10. I have Jupiter in Capricorn at 27 plus moon at 2 Aquarius, adored my mother and she was religious.. but we did have a rough childhood due to my father deserting us . Alcohol was his mistress .. sadly my mother died when I was 18 .. 8th house can be tough

  11. My Son has Moon in Sagittarius in the 9th opposite Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd. My Jupiter is in conjunction to his Jupiter and we can discuss most topics. His Moon is a wide conjunction to my Capricorn Moon. We push each other’s mind. We have only had to major blows in 45 years. Easily forgiven. Both Gemini Jupiters. His Son, my Grandson, was born in the same hospital, where I gave birth to my Son, 36 years earlier. Had his Son been born an hour later, he would have been the same Date of Birth as I gave birth to my Son. When I visited the new family on my Son’s birthday, I saw my daughter-in-law in the bed opposite to where I was in the same ward 36 year earlier.

  12. I have Jupiter conj. Pluto in Leo both square my Taurus Moon. My relationship with my mother is complex and difficult. Her loyalties were with my insecure father who put me down. Too much to go into here but I have long thought that my poorly aspected Moon has been a major driver in my life.

  13. Moon conjunct Jupiter R at the MC in Cancer: over the top mother, but a very good example. Not that optimistic (I am, on the contrary) but very solid. Very generous, caring and feeding. Very religious and I am very religious. Our relationship was hard until I hit 24/25 and then it became much better.

  14. Moon + Jupiter + Saturn conjunct in Capricorn.
    Mother ( Capricorn sun ) would veer between violence – punching me and my brother in the face , hitting with extreme force, smashing objects onto us , screaming that we had ” ruined her life , I hate you, you are stupid and ugly ”
    afterwards “Tell them you walked into a wall ” + ” I’m so sorry , I love you ”
    Very confusing !
    Dabbled in a variety of religions, had a lot of therapy and after many years and a supportive partner now – at 60 -feel at peace with things. My mother had a very dysfunctional upbringing which must have had a huge affect on how she dealt with marriage/motherhood. I forgive her but will never forget. Neither my brother – who is a wonderful godfather -nor I have children. I work with young people doing art therapy.

  15. Moon in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer. Mother definitely “over the top” in every aspect, but also loving and caring. No restrictions. No religion.

  16. I have a similar example…..Male, Moon in 6th opp Neptune in 12, asylum….mother sent away for 2 years.
    She became born again and returned home to normalcy. Her child sent to live with uncle while she was
    away. Child has Moon, 6th, sextile Jupiter in 4th….Jupiter in mutual reception with Saturn. Moon-Saturn
    conj explains the cold mother. Child has a T-square, Sun = Moon/Neptune. Child is mother’s favorite
    later in life. Relationship ended happily after mother’s death

  17. I have a Cancer moon in exact trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. My siblings used to say you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between my mother and me. We remain close. My mother is a wonderful person, admired by all. She’s a Scorpio and I realise that I’ve spent my entire life trying to please her, help her, even rescue her. With Saturn (RX and stationed for almost my entire life) on the IC in Capricorn, my father was the problem in our household and I saw it as my duty to protect her and everyone else. I wonder now why she didn’t stand up for herself or at least, for us. I loved her blindly. Not so blind now, but still adore her. She, on the other hand, loves me but her first priority was always her partnerships, not her children. Just one example among many. I hope someone else chimes in. (As an afterthought, my father’s Pluto is conjunct my Sun and my mother’s Pluto is conjunct my Moon. I always thought that was why my experience of them was so intense and why it’s taken me until I’m in my 60s, and the death of my father, to begin to see them clearly and separate myself from them.)

    • Hi Annie, some similarities to you. I am a cancer moon 5 degrees conjunction to a jupiter in leo. Never sure re out of sign conjunctions but the moon is applying. My mum is a scorpio sun/moon. We get along well and are close but I have been a caretaker, largely due to her rollercoaster of partnerships (engaged 8 times, married 3) and erratic moods. I joke that she is too high maintenance when she is between husbands. Similar to you but reversed, i also have saturn on my MC. Father was a satellite presence during childhood (although living at home), a prolific liar and then absent totally for the last 20 years until he passed. My mum also has a mars saturn conjunction on my moon, it has been difficult to have a separate identity and for sure I don’t meet expectations, although I think she may have had a tough time if I had. Only room for one femme fatale! My family feels ‘extra’ to me overall as I am now a carer to my brother who has end of life health problems at 46 due to alcohol and drugs. My mum is caring in her own way but in no way interested in the practical nitty gritty. I consider us all to be dysfunctionally close quite honestly. No family of my own but thankfully I (and my chart) am inclined towards, and content with solitude.

  18. I have moon(22) and jupiter(0) both in capricorn is this too wide?

    Is there a difference between the moon/jupiter effect by element or by mode?

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