Monty Python’s Flying Circus – a venerable 50


Cult television classic Monty Python’s Flying Circus is 50 tomorrow. It launched against internal resistance within the BBC from senior management who found it unfunny, “disgusting”, “nihilistic and cruel” and thought it pushed across what was acceptable. The first episode of the late-night nutty comedy which promised crazy antics only attracted 1.5 million viewers and a less than rapturous appreciation response. The second series was commissioned but all the regions opted out – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And now it’s regarded as the height of comic genius.

It launched at 10.50pm on 5 October 1969 which gives a risk-taking and confident Libra Sun, Jupiter, Uranus in an explosive and outrageous square to Mars. There’s also an Earth Grand Trine of sorts of Saturn in Taurus trine Mars trine IC and Venus in Virgo which would ground it though on the edge of cruelty from Mars Saturn. Mars is also inconjunct an entertaining Leo Moon fuelling a few angry responses.


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  1. All Christian denominations including catholic were utterly horrified. The film was banned in certain places to general uproar. There’s a famous tv interview between Palin and Cleese, with Malcom Muggeridge and the Bishop of London which got very heated indeed, in fact I think it’s avail on YouTube. The Pythons lived the Jupiter Uranus motif by shocking and offending the church, much to the joy of us young punks at the time. I watch rain recently again and it really holds up well imo

  2. Thx Marjorie
    The strong angular mars in Capricorn/7th I suppose denotes the all-male energies at work, in an enduring long term partnership, squaring all the Libra stuff to great effect. Jupiter-Uranus came to the fore during Life of Brian, a masterpiece imo, which really p*ssed of the Christian church in particular and genuinely polarised and shocked mainstream Britain at the time.

  3. Looks like Alex was right about Jupiter and Uranus (comedy of the absurd) plus it’s part of a stellium with both the Sun & Mercury.

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