Excessive, obsessive Eclipse – too true

The Trump impeachment is winding up an ominous head of steam and Brexit is hurtling towards 3 seconds to midnight witching hour – or maybe not. Hong Kong and Iraq are in revolt, the EU is hovering on the brink of a recession and the Middle East is bubbling more obviously even than usual. When everything feels like too much of too much it’s always a minor relief to point to the astrology for an explanation. Especially since the USA and the UK appear to be moving in lockstep on major events. It doesn’t change anything but for some odd reason it does reduce the anxiety levels.

So just a reminder that the recent July Cancer Solar Eclipse was in a Saros series which causes worry often at an obsessive level. And interestingly (and don’t ask me how it works because I’ve no idea) it is connected to Mercury Pluto which does create excessive mental pressure – as well as lies, manipulation and verbal bullying. And will be a pervading feature for the USA from 2020 to 2023 with tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury and then conjunct the USA Pluto for its first ever Pluto Return since it was founded in 1776, which will be a definite staging post in USA history.

It was around in 2001 (9/11 and the Afghanistan War), 1983 (AIDS spreading, IRA, plane bombs), 1965 (revolutions, riots and demos), 1947 (post-WW11, India-Pakistan bloody independence, Marshall Plan), and 1929 (Great Depression)– all of which were significant.

The next four Eclipses all six months apart look fairly fraught and the first one to look cheerful will come in late 2021. So a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel, just not quite yet.


6 thoughts on “Excessive, obsessive Eclipse – too true

  1. How it works: Saros Series 3 North, started October 10, 991 AD, old-style calendar, 14:11:40 GMT at the North Pole. Then, the new Moon (solar eclipse) was at 22Li6 and on the mid-point Mercury/Pluto, so “an over-excessive eclipse family. Its main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This information can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive.” IF Bernadette Brady (“The Eagle and the Lark”) is right…

    • She means transiting Pluto will be exactly conjunct where it is in the US natal chart hence the US Pluto Return. Hope that helps.

    • Looks ok to me, earlier talks of 4 eclipses at 6 month intervals, which adds up to 2 years, from July 2019. 5th eclipse will be late 2021?

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