Iraq – the misery drags on


At least 99 people have died and nearly 4,000 wounded in protests in Iraq over unemployment, poor public services and corruption in the country. There appears to be no leaders of the uprising but living conditions in many areas are dire as the country struggles to recover after a brutal war against IS, despite having the world’s fourth-largest reserves of oil.

Iraq does appear to be peculiarly sensitive to Saturn Pluto influences – the coup which established the Republic in 1958 happened on the back of a Saturn Pluto square in the run up; and the Iraq attack launched by George Bush and Tony Blair in 2003 happened on the final exact aspect of Saturn opposition Pluto, which also oversaw the Afghanistan War and 9/11.

This time round the tr Saturn Pluto  conjunction is trine the Iraq 1921 Jupiter Saturn in Virgo through 2019 to 2021 which suggests there will be little let up from pressure. With challenging Solar Arc Pluto opposition the Iraq Moon and square Venus for intense emotional reactions in 2020/21 along with a jolting Solar Arc Sun square Uranus; and a debilitating tr Neptune opposition Jupiter Saturn 2021 to 2023. With an explosive and can-be-fanatical tr Uranus square the Iraq Mars, Neptune at the same time.

The Iraq Sovereignty 28 June 2004 10.28 am Baghdad looks no more upbeat with an angry, argumentative Solar Arc Mercury conjunct Mars now; a blocked Solar Arc Pluto opposition the Sun in late 2020/21; and major setbacks and accidents in 2022 from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars.

Baghdad was once the centre of civilization, though with a roller coaster history, rising and falling often during Pluto in Capricorn phases. Such a tragic waste of a special place and a disaster for its poor people. And part of the recent catastrophe a result of the Bush/Blair/Cheney/Rumsfeld misplaced retaliation for 9/11 which had zero to do with Saddam Hussein.


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  1. Any ideas on WH’s announcement of withdrawing The US Troops from Northern Syria?

    I don’t know, but for me, this is the single most horrible Foreign Policy/Military act this Administration has committed. Far, far worse even than Ukraine. And definitely there with Iraqi War and Cambodgia as the worst thing The US did/let happen since taking their role as “The Leader of Free World” after WWlI.

    • Will do tomorrow. One day, some day, these asinine jerks in the Republican Party are going to have tp stand up and stop the WH idiot making foreign policy on the hoof depending on which dictator he last spoke to.

  2. “And part of the recent catastrophe a result of the Bush/Blair/Cheney/Rumsfeld misplaced retaliation for 9/11 which had zero to do with Saddam Hussein.”

    I’ve always thought Second Gulf War was more a continuation of First Gulf War than a retaliation for 9/11. The US Alliance had a chance to finish Saddam in 1991, but there wasn’t a real transition plan in place. Kurds and Shiias had not been “cultivated” enough to be trusted with territorial security.

    And this shows issues with Iraq are deeper, stemming from the fact it was designed as an artificial buffer state. It should be two or three states, depending on how Syria was divided. I also think this will, eventually, be the resolution to this crisis.

    • Blair and his groupies told the British people that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which he could deploy”within 45 minutes “ to attack our interests in the region and further afield. Fake documents and phoney “evidence” was produced to support this entirely fake prospectus. Not a mistake, an egregious lie.
      Maybe those actors and their American opposite numbers could face a judge at The Hague, and that would help to bring a sense of justice and contrition to the poor sods living with this garbage to this day in Iraq and elsewhere in the region.

      • Yes, the Anti-Iraq War demonstrations were the only one I’ve ever participated to, in Italy. I was in Tuscany, which has always been “Red”, but even people who fully supported the Afgani War were firmly against this one. My ex-“father-in-law”, an old carabiniere, whose uncles were all in The States and who’d seen Americans liberate his village in 1944, literally cried when they finally attacked, because he knew claims on Weapons of Mass Destruction were bocus.

    • I still am not convinced of Pompeo being a “true believer”. He is Italian-American, so most likely raised Catholic. I found an interview where he told he adapted his worldview at West Point, but there’s nothing on him becominh Evangelical at that point. My guess is he tapped into this Evangelical Rupture nonsense for profit when he moved to Wichita and established a business in late 1990’s.

      But more I see him, more he strikes me as a “functioning’ psychopath. That incident in Italy where an Italian satirical program presented him with a piece of parmigiano was telling. Italian PM Giuseppe Conte reacted to that situation as a normal person would – irritated. Pompeo literally didn’t blink.

  3. because the military industrial complex, corporatocracy and Zionists that control Trump and US foreign policy in the region more generally demand it.

  4. So why is the US hell-bent on utterly destroying the country and its people (along with other countries & peoples)? Is the US on a mission from God, to be lead to salvation by King Donald? it makes no sense

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