Harry & Meg – bad move, watch for boomerangs



Prince Harry (and maybe Meghan) are finding out the hard way that provoking a full-on punch-up with the media is NOT a good idea. Retaliation has started with an interview with estranged father Thomas Markle, who has been remarkably quiet recently, in which he says he only published part of the offending letter to correct the wrong impression given by a ‘Meghan friend’ in the People magazine.

It’s not a great relationship between himself and Meghan with his Sun square her Pluto, his Pluto conjunct her Sun; his Uranus square her Venus and his Saturn conjunct her Mars and square her Moon. He wants to control her though he would have been unpredictable and erratic; and irritated her with his overly-rigid and needy behaviour.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative composite Sun, Mars, Mercury conjunction which will be rattled over the next eighteen months with tr Uranus in square with a disappointing tr Neptune opposition Jupiter in early 2020. There’s also a chilly composite Venus Saturn (Moon) conjunction; and a competitive streak running through their chemistry. He wouldn’t appreciate being sidelined.

Prince Harry, I think, has never met him which would suggest resistance from his bride, though he might have been better advised to early on to try to keep control of a clearly tricky situation.

Thomas Markle’s Saturn is opposition Harry’s Jupiter Neptune so he’ll have a dampening effect; with his Mars square Harry’s Uranus which is inflammatory. Their relationship chart has a contradictory and high-tension composite Venus, Uranus, Saturn; an evasive composite Sun square Neptune and fiery sextile to Mars. That relationship will wobble through 2020 and become more aggravating in 2021/22 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars.

Never complain, never explain. Head down, mouth zipped, bland smile and let it all wash over you – and hire decent public relations advisers. Going on the offensive will only get them covered in a ton of manure. Not what the Queen needs what with Brexit and Prince Andrew – just a drama queen fit about not very much from the Sussexes, who use the media, especially Meghan, when it suits them.


12 thoughts on “Harry & Meg – bad move, watch for boomerangs

  1. It is not safe for them now by posting this to Google.

    It’s not for you to say – and creates a 24% Increase of added drama to their lives!!!

    Snug balling them.

    Not right

  2. Whilst I am no republican, it would seem that our ever burgeoning royal family seem fit to only sell newspapers, magazines and souvenir tat to gawping tourists.
    Keep Her Maj her consort and an heir, send the rest down to the job centre where at least they will have the opportunity to find gainful employment and cease their current parasitic existences.

  3. Janet D – You write ‘This has Meghan’s fingerprints all over it’. How would you know?! Looks like you’ve been believing all you read in the press! Opinion is not fact. No wonder Prince Harry feels the need to stick up for his wife whose every move is commented on and castigated. I don’t even care about the Royals but this constant sniping about Meghan is beyond belief. Already the UK press is united against this action to sue, even the ‘posh’ papers have rallied round the red tops on this, but Julie D I so hope you’re right with your comment ‘Like the movement #metoo it takes a few brave people to speak out against misconduct and change a whole industry’.

  4. The phone hacking compensation that Harry is also suing for dates back more than 10 years to the now defunct News of the World. It was said at the time that William, Kate and Harry all had their phones hacked along with many celebrities. Many of the celebrities have successfully sued but I don’t think anyone in the RF has until now. This has Meghan’s fingerprints all over it and she has obviously convinced Harry he is missing out on a big pay-out – regardless of what the RF policy is on the matter.

  5. Again I applaud Harry and Meghan for their EXCELLENT bold move to sue the press for unlawfully hacking voicemails and publishing a letter without the author’s consent. The press is not above the law.

    The code: never complain, never explain is a royal myth. All senior royals have complained and sued the media for intruding their privacy in the recent past. Like the movement #metoo it takes a few brave people to speak out against misconduct and change a whole industry. It’s time the toxic ways of the UK tabloid press are exposed and tried! Like #metoo it can be the rise of ethical journalism, so desperately needed in today’s Broken Britain!

    • You are right in principle. But Harry should persuade and take help from the Royal PR. and legal team who have experienced in dealing with the media. Rather than going on his own. His wife does not understand what being a part of royal family means. She thinks she is a celebrity and doesn’t understand the adulation and respect the public has for the Royal family. Still lives in the Hollywood bubble.

      • Meant to say that the adulation and respect the British public have for the members of the royal family is different from what they have for Hollywood celebrities.

    • I agree. Standing up for yourself can be difficult in these situations but in the end, win or lose, sometimes you have to do it for your own peace of mind and sense of self-worth. Royal PR has no interest in constructive direction for Duchess MM, in my opinion, and Harry knows this.

  6. A pointless war where Harry and Meghan will be guaranteed losers even if they win in court. It should be noted that the press in the UK across the entire spectrum from Red Top to Broadsheet tend to unite when attacked in this manner. The royal couple can therefore expect to get nothing but negative press from now on. Harry has also ignored the advice of his Royal PR advisers to cool it so is essentially flying solo here backed by his own legal team. That may come back to bite him later particularly if he fails to prove his case.

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