Katarina Johnson-Thompson – a Capricornian phenomenon


Katarina Johnson-Thompson took her first global outdoor title by winning the heptathlon gold at the World Championships in Doha, setting a British record. It’s the UK’s third medal in Doha, after Dina Asher-Smith’s 200m gold and 100m silver. The heptathlon is seven events – 100 metres hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin throw, 800 metres – competed for over two days.

She was born 9 January 1993 in Liverpool with a Bahamian father and a dancer mother and has an amazing chart. Her Capricorn Sun is closely conjunct Uranus Neptune opposition Mars and square Jupiter – so quite a power-house of pent-up energy. Her ultra-determined Pluto is sextile/trine her Sun Uranus Neptune opposition Mars and square Saturn – so even more drive from that.

The only aspect showing in her chart (without a birth time) over her momentous achievement is tr Saturn square her focal point Jupiter – which doesn’t sound like a whoopee-of-triumph moment, but may indicate the effort and discipline involved in powering through such an endurance test.


Pic: filip bossuyt


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  1. Mars in fall in Cancer (crops up quite a bit in relation to sport – Federer and Djokovic have this too) in hard aspect to Saturn (quincunx), Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury & Jupiter combined with a Moon in Leo – not bad for an athletics superstar.

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