Moderation and Silencing

I cut my teeth in internet debate in the 1990s, off the deep end, in a peculiarly toxic child abuse discussion group. It pitted the deniers, who used every trick in the Trump playbook to distract and destroy when evidence was produced, against therapy professionals and survivor group leaders. It was scarily similar to what is ongoing in the political and social media arena today – a full-on assault on reality and the truth, like falling down the rabbit hole into a malign Alice in Wonderland where everything was stood on its head.

What I learnt through bruising experience was that confrontation doesn’t work with a certain temperament. The more you argue, the happier they are. They’re generally narcissistic so like the attention and are fuelled by rage, so combat stokes their fires. The absolute ‘tell’ when they communicate is contempt. The need to put down, smear, contaminate and ultimately destroy those who speak out against them – which has to be Pluto, wanting to be superior, a compulsion to have the last word, to be the only one left standing.

Another professional on that first discussion group said she resisted starting up her laptop in the mornings because she knew a stream of poison would download into her email box – another Plutonic attribute. This forum I do because I enjoy it and I hope that regulars do too. What I will not have is disrespectful, bad-mannered, contemptuous posts because it plain isn’t enjoyable.

A limited amount of political comment is fine since astrology works within a context. But it gets really tedious when flash point figures or subjects come up – Hillary for one who attracts lovers and haters; Scotland for two which evokes a deluge of fevered no-other-viewpoint is tolerated responses.

I have just blocked a couple of recent posters and another blockee from the past emailed to say isn’t it hypocritical to criticize closed cult groups for silencing dissent when I do the same. Well it falls into the same category as not tolerating the intolerant.

The I Ching says somewhere that sharing knowledge should be refreshing and revitalizing which would be my hope here.    All of us stumble along a path of unknowing  and astrology can offer a framework of understanding – if you keep an open mind and kick Pluto’s worst tendencies into the long grass.

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  1. I never comment but read your posts regularly. I just wanted to hop in to say THANK YOU and I’m sorry people feel the need to poison the well. It’s a shame but more of the usual manifestation of human unconsciousness. Please know there are folks like me who silently read and appreciate all you share. Your posts give me a deeper perspective on what’s happening in the world and allow me to open my mind and consider other ways of thinking about situations—a point-of-view I really can’t get from regular news media. Thanks again.

  2. I think I missed most of it, but what I saw was enough. Sorry people have been spoiling the fun, Marjorie, you are a model of patience. Thank you for this wonderful site. I don’t know why people come here to argue about politics and never talk about astrology, I see it as an astrology blog with a current affairs slant, with astrology being very much the primary. It happens everywhere though, even a small gymnastics forum I used to read in the 90’s – what is the point? Sometimes it’s attention seeking trolls and sometimes it’s people who seem to get sort of high on righteousness and are so quick to pile on, usually forgetting that they are dealing with a real human being. Take care

  3. I read this site often, although I do not comment that often. A couple of weeks ago I could not believe what I was reading on here. It was so off the wall, I clicked off. For lone, not so sure astrologers, I find this site informative and stimulating. Venturing into any form of internet dialogue has become a hazard now.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. Glad to know everyone who’s worth having here is supportive of not having the ranters and screechers.

    I had forgotten the Lois Rodden forum – there was one total nightmare of a thug on that which is why I set this forum up.

    It’s all too easy to get gas-lighted by the narcissist lobby since they project blame with great conviction – never them, always you at fault.

  5. Marjorie, I remember someone who constantly hassled you and how reasonable you were for….much longer than most people! Your tolerance is very high, as is your work ethic and reputation, so it puzzles me greatly why people get their kicks out of letting fly on any topic on earth, without any knowledge or input. There are limits to everything, but your humour has saved us all on occasion, don’t lose it ever. PS Reading your take on the coronavirus is possibly the only soothing message, so I’m hoping it will be less dramatic than it appears to be now….we never know. Thanks for keeping on keeping on, we’d hate it without you.

  6. Marjorie I have long respected your decorum and from my limited experience following your works I can say you have been consistent in your Astrological dealings in this your forum and the Lois Rodden forum years ago. Back then during political tumult you stood out as a professional both in the accuracy and presentation of your chart interpretations. To my eyes, your work is balanced, using contemporary dialog and “measurable” in real world experience. I can say for me it is nicer to read your gifts without having to sift through the clutter of detractors. Thank you for that.

  7. Hi Marjorie, I very much appreciate this space as a place to reflect on the existential meaning of where the world is at the moment. I think you have created a very important space and I support you taking steps to protect it

  8. I fear it’s not going to get better in the short term. On Solaia’s point about the internet getting wilder recently – it’s maybe an ominous forewarning about tr Pluto opposing the USA Mercury (opposition Pluto) from late February onwards till late 2021, then running into the Pluto Return till 2024. Tr Saturn is sitting on it at the moment. That USA Mercury Pluto is one of the aspects which attract demogogues, misrepresenters, harsh exchanges of opinion, inflexibility and a tendency to magnify the negative.
    The UK gets a hint of the same in 2021/22 when tr Pluto is conjunct the Mercury/Pluto midpoint.
    All the more important to stay calm and detached.

  9. Marjorie,

    As others have stated correctly, your site, your rules. I may disagree with your sentiments sometime, though very rare, but I hope I can express that in a manner that is polite, and with respect. Additionally, I am always mindful of how appreciative and grateful I am for this site. And to boot, aware that you have given us your valuable time. Thank you.

  10. It’s sad that people can’t be respectful. In my country, we have a good deal of bad behavior and I’m guilty of this when it comes to the “so-called” president who owes a good amount of debt to Russia – the only ones that would bail him out of his millions of bankruptcies. He is also against women pretty much and it seems like he can’t allow his wife to have an “equal” partnership – he basically wants her to walk behind him…seems to me.

    It’s hard to be respectful but Twitter is a forum where one can be anonymous and part of a group called “The Resistance” because we cannot tolerate his millions of lies and his stupidity about government workings.

    The reason I discuss this is that there should never be anything like this on your site, Marjorie, that would ever attract such vile behavior as I know I’m guilty when it comes to the lunacy of the US Government at this point in time. You are providing a service based on astrology and people should respect your interpretation and your expertise for what it is!

    I’m grateful for you and super-enjoyed my private reading. I will come back again and again as my funds allow for more – you are spot-on in your readings and have a very interesting perspective for your readers to follow. Thanks very much for all you do.

  11. Hi!

    I have a youtube channel. I moderate the comments too. My mindset is: my channel, my rules. Plus also: “be nice.” I do allow certain comments if they are done so respectfully.

    So – this is your site, therefore your rules! To me this is so obvious.

    I’m glad that you and your channel are still here. I like astrology very much and love learning more from you and all who comment.
    I just wanna say: thank you for being here and for all your effort.

  12. I usually am very vitriolic and occasionally (well more than occasionally!) rude but ONLY on news websites because of where I am located and the huge, cosmic, gigantic troubles here. I believe that sometimes I have to be rude when someone insults me, my family, my religion, my beliefs, my culture, and so on, just so that I bring them down a peg or two and also, to quench my anger. I think (for me) that it’s part of my personality and it may be wrong, it may not be.

    But when it comes down to knowledge, learning about new things, expanding ideas, I will never be rude. I draw then line between the two.

    When I am part of a forum, especially astrology ones, I owe it to everyone, to be polite, accepting of views, and flexible in thought and opinion. One reason is that astrology is a love of my life. It’s also a difficult subject for me to learn and I am always humble to those who know more about it than I. Also, astrology is a new science and we are ALL constantly learning and basically, we are all aligned in a desire to want to know more about this fascinating subject. Your site is amazing and intellectual and so full of rich ‘instruction’ and therefore, it’s necessary to have people who appreciate the quality of astrology that you provide.

    To block people that are venomous and who want to be spiteful is absolutely correct.

  13. It’s about protecting an open environment for discussion from the energy that is destructive towards the reason we are all here


  14. Dear Marjorie, your tireless and generous professionalism is such a gift to the seekers of astrological insight. It is sensible to prevent access by the ill-mannered.

  15. I was beginning to wonder abt the unbreathable air in the forums. Like toxic air pollution, it always seems to infiltrate; Of late the forums had become a magnet for the Trumpeters and what-not. I come here to try to learn a bit more abt astrology; for myself there always will be posters who seems to get under my skin, no matter how much talcum powder I use.

    I work to avoid all of them the moment I smell or sense their approach. I’m not usually successful, tho.

  16. Narcs can only see what they believe or desire. Agreeing to disagree means having to actually recognise (ĺet alone discard) another’s position. Which if they could truly do, they wouldn’t be narcs. As long as you’re not catering to, or corroborating what they want or need – you’re an obstacle to them.

    So don’t try. Do your thing Marjorie.

  17. Just wanted to add my voice and say thank you for all the work you do so that we can learn more about astrology, Marjorie. It is much appreciated.

  18. I generally read w/o comment, but I totally agree – there is no point engaging/encouraging those who want to fight rather than discuss. Good for you.

  19. Thank you for this blog! These last few weeks have been truly wild in the internet, even by the standards we’ve been used to. I’ve noticed your posts get higher engagement overall, and some issues seem especially inflammatory. So, trying to keep my Pluto and Mercury in check.

  20. Thank you for taking a stand, Marjorie. I love your site and the insights it provides. Your knowledge of history and world politics adds a lot to your perspective on astrology. I have been appalled to see the tone some have taken. All of us appreciate you putting a stop to it. Well done!

  21. Dear Marjorie
    Thank you for the breath of fresh air on this Aquarian New Moon. Thank you for keeping your forum safe and free from obsessive posts that distract from the astrology that most of us truly want to understand.

  22. We are indeed lucky to have this site. Thank you Marjorie, it’s always interesting and a great place to learn, discuss, and explore ideas. I’m glad you’ve put your foot down, I’d noticed a change in the tone of some of the comments – quite toxic in many instances. Thanks for everything you do.

  23. Good morning Majorie, I’m glad you have done this as the forum was becoming toxic.
    What ever happened to “ agreeing to disagree “.
    Keep up the good work,I like many others appreciate what you do.

  24. Long time reader here. I’m glad you’ve done something about it the increasingly toxic posts. You’ve put up with it for long enough.

  25. Good for you, Marjorie, you are indeed entitled to block those who talk rubbish at you and are bilious about everything but their own opinions. Like others here, i love your detached and informative views mixed with the astrological insights you bring to a subject. I too feel you to be like an old friend! Most of your readers are old mates now! And add their own takes to the subject for further mutual illumination. As you say, we are all groping in the dark and can only light the way a step at a time with a small candle of light.

  26. Dear Marjorie, thank you for your post. I have been abused and harassed on line cos of my creativity and opinions. I have to leave social media to find peace. I send you warm thoughts. Jo

  27. I come here to unwind, get a different perspective on current events, or whoever is popping up in the news, and to learn about astrology – that is foremost. Recently it has been disorientating to observe the increasing rage amongst the comments. It is completely pointless, achieves nothing but bad feeling, and makes the site less enjoyable for others. It would be such shame if bad-tempered comments dissuaded others from making meaningful astrological observations from which we can learn, and which is why I come here.

  28. It’s your site, your rules….On the Scottish debate as an English viewer I’m looking for an objective debate with some idea how the ‘ordinary’ scottish folk feel about the situation and which direction they’d like to head in. Links to Astrological phenomena are always useful as it helps in my education of that subject.

    Please keep up the excellent content 🙂

  29. Hello Marjorie

    I appreciate your posts over the years as they help me to understand the crazy world and have got upset when people have posted angry thoughts or disrespected you.

    You are like a close friend I have never met.

    Thank you

  30. Spot on.

    I do not have an account on Facebook, Twitter, et al, because they are simply echo chambers of hatred and misinformation.

    Too many online platforms are turned into cesspools of bile and sheer vindictiveness when one spiteful individual decides
    to poison a seemingly innocent discussion, with their own malignant thoughts. Donald Trump is a prime example.

    Iggy Pop was right when he once sang “In the Space Age/The village idiot rules.”

  31. Good morning Marjorie. I for one am much relieved that you’ve blocked some of your more intemperate commentators. Difference of opinion is one thing, but venom, hatred and plain bad manners are another. It’s not a right to spew bile on your site – we’re lucky to have it, and if people don’t moderate their behaviour, they shouldn’t be allowed to use it.

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