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  1. I laughed at your request re John Bolton and the impeachment trial 28 Jan that commenters should consider going for a nature walk if needing to let off steam. Given the state of the NHS, this would undoubtedly benefit them. (Conjures up a picture of irate trundlers going round the country.)
    Couldn’t find where to comment on these earlier, but Change comes in mysterious ways 24 Jan and Moderation and silencing 25 Jan were very interesting and open up new ways of thinking. Please keep it up, and laughter too, in this impossible new world.

  2. Trump’s spiritual advisor now preaching about “satanic pregnancies”.

    For the life of me, what is a satanic pregnancy? Was it something akin to Rosemary’s Baby? What’s the astrology of a satanic pregnancy? Will the baby grown up with horns and hoofs? Red fur? Glowing eyes?

    And Americans voted this guy into office as president of the US…

    • What does it all mean? Will he sign an executive order? We know he likes to find a distraction when he starts feeling the heat.

      I don’t know exactly what it is but the voting trend worldwide is to do with the astrology of the time. …. and this too shall pass! Hopefully before we reach the point of no return

  3. Reviewed again, “Boeing more turbulance ahead”, now with the snippet about bank funding to remain afloat. “Boeing Co (BA.N) has secured more than $12 billion in financing from more than a dozen banks, CNBC reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter. ”

    Some aerospace blogs cite the movement/loss of Boeing mgmt and directors away from the company…and the funding to cover golden parachutes and mgmt termination packages.

    Is there potential for Boeing to nose dive and take it on the chin in the next couple of years? “Will the last person leaving Seattle, please turn off the lights?” (1971)


  4. Hello.

    John Bolton’s surprise testimony to-be; can you provide some tastey forecasting on his influence on the proceedings. With how Trump is tweeting, maybe Schiff should hv his brakes checked. Classic mob tactics from Trump. But then, AMerica has degenerated not because of Trump but accelerated by his tactics and methods.

  5. Kobe Bryant August 23, 1978. ADB says 5:00 PM EDT. Transits, progressions, solar arcs? To planets, angles, midpoints?

    Generally, are transits, etc. to planets and angles more important than to midpoints?

    Your work is so laudably accurate.

    Personally, years ago, despite an abiding passion, decided not to go into astrology professionally, because not having discovered Noel Tyl’s work then, Western astrology seemed to be so inaccurate, missing something.

    Now, with the revival of Hellenistic astrology, whole sign houses, and other timing techniques . . . .

  6. Dear Marjorie,
    The Irish General Election will be held on 8 February next, polling is from 7a.m., and 22.00p.m.
    The 2 only possiblites as next Taoiseach (Prime Minister) are the current incumbent – Leo Varadkar
    born 18 Janaury 1979 in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin and Michael Martin born 1 August 1960 in Turner’s Cross, Cork.
    Would you have any thoughts on this? (Thank you if you do).

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