China coronavirus – stirring dystopian fears


The coronavirus lockdown in China has extended to more cities affecting 56 million inhabitants. Confirmed cases in China are officially given as 1250 with 41 deaths, though that is assumed to be an under estimate; with further cases in other countries. The Daily Mail is, naturally, on an alarmist kick with headlines about a possible 65 million deaths.

The previous SARS epidemic in 2003 was contracted by 8000 people with 775 dying, mainly old and very young.

There is remarkably little showing on the China 1 October 1949 chart apart from tr Saturn Pluto moving through the 12th conjunct Jupiter as the outbreak started; and Progressed Moon conjunct the 7th house Pluto (Mars) which will pass by reasonably quickly.

The China 1 January 1912 chart for the creation of the Republic (Nick Campion) is more illuminating. The tr Saturn Pluto conjunction was opposition the Neptune earlier this month which suggests devastation and confusion; with a disruptive Solar Arc Sun square Uranus approaching within a few months to exact; preceded by a jolting tr Saturn conjunct the Uranus in late February and on and off all year. Plus a high-risk tr Pluto trine Mars picking up late February running till late 2021.

When the similar SARS epidemic occurred in 2003 there was a Saturn opposition Pluto and a very wide Saturn trine Neptune. Traditionally major epidemics were connected to Saturn Neptune conjunctions of which there is one up and coming in 2026 in Aries. But it isn’t around at the moment. This year certainly looks high stress with Saturn Pluto and Mars crashing around in Aries but not Saturn Neptune. So cross fingers it may be like SARS and peter out eventually.

Below excerpt from The Astrological History of the World:

The dual face of Saturn–Neptune in providing practical care for the suffering and in the insidious undermining of the body’s health both find a place in world history. An epidemic of St Vitus Dance (chorea) broke out in Europe in 1021 when Saturn and Neptune were together in Aquarius; the disease causes involuntary jerky movements and leads to brain deterioration, and was so called because victims prayed to St Vitus, the patron saint of dance.

The plague that devastated Europe and Asia during the 1340s was marked by the Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Aquarius of 1344, and the Uranus–Pluto conjunction at the same time. The outbreak of bubonic plague in London in 1665 and the Great Fire of London a year later both took place when Saturn and Neptune were together in Capricorn.

In 1846 in Aquarius, widespread famine in Ireland followed the failure of the potato crop. During the 1917 and 1918 conjunction in Leo, there were massive casualties in the First World War, especially at Passchendaele, and the Spanish ‘flu epidemic of 1918 killed 20 million in Europe, the United States and India. By the conjunction of the late 1980s in Capricorn, the AIDS virus was running amok, causing countless deaths in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Medical advances are also highlighted under Saturn–Neptune, with the physicians’ meeting place in Rome, the Schola Medicorum, being set up in ad 17 in Sagittarius; in 1739 in Cancer, the London Foundling Hospital was established; and by 1881 in Taurus, Louis Pasteur had discovered the anthrax vaccine.

9 thoughts on “China coronavirus – stirring dystopian fears

  1. Thanks Marjorie!

    Last Lunar Eclipse in China chart (oct 1 1949) square Neptune/Sun/Mercury + Pluto o/ Saturne Capri also square Neptune.

    Really don’t know how this will ends and..when!

    • I remember the SARS pandemic of 2003, the bird flu pandemic of 2005, and the swine flu pandemic of 2009. It’s still eerie and sad to think of how these viruses were able to kill so many people.

      • Realistically, China is a lot like a petri dish; same with the indian subcontinent countries. This was bound to happen. Too many people crammed together, limited resources, constant attacks from sources of pollutants. Population resiliance to new vectors is low.

  2. I think Neptune in Pisces has long held to be possible spreading ground for a pandemic. I remember astrological community freaking out when 2014 Ebola Outbreak reached Developed World, because this happened when Saturn was about to enter Sadgittarius and square Neptune in early Pisces. In the 19th century, some cholera pandemics happened during this period, but they streched roughly from 1820’s to 1870’s overall. There also were numerous dysentry and typhus outbreaks during Crimean War, and some spread at least to Russian Empire. Finland had a major dysentry outbreak in 1857, my greatgreat grandmother and her sister were the only survivors from a family of 8, their parents and four siblings, the youngest one a baby, perished in 2 month period. This was not the only household wiped out in that small parish.

    Right now, it’s worth to notice it’s Chinese New Year. Hundreds of millions of people are on move within the country and abroad. This contributed to the spread of SARS in 2003. It’s been said some of this, at least, is China reacting to all the mistakes made during that outbreak, too. Local Authorities first and Central Authorities then were covering up the actual situation. Some up and coming Party Officials are without any doubt trying to impress their superiors.

    Hard to say what follows. SARS was, eventually, contained. I think this might come back, though, in 2021. I think Aquarius Saturn square Taurus Uranus could indicate some travel restrictions especially when joined by Mercury in hard aspect.

    • SARS was originally thought to originate with cats. Hence counltess felines were killed outright in attempt to cauterise that vector. SARS continued.

      Simple hygene is an excellent beginning, along with abandonning ancient cooking practices. That seems to work in developed countries but China and other countries still follow ancient medical practices such as killing tigers for their body parts in hopes of promoting “masculine energy”.

      Eventually an innoculation was contrived. SaMe thing will occur with Coronavirus but not without human loss. Doesn’t wht planet realize it canot sustain large population centers without health risks?

    • This is very distressing news. There have already been a number of coronavirus cases reported here on the States – some here on the East Coast. I really hope they can contain this virus before it gets out of control.

      • what makes this distressing? That the environment and the eco-systems are so stressed? Or that a simple inhaler cure has not yet been formulated?

  3. Maybe because Pluto is in the mix this time? And I recall you mentioning earlier that Saturn Pluto can play out as natural disasters. Maybe it’s a stretch but a pandemic surely fits that definition.

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