Mini-Royals shine – Louis, Charlotte, George

The Royal children were out on parade with the younger Wales catching the headlines. Prince George – a composed page. Princess Charlotte – a charmingly outfitted mini-mom, with a firm grip at times on the hand of the unrestrained, mischief-maker Prince Louis.

  Louis, 23 April 2018 11.1 am London, has made his mark early and will become a mover and shaker in his adult life though will be difficult to control. His 10th house Taurus Sun designs him for a public career and it squares a 1st house showy Leo Moon  conjunct a ‘leadership’ Leo North Node. His 10th house Uranus hints at an unconventional path in life and a rebellious temperament especially since it squares a do-or-die-determined Mars Pluto in Capricorn in his 6th house. When he makes up his mind nothing will stop him. Though he’ll get away with a great deal of misbehavior because of a charming (and indulgent) Venus in Taurus opposition a happy-childhood Jupiter in Scorpio in his 4th.

I’d worry marginally about his health with Mars Pluto and Saturn in his 6th. His Moon is not well integrated in his chart being only square the Sun and inconjunct Saturn – on the focal point of a Yod as well widely inconjunct Neptune. His emotional liveliness could be disorganization and he’ll be more fragile underneath all those antics than he appears.

Princess Charlotte, 2 May 2015 8.34am London, is another Sun Taurus but is cut from a different cloth. Her friendly 11th house Sun is in an easy-going square to Jupiter in Leo in her 3rd house of siblings.  She has a sympathetic Neptune in her 10th conjunct her Midheaven with her Neptune square Saturn – so she will be keen to work for a fairer society.

  She does have an intense 7th house Pluto so will come across as strong-minded in relationships as well as socially. Her 4th house Libra Moon ties her into her childhood family and squaring Pluto makes for a close relationship with her mother. Like Louis she will be ultra-determined having her Pluto trine an 11th house Mars as well as her Sun and also has Uranus in her career 10th square Pluto – she could be quite a reformer. Her Jupiter is on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune – if she can keep her confidence under control (i.e. not get too uppity) then she will make a considerable difference.

  Prince George, 22 July 2013 4.24pm London, is the one on whom the ancestral legacy hangs the heaviest. He has a 9th house Cancer Sun opposition a Capricorn Moon so will constantly be pulled between his heart and his head. More significantly even than that he has an 8th house Mars, Jupiter, Mercury opposition Pluto square Uranus in his 5th house, which is quite a mix of deeply secretive, driven by forces he doesn’t understand and can’t control – and rebellious with it. He’ll also be a reformer and trailblazer with such a focal point Uranus and will go his own way on the romantic scene. His Jupiter Mars in Cancer are in a healing though not always realistic Water Grand Trine to a 12th house Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in the 3rd – formed into two Kites with a 2nd house financial Pluto as one driving planet and Venus in Virgo in his 9th as the other. Like Harry he’ll marry a partner from abroad – and travel will be what really excites him.

  A childhood in the goldfish bowl is hardly ideal and given the Sussex exit, their parents will be landed with a considerable weight of public duties that could have been shared.   

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