Taylor Swift – love life on a conveyor belt

Taylor Swift’s frenzied fanbase are all of a tizz as she splits from Joe Alwyn and appears to have turned her gaze on Matt Healy, a former heroin addict, rock singer/guitarist with a reputation for erratic social media activity.

  She was born 13 December 1989 5.17am Reading, PA, USA and has become  one of the best-selling musicians in history, is the most streamed woman on Spotify and and laden with awards.

She is a Sun Sagittarius with the complicated and can-be-chaotic triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn with Mercury in the middle. Plus an ultra-do-or-die determined Mars in Scorpio on her Ascendant widely conjunct Pluto in her 12th.

  Joe Alwyn, a UK actor, lasted longer than her usual beaus sticking it out for five years but now appears to be ‘unfollowed’.  Born 21 February 1991 in London, his Pisces Sun was a good fit with her 8th house Moon Jupiter in Cancer, but it was a scratchy chemistry prone to argument at times. His Saturn conjunct her Venus would not help.  Their composite Sun at 26 Capricorn has been under huge pressure through 2021/22 which would put the tin lid on it.

 Matt Healy, 8 April 1989, is a Sun Venus, Mercury in Aries which falls in her playful, sociable 5th house and trines her Sun. He is another triple conjunction-er so they will understand each other well enough though both will be easily distracted. His Jupiter falls in her 7th for mutual support.

  Their relationship chart has a fair amount going for it – with a possessive composite Sun square Pluto and a passionate Pluto trine Venus. With an enthusiastic Sun trine Jupiter.

  It sounds an unlikely match but it might amble along for a while.  Though with tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Moon midpoint this year and tr Saturn opposition it in 2025 and tr Uranus aiming for her 7th, it’s doubtful if it will last.  

Pic: Cosmopolitan

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