Prince Harry – unseen potential will help Africa

A life of restless wandering was the punishment handed down to Cain for killing his brother Abel. Prince Harry in a minor parallel has sent himself into exile as his uncontainable envy of brother William erupted in a scenario worthy of an ancient tragedy. In the final act of Greek plays there is usually a dirge or a lament but it is difficult to believe there will not be a truce at some point in years to come as Harry’s compulsion to act-out winds down.

  Harry’s 17th harmonic chart is his strongest, suggesting he will leave behind a contribution of value – a legacy for history – which won’t just be a salutary tale of wrecking his own life in an attempt to damage his family.  In numerology 17 is linked to hope and faith. It promises victory, inner enlightenment and “immortality” in the sense of creating a special mark on history.

   He’s at a low ebb in his life at the moment with tr Saturn moving through his low profile First Quadrant since 2019 which is a time when unresolved psychological and emotional issues tend to emerge. He’ll be through the most gruelling part of that by 2025 but it will be 2029 before he steps out to start the upward trek to make his mark for the following two decades – in his mid forties onwards.

  For an individual with a 4th house Taurus Moon uprooting from home territory must have come hard. Tr Uranus is moving into his 4th house exactly now to stay for the following five years which will be domestically restless; with sudden, disruptive changes as tr Uranus is conjunct his Moon from mid this June on and off into early 2024. That will affect his relationship with his childhood family as well as adult one. Uranus can bring insight as well as upheavals and can free the individual up from old negative emotional patterns.

  California may be healing for him but it is not a location where he will live out his potential since it puts his Sun in the hidden 12th house Sun and his Moon in the even more hidden 8th house. Africa is where he will probably have the greatest effect with his ambitious, successful and reforming lines through the eastern half.

  Puzzling over why this epic family black comedy came about – the tangle between Harry’s 9th house Pluto and Will’s Jupiter Midheaven explain a good deal of it. Will’s elevated status and maybe older brother superiority (Jupiter on his Midheaven) ground deep on Harry’s obsessive 9th house Pluto and in return gave him a compulsion to control or bring down his brother.

  Diana to some extent held the brotherly tensions under control. When she died the transiting Virgo North Node was conjunct Harry’s 8th house Virgo Sun with his Solar Arc Uranus in square. The Solar Eclipse two days later was square his Uranus, his Solar Arc Venus was conjunct his Pluto and his Solar Arc Midheaven was exactly conjunct his Scorpio South Node – a monumental shock to his system with a life-changing crisis.

  What is Astro-intriguing is the prominence of his Capricorn Ascendant in the staging posts that followed. When Diana died in 1997 his Solar Arc Neptune was conjunct his Ascendant for much confusion.  When he met Meghan in 2016 his Solar Arc Uranus, yearning for freedom, was conjunct his Ascendant.

  Over his wedding two years later tr Saturn was criss crossing his Ascendant, starting his pull away from an old cycle into an introspective phase with focus on his personal life. His Progressed Venus was conjunct his South Node. There was also rising anger and irritation with tr Saturn conjunct his Progressed Mars as well, with tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Mars. His wedding also occurred with tr Uranus on zero Taurus opposing his Pluto hinting at the disruption to follow with his Solar Arc Saturn heading to conjunct his Mars for another bout of aggravation.

  Intriguingly William’s Nodal axis of Cancer/Capricorn falls across Harry’s Ascendant so for both, finding a way of resolving the conflict will benefit both.

 Harry’s Nodal axis is another key since it falls in Taurus in his 4th which is suspicious and distrustful of others’ motives, had a tendency to lash out at the slightest threat. Martin Schulman remarks: ‘He will make much growth when he is able to see the actions of others as reflections of his own subconscious.’ A Taurus NN is a plotter and planner while smiling sweetly all the while; and brings an intensity and often bitterness from the Scorpio South Node into family relationships and money matters. Contentment can come ultimately once he calms the demon want-want-want and realises he has all he needs. A dedication to nurturing the earth and nature can be one route to eventual fulfilment.  The 4th house placing suggests adopting new emotional attitudes is key and that requires foregoing a former desire to be top dog or put on a show.

  Diana’s death dragged him into his South Node and his marriage to Meghan likewise pulled him back into his less evolved self.  Which maybe had to happen to clear out the volcano of red hot lava simmering below his cheeky chappy persona.  

   His mid-life crisis – 38 to 42 years – will be crucial. Carl Jung believed that negotiating this phase of life frees up and revitalises the second half of life. If not handled with insight then life goes into stagnation. It starts with the tr Pluto square Pluto which for him is exactly now – then tr Neptune square Neptune and finally his tr Uranus opposition Uranus in 2027/28. That is the point if his marriage is going to split it will happen/have happened. If he gets through the obstacle course with growing awareness then everything moves into better times from 2029 onwards.

 So there is hope ahead. Though relations with the Royals may worsen in the short term – perhaps because of his relentless battle with Murdoch media which could end up in court in 2024 – his relationship charts all round with Murdoch senior,  King Charles, Camilla, Princess Anne and Prince William looks discouraging and separating for a year or two or even several in the case of William.

  But I am more hopeful – having taken the longer view – that what seems like a self-destructive dead end at the moment has the possibility of evolving into a fulfilled life.

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