Mike Pence – playing his cards close

Mike Pence is looking remarkably chipper over the election and inauguration. He will have some sticky moments before then with a disruptive, explosive, insecure tr Uranus square his Mars from this weekend to early March, when his relationship with Trump looks in turmoil. And his connection with Trump moves into undermining, swampy territory from late March through April with tr Neptune square the composite Sun on their relationship chart, repeating in September and early 2021.

Pence also has a discouraging, unloved tr Saturn opposition his Venus in late March to early April, and again in the second half of June. Late May and early June also see a jangled tr Uranus square his Mars/Uranus midpoint. But what will keep him afloat this year and next is tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter in Scorpio picking up from later this month on and off for nearly two years ahead and exact over the inauguration next January. He also has tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter now till late 2021, exact over this year’s election.

Add on: Forgot to mention he has tr Saturn opposition his Mars at the inauguration and square his Neptune just after – that can be accident-prone, setbacks or aggravation. But his Jupiters will save him a deal of grief. Doesn’t mean he’ll be a central player, just that he is not feeling too discouraged.

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  1. I had recently read an older post from Jan 2019 (I think) regarding Mitt Romney and being upbeat around election 2020 time. Since Mitt has made the news lately I started wondering about what’s going on with him. So now we have Mike Pence and Mitt Romney both with supporting energies during the 2020 election/2021 inauguration. Makes one wonder what the future holds….

    • Trouble is the astrology doesn’t necessarily point to what is causing the morale boosts especially without birth times. Sometimes people who win exhibit major panic influences which are much the same as failure (viz Boris at last election). They may be cheered up by other things.

      • Agreed, again. Something to be said about Romney that he seems not to be one of those Conservatives who preach family values, but have horrible home lives. His family seem to be one of those almost infuriatingly close knit and happy Mormon families. So, no doubt that even if the politics wouldn’t go his way, he’d always have that.

  2. Am I looking at this wrong, because I see Pence also has an EXACT tr. Saturn opposition to natal Mars on Inauguration Day 2021, too? If this is right, we could determine Inauguration 2021 will be quite something for him. My speculative but likely assertion is that in case Trump loses in November (which, at this point, I think isn’t said at all), he storms out of WH, locks himself to Mar-a-Lago and leaves Pence to shed the paper. He definitely won’t attend The Inauguration of ANY successor, because that thing isn’t about him.

    Also, I’m just thinking how Saturn being retrograde and/or stationary for almost all of 2020 past April is affecting this all. The movement is s-l-o-w especially before the election, when Saturn stays at 25 degrees Saturn for two months in September and October. I somehow feel all judical proceedings (karma) will stall during this time, only to pick up late in 2020. (Probably relevant to Brexit negociations also)

    • Yes sorry forgot to put that in – but won’t I think dampen down all that Jupiter of his. Doesn’t mean he will stride onto the podium – as I recollect Sarah Palin had oodles of Jupiter at last election and she didn’t appear anywhere. The Saturn Mars can be accident prone as well as a setback and the inauguration certainly looks fairly disruptive. We live in interesting times – sigh.

      • I think that since we do not have Pence’s exact time of birth, a lot of this will remain under cover anyway. We don’t, for instance, know whether he is a Moon Gemini or a Moon Cancer (I’m going with Moon Cancer simply based on his cheeks and forehead, which are very “Cancerian”).

        I’m just coming out from an exact Saturn square Mars transit myself. I’ve had persistent headaches, but nothing worse. However, the last time transiting Saturn was conjunct my Mars by minute, a client collapsed and I had to give first aid and call an ambulance the only time in my life.

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