Trump & the USA – buffeted by aggressive eclipses


The Solar Eclipses this year are in spine-straightening Saros Series. The late December 2019 Solar Eclipse at four degrees Capricorn heralded a sense of traumatic transformation and significant endings running in effect for several months across the beginning of this year.

The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer is associated with difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Bernadette Brady remarks in The Eagle and the Lark that this eclipse brings blocks and ’the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action.’ It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.

The 14th December 2020 23 degree Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse casting its shadow over the following months is strongly emotional about relationships or money, can involve lust and anger. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals feel they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions. It was around before in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930, 1912.

Mercifully the following two eclipses from mid 2021 onwards look much more cheerful.

In the context of the USA elections: – the December 2020 Sagittarius Eclipse will be critical for Trump since it is conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun. Eclipses conjunct the Moon tend to bring up the past, with public image under scrutiny and habit patterns come under review as well. The Sun opposition the Eclipse is a crisis time for the ego when mistakes have to be faced and changes made.

This Eclipse is also opposition the USA Mars in Gemini, which echoes the explosive Inauguration chart since it suggests high levels of anger and argument, almost open warfare, with no compromise being the motto of the moment. It will also be exactly conjunct the Trump First Term Saturn and square Mars. There’s always a price to pay when Saturn hits Eclipses, mistakes owned and responsibility taken for sorting out self-created muddles – and part of that may be the mega-trillion dollar debts run up during this administration.

The Lunar Eclipses throughout the year will also elbow Trump and the USA chart. The June 5th Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius will oppose Trump’s Uranus which will bring a considerable jolt; with the July 5th Lunar Eclipse at 14 degree Capricorn conjunct his Term’s focal point Pluto which again like Uranus offers a stark choice between change or decay. This Lunar Eclipse will also collide with the USA Cancer Sun so it does suggest a critical moment in destiny where decisions have to be made and junk tipped overboard.

The November 30th Lunar Eclipse at 9 degrees Gemini will hit on the USA Uranus.

Roll on 2021.

An add-on which may be special pleading since I truly dislike Trump. Last month’s Lunar Eclipse hit the Trump Term Pluto which sits on the focal point of a pushily-confident Jupiter opposition Uranus. That Jupiter was always going to save him a load of trouble and squeak him undeservedly out of tight corners – with Jupiter Pluto exemplifying his rules-don’t-apply-to-me approach. When Eclipses tug at Pluto it suggests that something radical needs to change otherwise what follows is disintegration and deterioration. On the Term chart also Pluto has moved by Solar Arc to square the Uranus exactly now which by rights should indicate instability. Admittedly Jupiter is standing by with a safety net but it may be there’s more than meets the eye about his ‘victory’ and (cross fingers) there could be more that crawls out from under stones to back up the astrology. Part of which may be his failing health.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie…bumpy times ahead.

    I fear USA as we knew it -is “over” – the last to admit it will be the Americans themselves. As for the justice dept. – just imagine if the american public (the “white” “christian” variety) would have taken Black Lives Matter and/or Me Too seriously. Instead they call it “progressive politics”. These were two HUGE moments and wake up calls regarding the US justice system. But, instead this majority mentioned refused to see it and call a spade a spade. Now – they are seeing the same done onto them from the highest office. Its as if Americans are like animals who see their reflections for the first time- heads cocked to side, not understanding what they see – or perhaps just running away scared.

    I still believe and fear its too late. My main prediction is if DT does in fact lose the election he will let the debt ceiling collapse ( if not refuse to step down.) making everything shut down and bankrupt the country as he does with everything he owned. Every couple of months there is a debt ceiling story – watch for them. Mitch McConnel recently said he cant foresee a new budget passing. watch that space.

    I think DT will be reelected. Its like with anything – refuse to come clean and make changes or have it all destroyed to be rebuilt. I wish this wasn’t happening. I agree, Kitty. Sad that so many of us have to be dragged down.

  2. Sorry I’m late to the party here Marjorie, but just before this drops below the fold, regarding your last add-on paragraph…

    “Rules-don’t apply-to-me”, and particularly when someone seems to defy astrological influences that would bring down others, I really think that out-of-bounds declinations and stationary points are significant. Trump has Mercury out-of-bounds and 3 planetary stations (all direct), which is super unusual. The stationary planets being Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Libra and out-of-bounds Mercury in Cancer; it’s interesting what he’s able to “get away with”, particularly anything to do with justice or women.

    However, what is coming up this year is a big Mars retrograde in Aries, which will station direct in November opposite all his Libran station points. I can’t say for sure that this will topple him, but I do see a huge backlash, perhaps bigger than anything we’ve seen yet.

  3. What’s been gnawing away at me recently about the USA – apart from general horror about the lack of decency and indeed intelligence (barring low animal cunning) in the White House, Senate and elsewhere – is the election system. It’s an obscenity. You could feed starving trillions on the money thrown at campaigns on both political sides that stretch into infinity. And no sooner is one presidential election over than everyone’s gaze promptly fixes on the next mid-terms.
    The UK feels positively civilized with a three week/month run up to elections – and even party leadership elections don’t go on for ever.
    This is a genuine question. What gives with the USA and elections? It’s a way of life.

    • Marjorie, I think this is the issue most people living in othed democracies, full or flawed see with The US system. Congresspeople, who have 2-year-term, are campaigning constantly. Statewide, not speaking of Nationwide, campaigns take incredible amounts of money.

      Another issue is voter suppression. Most developed countries automatically register their 18-year-old citizens, or even residents in The EU where many countries give this opportunity to citizens of other EU countries in local and EU elections. In The US, not having a residential address or a picture id (and one has to ask how come every id isn’t a picture id, my dad came of age 50 years ago and his first id was a picture id) has become an issue in some states.

    • “Romney thus became the first senator in American history to vote for removal of a president of his own party.”

      Where was everyone else?

      “This is a genuine question. What gives with the USA and elections? It’s a way of life.” Long Live Big Brother. There needs no explaining it.

  4. Hate to be the bringer of bad news but Trump’s chart shows that this is his destiny. America lives in a bubble that no longer works but the country refuses to see it. Chaos is the only way true change that’s able to penetrate and manifest. Shamans know that Chaos is good, for without the pain and torture, a pregnant woman cannot become a mother.
    Trump’s NN+Sun+Uranus and that Trine Jupiter protecting him shows this is his destiny. His dark side behaviour is the shadow side of America that optimistic Americans refuse to ever see about themselves (Scorpio in 12th house of USA Chart). Trump is showing everyone like a Mirror what the country really is. Americans like to think of their country only in a positive way disowning their shadow side. Trump says, “uh huh, no way, this is what we all are really like”.

    The sooner we accept that this is part of the cosmic plan the quicker we can move from duality and separation into cosmic awareness. This is happening people. Trump will be re-elected, or at worse, will change the rules and force himself on the world as a dictator. He’s already started showing us he plans to do that. Once that happens, America will be helpless and enter into a real depression (Dark Night of the Soul) that will trigger the real change that everyone truly needs. We are experiencing the first Spiritual Awakening of a nation. It’s just the beginning.

    • Wow well said. That makes a lot of sense to me. I have always said Trump represents the America everyone pretends doesn’t exist there. And yes i do believe as a people its always only about the sugar candy coated side of life whilst failing to address the other side of their reality in the appropriate way.

    • I’m not so sure about coming cosmic awareness. Chaos may sometimes be the harbinger of change but it can also often be just plain destructive. Tricksters can be malign, not always beneficial.
      Sure Trump has ripped a lot of veils down and exposed a deeply unpleasant facet of the American psyche but whether that leads to much insight is questionable. And while American politics are a great deal more indecent than before, they’ve never been that shining white. Remember George W Bush’s first ‘victory’? It was banana republic time.
      Couple of good pieces from the BBC’s Nick Bryant for anyone with time to browse.
      ‘The time when America stopped being great’
      By Nick Bryant 2017.
      ‘Trump impeachment trial: Is US politics beyond the point of repair?’

    • What would you see as an appropriate level of “pain and torture” to Spiritually Awaken The US? 10 million dead, as in Germany during Hitler’s reign? 20 million dead, as in The USSR during Stalin reign (according to 1989 Soviet estimates, some are even higher)? 45 million, as during The Great Leap in China? None of them seem to have Spiritually Awaken Nations. Germany has progressed in almost every level (it’s worth to mention the 1920’s Germany was also probably the most advanced Nation in The World, so they weren’t exactly starting all over after a 12 year murderous rampage), but 60 per cent of the population declare themselves irreligious and up to 20 Atheist, making it among the least “spiritual” countrie in The World.

      I do agree that there’s a chance Trump/Republicans will win a second term, but I see nothing “spiritually elevated” in wishing chaos, destruction and suffering to drive the message in. To me, the spiritually eleveted people have always been the ones trying to ease the pain of their fellow humans. In The US, it may have been people like Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and other Civil Right Activists, who have given birth to a second and third generation of impressive voices, including many people US Citizens still can vote for. It does not have to be “Shamans”, who at least in my culture (yes, we had people performing “shamanic” rituals well into the 17th or even 18th century, and poems depicting them were collected up until the very late 19th century) were there to communicate with spirits of people taken away too soon, including those died infants and mothers died in labor. Not to wish for more pain and suffering to “wake” people.

  5. Aside from these eclipses, Marjorie has mentioned Regulus being strong in Trump’s chart (I think rising, close to his Ascendant), with the saying “success if revenge is avoided; if not, all that has been gained will be taken away”. He’s now hell-bent on exacting revenge on all of his perceived enemies (Democrats, Romney and Romney’s state since he declared national monuments in Utah now open for mining and drilling, states like NY that defied his immigration policies and he declared NY residents not able to use Global Entry and trusted flier programs, etc). He wants to burn everything down to the ground and he’s using the power of his office to do it – abuse of office for which he now feels himself free to do. So is Regulus’ hubris and retribution going to bring him down or what?

    I’m also curious about the Republican party – is that headed for collapse as some have said?

    • Yes, if the birth time is correct DJT’s Ascendant was conjunct Regulus when he was born. However, in Tropical Astrology, Fixed Stars do move on the sky, as well, Regulus passed to Virgo some years ago. This was seen as an epic change in what we perceive as “leadership”. And I think this is right. DJT may well be the last representative of a certain tradition.

  6. FYI. December 14, 2020, is the day the Electoral College meets to in fact elect the President. A day of reckoning for Trump?

  7. I am wondering if because of Jupiter he continues to escape the consequences he has evaded all his life? He was always a lying, cheating, thieving human being and never paid the piper. The difference is now he’s destroying lives, in some cases literally, as well as our justice department. Is there no end in sight aside from possible health problems? Will Jupiter be a panacea for all, including the blood on his hands, and overrule all other planets and aspects?

  8. “The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse … It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.”

    Interesting collection of years. In alternate years listed above, after a few years, there was a radical change of the global world order (1984 – end of the Cold War; 1948 – start of the Cold War; 1912 – WWI & reconfiguration of Europe), while the other set of alternate years led to wars or other events that changed or were a focus of public perception (2002 – Iraq War; 1966 – Prague revolution; 1930 – Great Depression).

    By that logic, we are in for a major global reconfiguration before the decade is out.

    • “Interesting collection of years. In alternate years listed above, after a few years, there was a radical change of the global world order (1984 – end of the Cold War; 1948 – start of the Cold War; 1912 – WWI & reconfiguration of Europe)”

      When I was at school, the books set Blockage of Berlin as “point of no return” from which Cold War began. My last year history teacher even showed a documentary on Berlin Airlift. The Blockage was set as a retaliation after introduction of Deutsche Mark as the monetary unit, in June 21st 1948, started in June 24th and Airlift in June 26th. Powerful, and this actually means Deutsche Mark had a June 21st 1948 Eclipse Chart.

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