Metropolitan Police – institutional rot

One of the UK’s worst sex offenders turns out to be a Metropolitan police officer, who has admitted 51 charges of rape and domestic abuse over 18 years. David Carrick was allowed to keep working even after he had been arrested on a rape charge days after Wayne Couzens, another serving Met police officer was sentenced for rape and murder recently. Multiple criminal complaints about Carrick were routinely ignored. It turns out 800 Met officers are now being investigated for over 1,000 sexual and domestic abuse claims.  More than half of Met officers found guilty of sexual misconduct over a four-year period to 2020 remained in their jobs.

  The media and political response has been one of outraged disbelief.

  It was always clear from the Metropolitan Police chart of 29 September 1829 that there would be a massive, catastrophic setback coming with the Solar Arc Mars moving to conjunct the Met Police Libra Sun now and, worse, conjunct the Pluto over coming months into 2024. And both Carrick and Wayne Couzens, born in the 1970s, have their Pluto in early Libra fitting into the Met controlling, power-hungry Sun opposition Pluto. Not just rotten apples in the barrel but fitting in with a corrupt, misogynistic ethos.

 Carrick, 4 January 1977 has a peculiarly bleak and hard chart with a Capricorn Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto (Moon) in Libra – unyielding, un-empathic to put it mildly especially towards women. His Neptune in Sagittarius is conjunct the Met Jupiter to allow him to slither around as he pleased and his Sun is conjunct the Met Neptune allowing him to evade scrutiny.

  Couzens, 20 December 1972, convicted of the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, had his Jupiter conjunct the Met Neptune compounding the look-the-other-way Met mentality.

  Their respective relationship charts with the Met indicted they fitted in comfortably to the force. Carrick had a composite Sun sextile Jupiter and Mars square Neptune.  While Couzens had a composite friendly Sun Venus conjunction and an over-optimistic Jupiter Neptune.

  Sir Mark Rowley, the new Commissioner, has his work cut out ahead to sluice out the Augean stables. His Term chart from 12 September 2022 does have a reforming, practical Grand Trine with Uranus to Pluto to the Sun but since it all focuses onto Neptune it may turn out to be a damp squib.

  The Met ahead has tr Uranus square the wannabe-important Saturn in Leo, shaking its amour propre now and into next month. With tr Pluto square the Mercury from late March bringing bitter discussions and arguments for two years ahead and more as tr Pluto is conjunct the Uranus in 2024/25. That last might suggest a major clear out but there is a sense of drift in the last few years of this decade as tr Neptune squares opposes the Sun and is conjunct the Pluto.   

  Though I suppose looking on the bright side tr Uranus giving a mighty tug to one leg of the Met Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn trine Jupiter exactly now might be expected to see some shift in direction and that plus tr Pluto conjunct Uranus in 2024/25 could also upend the status quo and bring in new practices.

Whatever happened to the trusted Brit bobby? Scary in London with trust completely broken. And given that overall in England and Wales there is a 1% conviction rate for rape with the police being the initial gatekeepers after the event, it is beyond imperative that attitudes within the force are forcibly hauled into modern times.

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  1. Well, history and astrology can be amazing sometimes. And the Met’s founding chart, as I think Marjorie has said before, seems a really accurate one. I was curious about police corruption’s history, as the Met chart isn’t exactly sunshine and roses. Marjorie writes:

    “looking on the bright side tr Uranus giving a mighty tug to one leg of the Met Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn trine Jupiter exactly now might be expected to see some shift in direction”

    Between 1927-1929 is rich with Met Police scandals involving perjured testimony, harsh interrogations, corruption, bribery, and sexual misconduct. The case of Helen Adele, for instance, involved the charge that two police constables had sexually assaulted her in a north London garage. It came to court in August 1928. The men were convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison (!).

    These were the transits to the Met chart in August 1928:

    Tr Pluto 17 Cancer opposes Met Neptune, 17 Capricorn
    Tr Saturn 12 Sagittarius has just crossed the Met ascendant and Jupiter
    Tr Uranus 7 Aries is conjunct Met Pluto, 7 Aries, and opposes its Sun, 6 Libra. And Uranus tugging on that Met Grand Trine, as we’re looking at now?
    Tr Jupiter 9 Taurus opposes Met Venus 10 Scorpio – this transit is coming up again 2023-4

    In September 1928 (to March 1929) there was a Royal Commission on Police Powers and Procedure. There was a full Moon at 6 Aries, conjunct Met Pluto and opposing the Met Sun. Neptune entered 0 Virgo that September.

    Not saying everything will change, but at the very least we might expect another Royal Commission or similar to address today’s very concerning issues. Almost a century has passed!

    • But, if you or a family member were attacked or robbed, or your house burgled, they will be the first people you will run to.

      • But that’s the dilemma isn’t it? That we have to rely on people, an institution, that at best we doubt and at worst don’t trust or know to be corrupt. Rock and a hard place.

  2. Police corruption is a problem worldwide; wherever there are police, it seems, there is corruption, turning the blind eye, and ridiculous macho posturing and wagon-circling around the “thin blue line.”

    But the police in the Met, at least as portrayed by the media, seem particularly pitiless, just notably heartless and cruel, not even willing to do the minimum amount of due diligence required to avoid scrutiny and opprobrium; they seem driven by bigotry, especially against women, and appear abysmal even by the low standards of urban police forces generally. What is their excuse? And why have the British public put up with this for so long?

  3. Thanks for this Marjorie. I’ve made comments in Comments (!), and have been thinking about this a lot. It is scary as you say. Back to the 1970’s police corruption stories it seems, along with mass 70’s style strikes…..The IOPC, once IPCC, has registered thousands of complaints about the police from Northumbria to Avon and Somerset. But it appears much is simply ignored or brushed under the festering carpet. It’s unsettling to think it isn’t just the Met, but seems to be a widespread and massive problem.

    The IOPC (1 April 2004) has Pluto 22 Sagittarius, square the Met’s Mars. There’s Mercury at 29 Aries, which will have the 20 April Aries eclipse right on it. Transiting Saturn will conjunct its Uranus at 4 Pisces too. Interesting timing in view of what you say about Pluto square the Met’s Mercury at that time.

    The Police Reform Act 24 July 2002 has Saturn 28 Gemini, square the Met’s 28 Virgo/Pisces Nodes. Transiting Neptune is there by 2024. It also has a 0 Leo Sun, so Pluto opposes that soon, along with squaring the Met Mercury. There’s also the UK yod of Uranus 1 legal Libra, Jupiter 1 leadership Leo, and Pluto 2 chaotic, secretive Pisces – which has tr Saturn in Pisces this March/April, and tr Pluto in Aquarius putting on the pressure this year and next.

    I really hope something constructive can be done to “upend the status quo and bring in new practises” as you say. Currently, it is woeful. Not only all the terrible problems with racism, misogyny and homophobia – but simply not turning up to investigate burglary etc. In the past six months, two friends with very small businesses have been burgled, and two friends homes broken into. Police told one business owner the value of goods stolen wasn’t high enough for them to investigate…..

    • And just to add to the mess, an IOPC investigator has quit her job over the handling of the Bianca Williams stop and search racial profiling case.

      “Trisha Napier, who assessed the actions of the officers involved, said her investigation was later “watered down”, something the IOPC vehemently denies.” BBC News website, 18 January

      • I noticed something potentially interesting when I was wondering about some of the individuals involved. Here are some planets and points triggered by the upcoming Saturn and Pluto ingresses, and also it turns out, the ‘deceptive actions’ Mars/Neptune 22 degree square of autumn 2022. On 7th March, Saturn enters Pisces and Mars will be 22 Gemini again. Pluto enters Aquarius 23rd March, just after the Spring Equinox, and a New Moon at 0 Aries.

        Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, 3 April 1980: Jupiter 1 Virgo, Venus 29 Taurus; Saturn 22 Virgo; Neptune 22 Sagittarius.
        Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, 12 May 1980: Mars 2 Virgo; Jupiter 0 Virgo; Neptune 22 Sagittarius (Saturn 20 Virgo)
        Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, 8 October 1970: Mercury 1 Libra; BML 1 Libra – this conjunction may relate to women’s issues and safety in particular; Moon’s Nodes 1 Pisces/Virgo; Mars 22 Virgo
        Met Police: Mars 22 Virgo
        IOPC: Pluto 22 Sagittarius

        Will any of them ever tell us how long they have known about the extent of this huge problem?

  4. Can the noted and widespread influence of Freemasonry in the Met police be seen from the charts? Would this be a house position influence? It would not be surprising to learn Carrick in particular been protected by his brethren over the years…a chart for Freemasonry may be an interesting read? The oldest is I think Scottish….

  5. Famous quote from Sir Robert Mark that he would have considered his reforms of the Metropolitan Police a success when “it arrested more criminals than it employed”. It seems nothing has changed. It is notable that the two most recent high profile offenders were in the Diplomatic Protection Group so that is one part of the force that definitely needs cleaning up.

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