Gina Lollobrigida – a tempestuous temptress

Gina Lollobrigida, sultry and prolific actress, a post-war international sex symbol acclaimed as one of the world’s most beautiful women has died at 95. Known as “La Lollo”, the “temptress of the Tiber”, she made a film a month in the 1950s and by the 1970s was setting up a second career as a highly-thought-of photographer.

  She did not respond well to criticism and became litigious at the drop of a hat, which didn’t stop her insulting her compatriot Sophia Loren as they conducted a public feud. “We are as different,” she said, “as a fine racehorse and a goat.”

 Latterly she ran unsuccessfully for the European Parliament and for the Italian Senate.

 She was born 4 July 1927 3am Subiaco, Italy and was an intense Sun Pluto in Cancer with an attention-demanding and inspirational Fire Grand Trine of an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Aries trine Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius (which last can be prickly when criticised). She also had Mars, Neptune, Venus in Leo as well – flamboyant and entertaining.

  Sophia Loren, 20 September 1934 2.10pm Rome, also had Mars in Leo – entertaining, passionate and ego-centric; with her Mars in a hard-edged opposition to Saturn Moon in Aquarius so was just as steely as La Lollo. Their relationship chart has an explosive and competitive composite Sun Mars trine Uranus which would not make for harmony and peace.

From old post on women/stars dying as Neptune exits sign.

1901: Neptune leaving Gemini – Queen Victoria dies.

1915: Neptune leaving Cancer – Mary Baker Eddy and Emily Davidson (suffragette who suicided by horse at the Derby). Florence Nightingale also died with Neptune in late Cancer (1911)

1929: Neptune leaving Leo – Emmeline Pankhurst (the great suffragette), Ellen Terry, Isadora Duncan.

1943 – Neptune leaving Virgo – aviator Amy Johnson, writer Beatrix Potter.

1957 – Neptune leaving Libra – Laura Wilder (Little House on the Prairie), scientist Irene Curie

1968 – Neptune leaving Scorpio – Helen Keller, Enid Blyton, Dorothy Parker, Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Little Mo, Sonja Henie, Gypsy Rose Lee, Sharon Tate.

1983 – Neptune leaving Sagittarius – Nathalie Wood, Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), Anna Freud, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson, Ethel Merman, Lillian Hellman, Indira Gandhi.

1998 – Neptune leaving Capricorn – Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Ella Fitzgerald, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Evelyn Laye, Dorothy Lamour, Claudette Colbert, Margueurite Duras, Patricia Highsmith, Mary Leakey.

2011 Neptune into Pisces 2011/12.

Liz Taylor – March 2011

Amy Winehouse – July 2011

Jane Russell – Feb 2011

Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston Feb 2012

Esther Williams 2013

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  1. Thanks for the website and fascinating articles. I note you have put Beatrix Potter as the author of Winnie the Pooh, that was A A Milne. Beatrix Potter wrote the Peter Rabbit books etc.

  2. Hi Marjorie, this is not related to the article, but could you do a piece on Brendan Fraser? Curious what his charts are like currently. He is an amazing actor and with all the oscar buzz (that he very much deserves) wonder what the future will bring too for him. Such a fantastic talent!

  3. Interestingly for a Sun/Pluto Cancer, her nickname actually entered Finnish language as a synonym of ‘breasts’. There may have been a Karelian dialect precedent, too, but the fact is an equally iconic (and strangely look alike) Finnish business woman established an underwear shop and even brand named “La Lollo”, and this entered speech. Maybe she should have claimed a copyright there.

    On a more sad note, she later went to court over a marriage with Catalan “business man” Javier Rigau she apparently started a relationship with when he was 15, and then was financially abused by a “factum” kind of a younger man in her 90’s. But she also was an abuse victim herself, having confessed later in life she was raped in the 1940’s.

    • Must mention one of her last public interviews must have been with Joanna Lumley in a travel series Lumley did on Great European Cities, Rome, Berlin, and Paris, I think one of the pandemic Autumns. They met at Bvlgari she was a collector of and a testimonial in post-WWII expansion years. She sold her collection for almost 4 million dollars for charity at an action some years ago.

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