Meryl Streep – a Uranian match heads for freedom

Meryl Streep has joined the ranks of the stealth splitters announcing her four decade-long marriage to sculptor Don Gummer parted company six years ago.

  This is only a fleeting astro-comment but what is intriguing is that both have strongly Uranian charts. She was born 22 June 1949 8.05am Summit, NJ, and is a Sun conjunct Uranus in Cancer with her Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct her Mars – so she would always be revved up, keen to pursue her own interests and career and stalwart about defending independence. Her Taurus Moon which gives her stability is in her career 10th.

  At the moment she has her Progressed Moon moving through her 7th house and tr Pluto about to cross her Descendant as the split becomes final. Progressed Moon through the 7th is when lacks in close relationships become obvious so it can be a make or break time.

  Don Gummer, 12 December 1946, no birth time, is a Sun Mars in Sagittarius opposition Uranus and has Saturn Pluto (Moon) in Leo with Jupiter Venus Mercury in Scorpio. Fire Water will make him creative, volatile, a live wire even with Saturn Pluto.  She is Water, Air, Earth – polar opposites in type and temperament which can work, until it doesn’t.

  Strongly Uranian matches can work well since each understands the other’s need for space. But they can drift apart ultimately since with too much space they lose the connection.  

3 thoughts on “Meryl Streep – a Uranian match heads for freedom

  1. Marjorie,

    What would having Uranus at the focal point of a yod, and at one corner of a grand trine, mean? Would would they differ? Would it get energised in the same way by the other planets in the formation?

  2. This is becoming quite common because of a law change that makes family courts and divorce comes into that, more accessible to the public. So what should be private no longer is.

  3. Interesting yod in the opening degrees of Aqua / Cancer / Virgo. Arguably perhaps not so difficult with the Cancer Uranus having something in common with Aquarius and the Saturn element being the other ruler of it. Yet probably a real wrench to admit the relationship had ended – not placements which like being open about the self.

    Obviously being struck by transiting Saturn in Pisces. But also have a Nodal return in Aries which was amplified by last weekend’s eclipse.

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