Melania’s mother – born on an eclipse

Melania Trump paid a glowing tribute to her mother Amalija Knavs who has just died calling her “a ray of light in the darkest days.”

  Melania was born 26 April 1970 in Slovenia then part of Yugoslavia, an independent communist country, with her parents joining her at some point after she moved to the USA. Her mother, 9 July 1945, was a pattern maker and instilled in her daughter a love of fashion which led her to become a model. Her father Viktor Knavs, 24 March 1944, was a chauffeur and eventually became a car dealer. In the way of most eastern European families they seemed close-knit with her parents living first in New York beside Melania after her marriage to Donald Trump and then in Florida.

  Melania had tr Jupiter conjunct her Sun when her mother died which seems counter intuitive though could have several explanations.  I think it was astrologer Michael Harding who mentioned a client who experienced several losses with strong Jupiter transits and from memory the explanation was that the planet which was being ‘blessed’ by expansive Jupiter was conjunct one of their Saturn midpoints which was amplified as well. There is no birth time for Melania so no way of knowing whether a Saturn Moon/MC/Asc is involved. But her Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio is under pressure from tr Pluto square her Jupiter (and destructive Mars/Pluto midpoint) exactly now, and rolling on into 2026 when tr Pluto is square her Sun. It could also be that her mother’s death finally was a relief after what Trump described as a tough illness. Tr Saturn is also squaring Melania’s Mars opposition Neptune – and Mars Saturn often turns up in times of family loss.

  Her Mother was a stalwart and serious New Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer, born on the day of a Solar Eclipse in Saros Series 1 North which has a significance in US history – Hiroshima, Martin Luther King’s “I have  Dream speech”, JFK’s assassination, and was around in August 1999 as well as 2017.

  Her Eclipsed New Moon Saturn sat on the midpoint of an upbeat, enthusiastic trine of Jupiter in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus. Her Venus in Gemini was trine Neptune, sextile Mercury Pluto in Leo – creative, sociable and utterly determined.

 Her Mars was conjunct Melania’s Mercury so it would be argumentative, but her Jupiter was also conjunct Melania’s Pluto, prompting her to upgrade her life. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Saturn conjunction and a Venus Mars square Pluto – which was disciplined, hard-working and passionate. Amalija’s relationship with Donald Trump was argumentative though also forgiving, veering towards the over hopeful.

 Viktor Knavs, 24 March 1944, was also probably born on a New Moon, in his case in Aries opposition Neptune and trine Pluto so there will be no doubting his ambition though I’d imagine his wife was the driving force. He has a lucky, talented Half Grand Sextile from that opposition tying in Uranus as well as Pluto. Plus a short-fused Mars Saturn in Gemini.

  His relationship with Melania is affectionate though also chained-together by circumstances, reflected in her chart with her upbeat Sun opposition Jupiter and conjunct an austere Saturn. He gets on well with Donald Trump.

  Barron Trump, 20 March 2006 5.30am New York, was evidently close to his grandparents and spoke Slovenian with them. He does have Jupiter in his 8th suggesting reassuring, supportive grandparents and a 9th house Sagittarius Moon which usually means living abroad for extended periods. His Sun MC line runs directly through eastern Europe so he may go there. For success in the USA he should head west towards Las Vegas, Phoenix – and avoid Florida since it puts Mars on his IC for a heated domestic existence. Though whether his possessive mother will let him wander far any time soon is questionable given his 10th house Pluto square his 29 degree Pisces Sun. Both his grandparents and Melania boost his self-esteem and lift his confidence. His father, on the other hand, is a scary prospect with Mars square Pluto plus Saturn and Uranus all tangled up in their relationship chart. Living beside Trump senior must be like trying to survive close to a cyclone.

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  1. The challenging aspects between Melania and Barron are:

    – her Sun squares his Venus and Saturn
    – her Mars opposes his Moon
    – her Mercury opposes his Jupiter
    – her Juptiter squares his Saturn
    – her Saturn squares his Venus
    – her Pluto opposes his Sun
    – her Mercury squares his Neptune

    The composite has the Jupiter conjunction Pluto in Scorpio. Is that the power-couple aspects that ends in a tussle for the upper hand?

    There might also be Moon conjunct Uranus (restlessness, irritation, itchiness) opposition Saturn.

    Composite Venus squares Neptune and Mars might be unaspected.

  2. In Melania Trump’s rectified chart, for death of mother add
    Solar Arc RIP, rest in peace, conjunct Melania’s natal Moon, mother.
    The rectification checks out.

  3. I wonder if the Jupiter transit to Melania’s Sun has brought her closer to her father. Maybe also, given it reached 15 Taurus before turning retrograde, that it trined her Cap moon and went over Saturn, she and her mother were able to exchange some previously unsaid things. Who knows?!

    Three very different charts. Melania with 6 planets in earth and only Uranus-moon in cardinal. Both her parents with four cardinal. Her father with 9 planets in fire/air and no earth. Yet all of them with the bulk of their planets in the personal signs of Aries-Cancer.

    Each of them with some Gemini. Then Melania with Neptune in Sag perhaps seeing all that with rose-tinteds. Can see why Donald would have been attractive for her.

  4. I rectified her chart to 12:42:52 PM, Asc 26Leo32.
    Checking chart for mother’s death on January 9, 2024:
    Trans Grave conj natal Asc
    Solar Arc Orpheus, death, opposite natal Asc.
    Solar Arc Pluto, death, conj 4th cusp, parent.
    Solar Arc Lachesis, death, opposite trans Mumma.
    Trans Mumma conj trans Melania and trans Mumma opposite trans Lachesis, death
    Marj asks is her Saturn-Moon-Asc-MC involvled …..Yes, Marj, her Moon is trine her
    Saturn, ruler of her 6th of work and Saturn iw widely conj her MC.

    • Melania a Leo? Hm…

      The way she squints and has this piercing look in her eyes, I’d wager a Scoprio, perhaps? There is also something Piscean about the colour of her eyes, I don’t know.

      Funny that her birth time hasn’t surfaced. I think Slovenia records those.

      What did Isaac Starkman say about her rectified birth time?

  5. One notable thing about Barron is his height 6 foot seven dwarfing his parents. This is perhaps an indication of Uranus close to the ascendant.

    • Yes, Uranus would be unusualness, and also Jupiter (hugeness) trines that ascendant and Uranus, though I usually allow for a 6° orb when it comes to planets other than the Sun and Moon, when it is 8°.

  6. Barron has the Sun on MC line going through Athens, Greece, and the Baltic states. Could be nice for him. He also has the Sun on the IC line going through Hawai’i

    Moon on the MC – this is an aspect that Bill Gates has, and one New Zealand–Australian amateur astrologer interpreted as Bill is a household (Moon) name (MC) – for Barron goes through Texas. Could be nice for him.

    Moon on the IC – Kathmandu. Also close to Kolkata e.g.

    Jupiter on the MC – maybe Arizona or north-western Mexico.

    Jupiter on the IC – Mumbai e.g., Tashkent or Dushanbe.

    Boston, Caracas, La Paz (Bolivia), Santiago (Chile) – to be avoided (Pluto on the MC).

    Indonesia, Perth (Australia), Beijing – avoid (Pluto on the IC).

    Brisbane is Jupiter on the descendant – a lot (Jupiter) of potential amorous partners (descendant)? But that is also a place of Saturn on the MC. So a mixed bag.

    New Zealand – Pluto on the descendant. Run.

  7. By the way, just an observation, between 1963 and 1992 Yugoslavia was officially known as Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (in Serbo-Croatian the acronym was SFRJ), and I would definitely call it socialist, not communist, even though the ruling party in the one-party system was the League of Communists of Yugoslavia.

  8. When I saw that Sagittarius Moon – and, remember, Rachel Johnson has it, and the time when we spoke about her, I think it was said that this Moon brushes off any flaws in parents and pretends they are not there – in Barron’s 9th house, I immediately thought foreigner (9th house & Sagittarius) mother (Moon).

    If mother is (also) the Moon, she is remarkably well-aspected in his chart, whereas the Sun (father) has that (anaretic) Pisces Sun square Sagittarius Pluto.

    • @El Aznar, yes. It is also obvious Melania has – kind of – sticked around DJT to protect her son. She has seen the mess DJT’s oldest kids turned into, at least partially due to being used as pawns in a messy divorce.

      • I think you also have to understand Slovenia, where she comes from, and the way children are brought up there, something which I think she transferred over to the United States and Barron, probably with some modifications. It is different than the US. And I think I see it. She looks very protective, and I hope that she knows the measure in that, in order not to do more damage than good.

        • @El Aznar, I from Finland. Slovenians are often called “the Germanic Slavs” or “the Alpine Slavs” here. They are organized and pragmatic. But one interesting thing is that the female participation in public life is higher than in the neighboring Austria or the other ex-Yugoslavian states.

          I also think that in Yugoslavia, Melania’s mother was the breadwinner. I once had a short term industrial job, and one of my co-workers was a Bosnian Croat. She told me that under the socialist rule, she’d worked in textile industry. This was one industry in Yugoslavia that paid Western salaries – most factories would produce garments to Western market. And to think about it, I had loads of clothes that were “Made in Yugoslavia” growing up.

          • So good of you to notice that! The textile industry in Yugoslavia was glorious. There were many factories, and thus so many workers in that sector as well. But the wars, embargo, and labour from Asia pretty much finished it off. There are remnants of it now, but nothing in comparison to what once was.

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