Jill Biden – standing by her man

Jill Biden is standing by her man, rushing onstage when he zoned out at the end of a speech two weeks ago to ensure he left the platform in good order and throwing her wholehearted support behind his determination to stand again for the White House.

  More than anyone she will be aware of his cognitive failings as he heads for his 82 birthday. What stalled his brain recently was due to tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint, running last year and earlier this month, returning September through to late November 2024. It can hit at any age but is not conducive to clear thinking. This year for him is a mix of supremely confident patches interspersed with extremely muddled patches especially mid April to late May.

   Jill Biden, 3 June 1951 8.50pm Hammonton, New Jersey, has a right-handed chart pointing to a cooperative personality requiring a partner to function well. She has a hard-working, communicative Sun, Mars, Moon in Gemini in her 6th suiting her for her career as an educator along with Saturn in her 9th house of the higher mind. She also has Pluto in her 8th house giving her a sense of a life filled with situations she cannot control. Also Neptune in her 10th granting her helpful, healing abilities and a lifetime’s experience of putting others’ needs first (stemming from her mother relationship).  

  She has Uranus in her 7th house of close relationships hinting at an unconventional match which squares onto Jupiter opposition Neptune – taken together Uranus Neptune Jupiter she will be better than most at ignoring hard evidence and hanging on to cherished hopes.

  Her Sun, Mars, Moon fall in Joe’s 7th offering him energetic support though conjunct his Uranus Saturn it will at times be a scratchy mix. Her well-organised Saturn in his 10th will be helpful on the career front. Her 8th house Venus in Cancer conjunct his 8th house Jupiter will provide a deep, reassuring connection and will chime well with his Scorpio planets. But they are complete opposites – she with Gemini Air and he with Scorpio water.

  Her Solar Return for June 2024 looks successful with Jupiter conjunct the MC and Sun Venus in the 10th, with tr Jupiter in Gemini hovering over her Gemini Sun, Mars around that time. But there are also hints of concern about a partner with Saturn Neptune in the 7th. Her astrology looks a good deal better than Joe’s at the election which you can read either way. She could be pleased to be out of the limelight and, if not, will keep trucking on regardless of Joe’s muddle. She will have a disastrous mid April to late May this year and again on and off through 2025 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Saturn midpoint at a time when Joe’s chart is also showing losses. The October 2024 Libra Solar Eclipse will conjunct her Midheaven exactly which usually accompanies a career crisis or sudden change of direction.

  Joe Biden like Trump has lost most of the Jupiterian bounty which made him a White House winner; and he has only one Jupiter midpoint giving him hope this year late February to early April, and again late May to mid July and again all of January 2025 across the Inauguration. That maybe might be enough to keep him afloat though his transits across the election are fairly dire.

  All systems-change Uranus pops up both in his transits with tr Uranus opposing his Scorpio Sun in August and his Venus in 2025. It is also headlined in his November 2023 Solar Return at the Midheaven and in his 2024 Solar Return in his 7th opposition his Sun.  

  On the scenario that he might win, since Trump does not look cheerful over the Inauguration, what next? An 82 year old president with deteriorating mental powers (as comes to us all and some more than others).

  He has tr Uranus continuing through his 6th house of health, joined in May  2025 for two years by his Progressed Moon. With tr Pluto moving into his 3rd house and square his Taurus Moon – all  of which might point up health/mental issues for someone of his age.   

   Jill’s relationship chart with Joe has an enthusiastic, lucky composite Sun square Jupiter; an argumentative Mercury opposition Mars; and a chained-together Saturn Pluto conjunction with Saturn sextile Jupiter and sextile Neptune. What is intriguing and may be coincidence their Mars at 26 Leo will be lit up by the tr Uranus Mars Algol square in July which looks to be a significant time in various quarters.

28 thoughts on “Jill Biden – standing by her man

    • I agree Biden will win again and after 2 years turn over the presidency to his VP.
      Don’t think Trump will even make it as the Republican candidate – he’s losing it.

      Probably Nicky Haley will be the Repub. candidate. Just as bad– she was a Trump loyalist until recently as well as Anti-democracy/social security/Medicaid/women’s and minority rights. Which is just as scary…

    • Same. I don’t even think Trump will be the republican candidate. Most likely Nikki Haley will be. Scary thought. She is as far right as Trump is.

    • @ Anita,

      interesting you mention that. News reports are already circulating today that Ron DeSantis has canceled all of his scheduled interviews and events before the New Hampshire primary. Many are speculating he’ll drop out soon…but again, those are just rumors right now.

      I agree, I think he’ll try to run again in 2028 since he has no path to victory this time around.

      • @chris Romero
        Now that Ron Desantis suspended his campaign, I wonder if he’ll try to challenge Rick Scott’s senate seat as spring board to a 2028 run since Scott is unpopular and Desantis won by such a big margin, but the anti-abortion bill could undermine that. He’ll probably land some cushy job with a conservative outfit.

        • Or is De Santis aiming to become VP under DT by switching sides and endorsing Trump’s ambition to become POTUS again? It is not unknown for a politician to place himself to best advantage, if DT were to choose De Santis as his running mate that would give De Santis prime position to become POTUS in 2028.

          • If Trump and/or DeSantis become President/VP we will no longer be a democracy and the USA will go backwards instead of forward.

            Same with Nikki Haley – she is almost as crooked/antisemitic/anti poor/disdains minorities as well as pro-life with absolutely no exceptions. Plus she is not that intelligent (although she seems so) or capable of running this country and loves money more than caring about the people in the USA.

        • DeSantis will find his mojo again from late February when tr Pluto opposes his Jupiter – so he’ll be making a confident push somewhere or other. He and Trump could be a successful power couple together with a Jup Pluto match but it would require that egos are kept in check which seems unlikely and DeSantis’ Mars squares DT’s Saturn which is scratchy.

          • Agreed. I think it’s unlikely that Desantis is the VP pick. DT demands absolute loyalty plus Desantis is way too ambitious for DT and he will pick someone meek like Pence. Desantis is back in Florida now for the start of the state Legislative session where he can flex his muscles and he will revel in DT’s legal disasters.

  1. “ Her astrology looks a good deal better than Joe’s at the election which you can read either way. She could be pleased to be out of the limelight and, if not, will keep trucking on regardless of Joe’s muddle.”—
    Thanks Marjorie… under a normal election I would think that Jill might be happy to be out of the limelight but given her 8 years as VP spouse and now First Lady plus especially her awareness of the extraordinary circumstances the country faces with a potential Trump second term I think “happy to be out of the limelight” may not apply in the event of a Biden loss.

  2. The President is responsible for picking his team, the people who will take care of business and do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. With Saturn and Uranus on his 7th House cusp, his personal relationships will be select and innovative, Jupiter in the 8th, those same people tend to optimism and support.

    Neptune in 10th, his altruism and high ideals are the platform for his team (their 4th). His teams’ 6th house has Joe’s personal Scorpio planets working for them behind the scenes with his decades of experience. He’s watched hundreds of pols become addicted to and destroyed by the power of their temporary positions.

    Elected officials spend more time fundraising than reading their own bills drafted for congress. It’s the staff who keep the machine running. If something would happen to Joe, we’re still in good hands.

  3. You put Republicans back in power, and this will be reality.
    This whitewash will be our past.
    They want to rewrite the history books and the school curriculums to erase slavery, segregation, Tulsa, the Trail of Tears, WWII internment camps, women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, all of it. They’ll outlaw the DICTIONARY to hide the words, just as Republicans did in Escambia County Florida this month.
    They’ll burn the books.
    They’ll close the museums and libraries.
    They’ll make history a crime.

    • Yep. Too true. They want to turn the US into a white supremacist Christian nationalist state where only Republicans have rights and women and minorities stay in their place under white male right-wing dominance.

  4. Biden, if re-elected, would be the first U.S. President ever to experience a personal Uranus Return in the White House as a sitting president. Certainly would be an eventful time for him, if not also the nation. Biden will be 84 during the likely pivotal 2026 midterm elections.

    I could see him gradually, or abruptly at some point, handing off more of his informal duties to surrogates during a second term, particularly VP Harris, who could formally or informally move into the role of chief executive.

    My concern for the U.S. would be that the country post-Pluto Return doesn’t look anywhere near smooth sailing these next few years, with much that everyone still seems to be tiptoeing around, hoping that matters will resolve on their own.

    The U.S. will need a strong, engaged, hands-on leader, capable of building coalitions over inciting conflict, which of course is obviously not Trump, nor is it also any of his top in-party rivals. Neither DeSantis nor Haley seem capable of rising to the occasion, despite both having been state governors, with so many credibility-wrecking gaffes made while trying to beat Trump at his own game.

    I don’t see any “dark horses” rising this time.
    The biggest irony would be if Trump retakes office. All bets are off if he does.

    Speaking of Uranus, the U.S. itself will experience its third Uranus return since its 1776 founding, in 2028. There’s no telling what that may bring, but it will undoubtedly be a historic event, given that the country’s first Uranus Return coincided with the Civil War, and the second one with events leading to the end of WWII and America’s emergence as a superpower. There’s talk of secession in various places, but that’s been the case since the early days of the nation’s founding, and of course actually happened during the Civil War over slavery.

    • It is expected that if Desantis doesn’t make it this time he will run in 2028. This divisiveness is unsustainable I foresee not a full blown secession but a distancing of blue vs red states and strengthening of states rights enforced. Texas is already at war with the Federal government. National defense would be the only thing shared

  5. Joe Biden is 81 – not 82. He may have slowed down a bit but is still all there. As a woman who just turned 80 and is very healthy as well as mentally and physically all there, it bothers me that people assume as we get older we get feebler. A bit slower physically perhaps but still astute and spry as are many of my older friends. Age assumptions and discrimination is still alive and well

    Yes perhaps Joe Biden has slowed down a bit but he is an accomplished compassionate and smart politician who will help America remain a democracy and probably stay in office for 2 of his 4 year term and then let his VP take over as President.

    The Republican Party is a mess right now and almost 20 of the republican party members are leaving at the end of their term. I also think Florida will turn blue…….

  6. I have to say this is rumor about the video was only reported on right wing outlets because it is a right wing smear, obviously meant to cover for Trump’s cognitive issues.

    Biden does have a speech impediment (a stutter), but cognitively he is sharp and answers multiple questions at press conferences.

    This is like the fifth time Right wing media in the states has taken video out of context to spin this narrative hoping it would catch on, but you don’t see it in any legit news for a reason.

    Not to say age isn’t an issue in US politics, it clearly is. But the in depth on that is that only a white man known to the public like Biden could overcome Trump’s constant lies and accusations, and even then it’s been difficult.

    All of that said, I am very fascinated by Dr. Biden and President Biden’s relationship, her being a Gemini – somehow they’ve managed to hold their family close, do family activities every single weekend, ride bikes, go to Pilates together, go to church.

  7. George Washington was President in his 50s and 60s. I can’t figure out why both parties have given up on that entirely reasonable age for a President.

    • Back in the day, 50’s and 60’s in Revolutionary America was quite the challenge. Sanitation, medical care, clean water, not to mention “war”.

    • The Roman Republic had a Cursus Honorem that set minimum ages for holding certain political office. To hold the highest office of Consul one had to be 40 and to have held previous offices of Aedile, Quaestor and Praetor. I think a certain level of experience is important in government and one of the reasons the U.K. has suffered recently is because Prime Ministers like Blair, Cameron and Sunak have lacked that wider background. Whether it is a good idea for 80 year olds to hold such posts really rather depends on their physical and mental health. I would guess that ideally most leaders would be in the 50-75 age range. My general feeling is that many of Europe’s leaders have been too young and inexperienced recently and the USA’s too old

      • Hugh – was there not also a requirement to have served 10 or 20 years in the Roman army before being qualified as a senior politician? That sticks in my head for some reason.

        It also plays down into today’s employment base; very young people w/little to no experience promoted into mgmt roles. I’ve been watching that since the 1970’s. Can be very frustrating in knowing Bozo the Clown would make a far better manager than the incumbent. 😉

    • Visitor 2 – Considering the usa lifespan in 1797 (the year his term ended at age 65) was about 36-38yrs, vs today’s expected lifespan of 79yrs, I would say an 81 year old president is well within the bounds of that comparitive ratio. Your ageism is showing.

  8. Biden’s health will deteriorate during his second term, so Kamala Harris will likely have to take over at a most critical time. Her Saturn is conjunct the US Moon, a President who will inherit hard times and who might feel unloved by the people. China may see this as the right moment to attack Taiwan as its growing economic problems lead to military adventurism. I doubt she would be reelected in 2028.

  9. Thank you Marjorie. Accounting for all these complex and conflicting influences, it seems that the heavens are not going to swoop in to save the American people. We’ll have to do the job ourselves. An 82-year-old, even one with his hefty experience level and political acumen, is hardly the perfect standard beater – but the Democratic Party is not giving us an alternative and American democracy has to be preserved. So good old Joe will have to do I guess.

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