Melania – Lunar Eclipse highlights her priorities

Melania Trump now reportedly in possession of a renegotiated pre-nup (her third) is clearly hedging her bets and protecting her son Barron’s future in case the family supertanker keels over – or maybe it is her payoff for agreeing to stay in situ as the devoted wife should Trump re-enter the White House. Or both.

 She’ll be one to watch through October since the late month Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio catches her Taurus Sun exactly by opposition. Since the Eclipsed Full Moon is also conjunct an exact Jupiter in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio, her pre-nup could be an early effect of an opportunistic Jupiter Mars. But it can backfire. She also has an uncertain, worrisome tr Saturn square her Neptune and panicked tr Neptune opposition her Pluto in October. Plus a tormented, obsessive Neptune/Pluto midpoint being triggered as well. 2024 looks blocked, frustrated and powerless with a disaster or two in May. Though tr Pluto square her Jupiter this year and next will give her the confidence to successfully push to protect her position and assets – being a Sun Saturn in Taurus.

  She is not a happy lady from mid November through December 2024 – but that could be ‘quelle horreur’ at being stuck in the goldfish bowl again or the opposite.

 Her relationship chart with Donald has been sagging through this year with tr Neptune square the composite Venus and that runs through 2024 as well. Where it gets to upheaval-time is by 2025 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun. That is when his Sun/Moon midpoint, his marriage significator, is catching the tr Saturn opposition which can be a separating aspect.

  The Trump tribe are worth keeping an eye on since Ivanka has the mid October Libra Solar Eclipse this year hitting her Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury in Libra. All three Trump kids have a run of fairly disastrous midpoints now into early next spring.

 I don’t normally write about Barron since he has been too young but he is now nearing 18. Born 20 March 2006 5.30am New York, he has a 1st house Pisces Sun square a 10th house Pluto which suggests he experiences both parents as controlling or possessive, leaving him with no sense of being able to make his own choices. Tr Neptune is squaring his Pluto this year and conjunct his Sun in 2024/25 for a confusing time ahead, which will be exacerbated by his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun, exactly in six months – which will be quite a turnaround for his life.

   His relationship chart with his father has a mix of lavish affection and fear-inducing domination.

5 thoughts on “Melania – Lunar Eclipse highlights her priorities

  1. Returning to your prescient analysis, now that we know her mother was severely ill and has since passed away. There were many other possible reasons for Melania’s unhappiness, but all those aspects, esp the lunar eclipse, along with Pluto and Saturn, could indicate the loss of her mother.

  2. About Barron, a friend with friends whose kids attended the same NYC school as Barron said that he’s on the autism spectrum, which would seem to fit with his public behavior.

    • Yes, I think that’s probably right, Nicole. I have a young relative on the spectrum and recognise the signs. OT, “John Barron” was one of Trump’s aliases. He used to ring newspapers up using that name, posing as a spokesman for himself. Strange choice for your son’s first name…..

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