Meghan & Harry – backed themselves into a corner

Rarely a week goes by without a Meh Again story hitting the papers. Part of which can be attributed to the total idiocy of suing the Daily Mail which was never going to end well – or indeed ever end at all. And the rest to a jack-in-the-box tendency of the Sussexes to pitch in on whatever the trendy topic of the moment is.

  The Mail first – founded in 1896 on 3 May it has a stalwart Taurus Sun opposition Saturn in Scorpio which sits squarely across from Meghan’s Leo Sun; and its ferociously-determined and can-be-malicious Neptune Pluto in Gemini square Mars in Pisces is in hard aspect to her Venus. The relationship chart has a bitter, power-struggling-to-the-death composite Mars square Pluto – and it looks upended at the moment, under a dark cloud this December; jolted, jangled and high-tension through 2022 with tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting on the Mars Pluto; and sagging badly for two years after.

  The latest kerfuffle comes from an admission that the ‘private’ letter to her father, the subject of her copyright lawsuit, was crafted with an eye to possible publication and that the Royal pair had sanctioned communication with the authors of the supportive Finding Freedom. New information released suggests the Royal pair, despite past piteous claims of being under-supported, were given a good deal of help and advice from staff. Meghan seems, extraordinarily, to have taken umbrage at the suggestion that someone, Harry or a staff member, should fly out to see her father before the wedding. Which at the time seemed like common sense .

  Her father is an important component of her life with his Cancer Sun on her Ascendant although he will be controlling with his Pluto conjunct her Sun. And she has Pluto in her 4th so she will bridle at any hint of not being in control of family matters. He was a successful and respected Lighting Director in his career and paid for a good deal of her education. While she may have been concerned about him elbowing in on her moment in the limelight, it was all so badly handled it ended in a total mess.

  Harry wouldn’t help since his relationship with Thomas Markle is, if anything, more difficult. Not that he has ever met him which doesn’t help. Markle Snr’s Pluto Mercury square Harry’s Saturn for a communication block and Markle Snr’s Saturn opposes Harry’s Jupiter Neptune so he would have an enthusiasm-dampening effect – at least the idea of him would, since the reality was never tested.

  The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Algol next week does hit Meghan’s 5th house Uranus so will already have rattled her Don Quixote inclination to charge every windmill she comes across or dreams up. In the Royal household she was reputed, like Harry, to be extremely thin-skinned. She’s recently had to apologize to the court for misleading them in previous evidence which could well be part of the Eclipse effect.

[Don Quixote was a 17th Century Spanish literary character who decides to take up his lance and sword to defend the helpless and destroy the wicked. In one memorable episode, he attacks a row of windmills, believing them to be gigantic knights. (This is the source of the common phrase “tilting at windmills” to mean attacking imagined enemies.) His delusions of grandeur make him the butt of many practical jokes.]

  She’s on an upward trajectory in terms of career ambition for years ahead. Though will be running into a few setbacks immediately as tr Uranus squares her Sun from late this month throughout December and is amplified and buffeted by tr Saturn opposing her Sun in the final week of this December.

  Harry will drift along with tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun continuing from this year through 2022. Their relationship chart is ploughing through heavy seas this month with the final tr Pluto square the composite Saturn; but December won’t be much better and next year has tr Pluto square the Pluto and then more significantly opposition the composite Moon from March 2022, on and off till late 2023, which will be extremely challenging in terms of family matters. And the pressures won’t lift with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars Venus in 2023/24. It won’t be a honeymoon.

  Difficult to see this whole farrago ending well. Such a shame for Harry who was doing sterling work with Invictus – but he’s got bees in his bonnet about the media and a lopsided view of his mother, neither of which make him think clearly.

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  1. Some women expose unpleasant dark and uneasy truths making room for change. We focus on the messenger and overlook the ugliness in high places with piety.

  2. I don’t know much about the astrology, but one thing that struck me about Megan & Harry pushing off to the US is that it leaves the stage in the UK totally clear for Kate. There she was at the James Bond do looking incredible in that gold dress, absolutely centre stage. No Megan there too in some other amazing frock. No headlines juxtaposing the two of them. No competition, no comparisons. It crossed my mind that in fact Harry has done his family a great service on that front.

    • Quite agree, especially after that photo on Remembrance Sunday. Very regal. She reminds me of Granny Queen Mary, the Queen’s mentor.
      I remember astrologers saying at the time of the wedding that she was formidable and would one day rule the Court. Now it shows.

      • Zita, She did look the picture. But not quite as ramrod rigid as Mary of Teck – Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto (Mercury) in Taurus square Mars in Leo – mercifully she had a Gemini Sun square Jupiter in Pisces to mellow the harder edges of that.
        I had a grandmother from that Pluto in Taurus plus Saturn generation and she was a tartar, ruled the family with a rod of iron.

        • Actually, tartars were very tolerant rulers and don’t deserve the comparison 🙂 Their primary requirement from the people was timely and accurate payment of tax levies. Otherwise, the people were left alone to live in any way they chose, including practicing their religion, etc.

  3. What seems to have been overlooked is the fact that Jason Knauf is still close to Prince William as chief executive of the Cambridges Royal Foundation. It therefore seems highly likely that William has privately given him the nod to change his mind about giving evidence to the court. Maybe the gloves are finally off as far as the RF are concerned?

  4. As I understand it, it was the Data Protection Act, that protects MM’s copyright and right to privacy. Prior to that, there would have been nothing that she could have done to prevent her letter or letters from being published in their entirety. In those days, it was the recipient that held the copyright, with the right to sell.

    Presumably, the Data Protection Act is the reason that we no longer see damaging letters and diaries publicised by the press anymore. It is a moot point, but as one’s email is the digital equivalent of sending a postcard: therefore for everyone to read, how on earth can such a thing be considered private, with copyright protection, or an act of Parliament that seems to be rapidly reaching its expiry date.

    I only mention this as precious few people ever write or receive letters via the snail mail. Even less have any idea how to construct a letter in the first place. But a good rule to follow, is to never write anything, that could have devastating consequences if it was be published for all the world to see. In other words: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Now if only I could take my own advice!

  5. ‘ has a stalwart Taurus Sun opposition Saturn in Scorpio and its ferociously-determined and can-be-malicious Neptune Pluto in Gemini square Mars in Pisces ‘
    Sleaze obsessed, divisive, lying,agenda driven Mail to a tee.

    • One of the (many) oddities about the DMail which I have noticed recently is the gushing write ups about Sarah Ferguson and pics. They keep talking about her ‘stealing the show’ and ‘looking stunning and elegant’ when she looks nothing of the sort and has very odd fashion sense, as do her daughters, who equally are written up by DM as fashion icons.

  6. The New York Times’ describes Meghan as a “formidable A-List celebrity and social activist” in the U.S. in stark contrast to H & M’s lack of popularity in the UK:

    Yet there have already been criticisms of some Democrats embracing this “divisive duchess”. I suspect that Meghan and Harry’s worsening credibility is beginning to seriously take the shine off their celebrity (if not the amount of their celebrity – big difference!) and will now cause people like Nancy Pelosi to begin distancing themselves from Meghan. This could be the “few setbacks immediately” that Marjorie foresees for her in December.

    Curiosity about a world-famous celebrity is hardly the same as being influenced by said celebrity. I suspect that Meghan doesn’t know the difference.

    • Oh, boy. News comes that Samantha Markle may sue her estranged sister for defamation now that texts have been revealed which show what information Meghan fed the writers of “Finding Freedom” about her sister. If these details are proven to be untrue — as Samantha alleges — then Meghan is vulnerable. This is far, far worse than Nancy Pelosi not returning Meghan’s calls…

  7. Hi Marjorie
    Is there any connection between Harry and George V? When I read about Harry losing his temper it makes me think of his great great
    grandfather. Maybe it’s the beard!

    • Well only in the sense that both have a wayward Mars. Harry’s 8th house highly-strung Virgo Sun squares Mars in fiery Sagittarius. George V had Mars in flamboyant Leo in his attention-demanding 5th in an enfuriated and bullying square to Pluto Venus in Taurus.
      Harry is haywire and a loose cannon. George was frankly a bit of a thug – intimidating and browbeating as he went.

  8. Helen:

    I have seen many charts with no planets in the Tenth , and some are those of famous people. Lack of upper meridian planets also never denied anyone a sound career. Actions along some line or another can give public recognition or acclaim , even if this type of attention has never been a desire or goal.

    Many well known artists and performers need the privacy and seclusion a Southern Hemisphere chart gives them. Barbra Streisand has such a horoscope, unoccupied Capricorn 10th, Sun/Saturn in Taurus in the 2nd house with only Venus in Pisces/12 above the horizon . In such a case , I feel it is the work itself, and doing it well, that is the person’s prime motivation ; also a need to share their efforts with others on a wide scale (national, international) . These “unoccupied 10th” types may place a low value on a ephemerals like fame unless their well known name gives the ability to be more effective in the the world..

    Meghan seems like she has some constant need to “win” the game but she ends up in these little skirmishes or vanity projects wherein she is a pawn , none of her L.A. efforts have given her any gravitas. She needs more time to figure out who she is and what she can authentically represent in this world . Ruler of 10 Mars in Cancer in the 12th. She’d be a wonderful mentor to underprivileged girls who are emerging performers (maybe).

    There are people with 10th house planets personally known to me who work ordinary jobs , and struggle with a feeling that somehow they have failed or under achieved in some way. Its sad because they have talent but the successful planet in 10th house can’t hide under a rock.

    • great post, Joe… thanks.
      I know that the Harry/Meghan thing is tiresome to read about…
      however, there is always something deeper going on.
      Unfortunately they are in the public eye… and also put themselves there!!…

      It seems that “missing” things in a chart often put the focus there. My friend has not planets in water, except for Pluto at 0 Virgo, I have no earth. Interesting take on an empty 10th and packed lower 1/2 of chart for a celebrity.

      The first thing I saw in the synastry chart between Meghan and her Dad…. his Pluto is conjunct her Sun. Both my parents’ Pluto sits on my Sun. It has been a long, hard effortful road to understand that, find forgiveness and healing.. and then find myself. Just me being me triggered their Shadow. When I first saw that, I cried for them. Then for me. And never mind all the other crappy linkages between them.

      Maybe her Uranus in Leo in the 5th leads her astray from deepening this quest?
      Certainly all that Leo/Cancer would hold onto the Wounded Child.

      “She needs more time to figure out who she is and what she can authentically represent in this world”.

      Well said… and true. It literally took me decades… until age 60. And I was not in the public eye and I buckled down to make this my life’s work, actually. It’s so easy to distract… very few take that deep dive. I hope she does.

  9. “…the total idiocy of suing the Daily Mail which was never going to end well…”

    Possibly not end well for the Daily Mail, that already lost a summary judgment last February for breaching Meghan’s copyright by publishing her letter without consent. And now the Daily Mail has launched an appeal with the help of William’s and Kate’s former Communication secretary, Jason Knauf, who revealed selective quotes from his email correspondence with Meghan.

    The tabloids chose to sensationalize some fractions of this information to put Meghan in a bad light, but on closer look a number of legal experts claim that the “new evidence” that the Daily Mail and Jason Knauf have put forward does not nullify the Daily Mail’s breach of Meghan’s copyright. It’s likely therefore that the Daily Mail may lose the appeal.

    Also the full emailtexts that Jason was forced to hand over to the court shed a more favorable light on Meghan’s case than the selective quotes he handed over last July.

    All ‘n all the gamble that the Daily Mail took publishing Meghan’s private letter may come back to bite them.

    Indeed the Daily Mail’s transit chart shows some problematic hard aspects: transit Saturn conjunct natal Moon and transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun, both in a square to eachother and making another square and opposition with natal Saturn.
    Saturn rules legal matters/judges.

    Perhaps the Daily Mail must acknowledge this time that this unjust action was simply wrong!

    • It is not Meghan’s “copyright” that is being argued in the courts, but Meghan’s right to privacy.

      If the letter was written in order to be leaked, or in the expectation that it will be leaked, that may weaken Meghan’s expectation of privacy.

      Also, the first court case, in the High Court, was decided on papers, i.e. there were no actual trial proceedings, with the judgment being made on paper submissions.

      The Court of Appeal may direct the High Court to revisit the case again, with proceedings in court. And people being cross-examined under oath may sound very different to submissions on paper.

      • Meghan was seeking damages from the newspaper for misuse of private information, copyright infringement and breach of the Data Protection Act.

        Privacy is not at the center of this lawsuit.

        The letter was not written with the intention to be leaked. Knauf and Meghan were willing to take the risk given the urgency of the situation, in the hope her father would be sensible and not leak it to the media. Her father betrayed their trust.

        For the copyright breach a trial is not necessary as the summary judgment verdict said because the outcome will be the same. Of course the Daily Mail wants a trial to milk it and earn a lot of money reporting about it.

        • With legal proceedings going on the Daily Mail have to be cautious about how they report on the case for obvious reasons which is what they appear to be doing now. Remember in the U.K. suing newspapers and ‘forgetting’ what actually happened just to make one look better doesn’t always end well… remember Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken anybody?

        • Meghan allowed parts of the letter to be published in ‘Finding Freedom’. The Mail pointed out that if she was happy for the book to publish it, clearly privacy wasn’t an issue. If you want to keep the contents of a letter private you don’t allow anyone to publish it.

          Meghan then sent a sworn statement to the court that she had had no contact with the authors of the book. The first judgement was based on the judge believing her sworn statement was true.

          Now it turns out her statement was a bunch of fibs.

          Lying to a judge in a sworn statement is contempt of court and perjury.

    • I once came across a pithy quote, which naturally I can’t find, about not suing unless you are squeaky clean and absolutely certain you have no embarrassing secrets swept under the carpet.
      The comment about the idiocy of suing the DMail wasn’t so much about the intricacies of the legal position, more a general feeling that provoking a dragon isn’t wise. Yes the media can be rancid, but celebrities on the whole learn to accept the quid pro quo of career-boosting publicity with loss of privacy. There’s something manic and grandiose about Meghan and Harry’s desire to ‘cleanse’ the world of critical journalism and demand only the self-serving puffs they want.
      Meghan won the first legal round, more I suspect because of an establishment desire to please the Royal Family and keep the whole murky mess out of the public eye, than anything else. In the circumstances it was an odd judgement.
      Archer and Aitken are cases in point as was Lance Armstrong.
      I have to say I find it strange, apropos of nothing to do with this situation, as to why copyright does not pass to the recipient.
      Conducting family spats through the courts never ends well.

      • ‘A well established truism of British justice is that litigants must come to court with clean hands’ Tom Bower today.
        ‘Meghan in witness box would be a catastrophe for the royals she deeply resents’
        I too thought the recipient of a letter would have some kind of claim to ownership/copyright but obviously not.

  10. There’s a typo at start of para 2 on Daily Mail ‘birthdate’ …. 1896, not 1986 … that was confusing me for a while Noting that with its Taurus Sun oppo Saturn Scorpio, there’s a similarity to Harry who has Taurus moon opposite Saturn scorpio. Could it be MM is projecting any faults of Harry into the Mail?

    It was interesting to see every paper jump to put her admission of having lied to the court on their front page . Her excuse of “I forgot” had all the believability of another famous Leo-Libran in Bill Clinton.

    I almost felt sorry for her, especially after reading Knauf’s texts about how difficult the situation with her dad had been pre-wedding. But then I remembered she’s a grown-ass 40-year-old woman who could have sorted out her self-destructive tendencies any time over the past twenty years or so. It’s hard to see her ever getting past that 4th house stellium now especially with a co-dependent, enabling relationship with Harry.

    • If it weren’t for their children I wish they’d divorce so as to spare us all
      this melodrama – which is not even as entertaining as soap operas. Then Harry can go back to being himself and just maybe find the right significant other.

      • Looking at the Draconic charts of these two there is no way that they were not meant to come together – albeit perhaps for “learning opportunities”.

  11. Hi Marjorie – When you say she’s on an ‘upward trajectory in terms of career ambition for years ahead’ I think you previously wrote 15 years-ish. Does that mean she will be successful after she gets through the next year or two? In 10 years time will we be thinking about her differently, as running a successful foundation & rich from Netflix, having overcome adversity?

    • Marjorie wrote “career ambition” which isn’t the same as career success. People who face issues realistically and offer solutions tend to succeed. In this case there are delusions of grandeur, as if marrying a prince provides instant access to movie stardom and political power. Making matters worse is a tendency to make other people look bad, maybe with the thought that the Duchess can shine by comparison. This saga becomes sadder as it drags on.

    • She’ll keep pushing but not everyone is destined or designed to be a winner. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and as it heads for the midheaven really does bring chickens home to roost. You reap what you’ve sown in the past and if you haven’t been diligent then you don’t get the accolades.
      The Saturnalia was the time of the harvest and if you think about a farmer – clearing the stony ground, sowing the seed and tending the young growth. They get the harvest they have prepared for. Don’t put in the sweat and toil then nothing grows well.

  12. Marjorie thank you this sounds like a very fair and rational breakdown about what is happening. I would imagine that after the Diana and Fergie debacles of the 80’s and 90’s that both senior Royals and the household would have bent over backwards to make sure that both Kate and Meghan felt supported. One can only believe that Meghan being a Leo would be unhappy about playing second fiddle and doesn’t have Kate’s Capricorn sense of duty? Given Meghan’s history of baling when she doesnt get what she wants easily, this is what has happened here. Go the US, control the dialogue via Oprah interviews and over flattering biographies and sue (or attempt to sue) the press having conveniently forgotten key elements… a drama which will play out

    • I think this comparison with Kate was one of the problems
      Anyway where is this evidence of duty from Kate that is trotted out.Capricorn duty is often self serving not sacrifice
      She got what she wanted ,a prince without ever having done any proper work in her life and now she seems to do only those things which interest her- BAFTA, the arts etc. Can’t see her turning up at the site of any disasters. There is nothing in it for her

  13. I actually think this is a very level headed view of Meghan and Harry. There was so much that could have been achieved with them staying in the monarchy. It’s unfortunate that Harry was never in line for the throne. So if they felt upstaged by William and Kate you cant really blame William and Kate. I could also say that Meghan must have known what she was getting into when she married into the family. We all hope to change the world but how many of us are successful?
    I do think Meghan was super successful as working royal. It’s so sad she didn’t see that. Just as Harry was good with the Invictus games.

    • And the Queen handed them the Commonwealth before they baled where they could have done a huge amount of good, rather than heading for the faux glitz of LaLa land.

    • …all they needed was to be themselves, before she realised she could manipulate the press. Harry grew up rough but true, very popular and totally himself. Unfortunately being an actress, Meghan liked drama – and certainly attention – but only on her own terms. What truly shocks me is that TIME magazine calls them ‘the world’s most influential people!’…. Talk about exaggeration from that honoured perspective. H is a simple guy at heart but Meghan is acting her heart out….from the looks of them, they themselves aren’t even convinced. It’s quite painful to see, especially her father who adored her, and she him…..

  14. This is a biased unfair take on the Suxxexes, Meghan especially. She was framed by William and Kate’s team head- Jason Knauf. Charles and Elizabeth knew as well, there are emails to that effect and the person behind the emails Jason Knauf released some of it to blame Meghan because William and Kate have to be the next heads for whatever little that is worth.

    That family is absolutely debased corrupt and ethically empty, hoarding wealth stolen from colonies and slavery. To go after a black woman now and the way they did go after Diana as she wasn’t going to keep quiet on the wrongs done to her, is not new.

    Meghan and Harry ought to take William and Kate to the cleaners.

      • When transiting Pluto moves over her South Node in her Natal 7th house opposing her North Node 1st house. then the truth may be out. I suspect that this will be when the marriage is very strained or goes, as South Node is the past. Meghan has always said there was no third marriage, maybe this may come as there being one? Her Natal Mercury sextile her Moon has been her saving grace in many respects, as it give her an empathy with the people. Yet Pluto transiting through Aquarius and her 7th house will undermine quite a few of her upward plans. Starting with the first transit being over her natal descendent. Her relationship and their angst may be used to make money. However, with Pluto travelling in that house for a number of years, on the one hand she may get somewhere only to be hit back. Interestingly Meghan has no 10th house planets. I was given to understand that not having any 10th planets meant that careers and fame will be on the backs of those who do. Marjorie is this true?

        • Not specifically answering your quetsion about lack of 10th house planets.

          I read elsewhere (and tend to agree) that when you look at her chart ,which is almost entirely below the horizon and mostly in the 1st-4th houses, that she really doesn’t have the chart of someone who should be trying for worldly success. That’s it’s much more a chart focused on self-development.

          (Just making a note Pluto transiting her South Node will be circa 2024)

    • A: you certainly have an intriguing, if intuitive approach to astrology.

      Unrelated topic. Sometimes when my dear old dad gave me a phone call and was somewhat agitated, I’d then find out that he’d had too many pieces of blueberry pie (he couldn’t resist a bargain). His blood sugar shift would affect his mood/reasoning and he came up with astonishing conclusions, which didn’t always stand the test of time.

    • Meghan had the world and British public at her feet and only has herself to blame for the mess she’s created. I,m sick of her victim mentality.The woman needs a reality check. Its biased as she’s clearly deranged and gas-lighted Harry who is now an embarrassment to the family and the country.She needs to shut up and put up and he needs to man up. I think you’ve been very fair Marjorie.

    • Victimhood is too easily and too often used as a shield against scrutiny and criticism. Just because someone has been the victim of nasty behaviour (Meghan has been to some extent), doesn’t mean everything they say henceforth should be taken as gospel.

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