Eclipse above stormy seas – then sunshine

The Lunar Eclipse in late Taurus conjunct Algol this coming Friday comes at the end of a turbulent ten days with a bad-tempered, mishap-prone Mars in Scorpio square Saturn last week and then Mars in a disruptive, can-be-explosive opposition to Uranus this Wednesday. The alarm about Russia’s manoeuvring in eastern Europe will be part of it especially since the Lunar Eclipse located to Moscow sits across the Midheaven/IC axis. See previous post October 20 2021 for detailed run down. The others to watch out for are Joe Biden with his Scorpio Sun on the exact degree of the Eclipse. Trump with his Taurus Midheaven catching it as well. And France with its Scorpio Mars Midheaven. And indeed any other charts with major planets or axis on the Eclipse degrees. Though the Eclipsed Full Moon does square Jupiter which may soften a few of the rougher edges.

  The Queen is also affected with her Saturn Midheaven in Scorpio catching the Eclipse. She has surprisingly withdrawn from the Remembrance event at the Cenotaph this morning which she had hoped to attend after taking two weeks off on medical advice. The reason given was a ‘strained back’ which, if not a euphemism for something else, would fit with a Saturnine ailment since it rules the bones and body’s rigid structure. See previous post 30 October 2021.

The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) following at 12 degrees Sagittarius on December 4th is in a Saros Series that is in a joyful, happy family according to Bernadette Brady. A bringer of good news and benefits that continue well after the eclipse has passed. Roll it forward.

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  1. Well, here we are. Eclipse day! I’m ever curious about these, and their possible effects. So I was interested in today’s news of a new lockdown in Austria – the 12th November, 1918, chart has Saturn at 27 Leo with today’s eclipse squaring it. Moon square Saturn does sound like ‘the people’ (Moon) restricted (Saturn). December’s Solar eclipse is two degrees from Austria’s N Nodes at 14 Sagittarius. Austria’s Neptune at 9 Leo has already been shaken by the transiting Saturn/Uranus square – upheavals connected to the pandemic, represented by Neptune?

    The Netherlands is in some kind of lighter lockdown already – and 26th July, 1581 (jul) has Saturn at 26 Aquarius. December’s Sagittarian Solar eclipse will square it’s Mars at 12 Virgo.

    Germany’s 24th May 1949 chart has Saturn at 29 Leo – Angela Merkel has spoken about the serious situation in the past few days. For the 18th January, 1871 chart, Germany has BML at 26 Taurus in the 12th house.

    I’ve generally reserved judgment on aspects made by eclipses, other than the conjunction or opposition. But I think these aspects suggest that the squares work as well.

  2. I personally dont think the Agol connection is as bad as we fear, especially not for women given the protection of Medusas shield mirroring back the issues.
    Certainly there have been multiple mini breakthroughs in the last couple of weeks in relation to Womens bodily rights, reality based evidence and feedom of speech, especially when it comes to our broadcasters, specifically the BBC who until now were completely silenced and controlled. And if that aint the Taurus/Scorpio polarity I dont know what is.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. I so look forward to the cosmic sunshine!

    Back in September you posted the charts for Liverpool, following the horrible incident where a white stag was shot and killed there. At the time you wrote: “I’m not overly superstitious (most of the time) but sometimes symbolic events do precede periods of significant change and/or crisis.”

    I looked at those charts again, in light of the terrorist attack in Liverpool on Sunday. As you said in the post, the North Nodes for both Liverpool’s charts align at 23 Taurus. Pluto is at 26 Taurus in the Liverpool 1880 chart – very close to the forthcoming eclipse this week. It could all be a “coincidence” of course, but I thought it was strange and rather unsettling timing.

    • Jane, Thanks for this. I hadn’t connected the two – it is spooky and unsettling. But syncronicity is with us all the time – and we mainly don’t register it.

  4. No wonder the Queen suffers ‘back pain’ – the classic symptom of holding in emotions…what must she be feeling about her second son’s brazen/laughably 100% accurate denial of ever having met Virginia Guiffre? The Queen has seen and probably heard everything….but this is far too close to home, and the lout has not shown himself as a man, still hiding behind the skirt……I think the Queen is earthy, tolerant and instinctive….she knows the game is up for Andrew, but that of course will fall on deaf ears…….yes, the Monarchy may be in the last stages now, she’s the boss and should not be burdened with getting him out of his latest dung heap. I do sympathise with Her Maj….but its too much for her. Just imagine…

  5. It’s been widely speculated that Maxwell and Epstein covertly audio-visually recorded the encounters between underage girls and many powerful men, for reasons of kompromat, on behalf of intelligence agencies. If true it’s likely such intimate recordings are in the hands of US and perhaps other authorities. What’s the chances of them seeing light of day? Zero to b*gger all I’d say….Dark Machiavellian Pluto in Capricorn, beneath the surface…

  6. As you have pointed out before, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s natal midheaven is also at 27° Scorpio so will be hit by this eclipse. The House of Commons in Canada reconvenes on November 22nd several days after the lunar eclipse and with a new vaccine mandate in place for all MPs and some Conservative MPs apparently still unvaccinated, it promises to be an interesting session!

  7. It occurred to me that Prince Andrew’s Scorpio Moon at 25 degrees of Scorpio will be hit by the eclipse which just happens to coincide with the start of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial on Monday and at a time when his mother’s health has been an issue.

    • Well spotted! And Prince William’s Venus/Chiron conjunction is 25 Taurus, one degree away from the cusp of his 5th house at 24 degrees……I imagine if Andrew was my uncle I would be experiencing emotional turmoil right now. There’s that Scorpio lunar eclipse next May that sets off Andrew’s Moon too.

      I did notice an odd atmosphere today when I was out. Things seem fractured.

    • An article in the press today is stating that someone has said they saw Andrew undressing with the girl in question and up close and personal. Can’t remember whether it was the DM, Guardian or Times. I read all of them.

  8. Thank you Marjorie. Worryingly, the eclipse also squares Poland’s 1918 chart’s Saturn in Leo, Uranus in Aquarius opposition. Belarus’s Declaration of Independence chart (25/8/1991) is also hit by the eclipse since it has Mercury/Venus/Jupiter at 25-27 of Leo, bang on Poland’s Saturn for a chilly relationship. Ukraine (24/8/1991) has the same Leo stellium as Belarus but it is opposing the Moon at 23 degrees of Aquarius and has transit Uranus approaching its IC in the next few years.

    • Virgoflake, that is indeed scary…….all these heavies in fixed signs, so nobody will budge….ripe for entrenching themselves in one attitude…..their own.

  9. The December eclipse falls on my 8th house Jupiter 12 degrees Sag. I hope that is when money from my divorce will arrive and, most importantly, I will finally move on with my life. The past year has been the darkest ever.

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