Meghan and Harry rocking the Queen’s boat

Heading into her twilight years the Queen must be heaving a sigh of exasperation with her newly-transformed ‘woke’ grandson Harry as he heads (or is dragged) into a political minefield of a variety that will have courtiers screeching. He and lady wife intoning pious words about voting in the US election won’t fool anyone about their intentions and interfering in politics damages the monarchy. Tr Saturn is heading downwards across the Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant into her lower-profile First Quadrant for many years ahead which will undercut her workaholic tendencies, lower her energy and make her yearn for a peaceful existence with her feet up. It can also, unfortunately for those whom duty chains to their post, be a time of banana skins, setbacks and mishaps.

  Her relationship with Meghan always was tricky with Meghan’s emotionally-eruptive Mars in Cancer conjunct the Queen’s controlling 6th house Pluto. In the monarch’s ambit, there is only one crown, a strict pecking order and an expectation of submission from those close. None of which suits Meghan’s spotlight-demanding, ambitious Leo Sun or her allergic-to-control 4th house Pluto. And Meghan’s rebellious Uranus in her performing 5th house is conjunct the Queen’s deeply conscientious, duty-comes-first Saturn and Midheaven – even more than Diana she’s out to rock the boat.

   The Queen’s relationship with her is confused this year, and in a state of disarray and disappointment in 2021/22.  Not going to get easier any time soon. Meghan’s relationship with pa-in-law Prince Charles is on a downward slide for several years ahead; and jangled and jittered where Prince William is concerned especially 2023/24/25.

   Harry’s relationship with his grandmother will be under a sombre cloud late this November/early December; and fairly devastated in 2021/22. With his father Prince Charles, if anything, its in a more parlous state with emotional upsets now, and in spring 2021; serious dissatisfaction now till late November and continuing swampy for several years ahead.  Ditto with brother William, though perhaps even more volatile – with a blocked mid this November to mid December between them; and then eruptions late December to February 2021, with more jolts, jangles and setbacks from April 2021 onwards for more than a year.

  Harry, like his grandmother, has tr Saturn heading into his low profile First Quadrant now for years ahead, so if he were honest he’d prefer to disappear into a comfortable corner and keep his head down. If he pushes ahead, he’ll short-circuit himself. In 2022 tr Uranus moves across his IC into his 4th house for six years thereafter, which will start with family upheavals or sudden changes and usually coincides with a house move or several in the ensuing years. Plus tr Uranus is conjunct his Moon come 2023 which will bring more significant family issues and disruptions to a head – part of which may be ageing relatives rather than his present domestic circumstances, though it will undoubtedly have an impact. And he is increasingly stressed by difficult Solar Arcs through till 2025.

   His relationship with Meghan will be stressed this year across the US election and again late November/early December with tr Saturn in hard aspect to their composite Pluto square Moon. And more so in 2022/23 when tr Pluto opposes the composite Moon and is conjunct the composite Midheaven, posing them gigantic questions about their joint direction in life. Tr Saturn will oppose her Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, in 2024 which will at least bring a coolness to their connection and could be a split.  Where his Sun/Moon midpoint is under most strain is exactly now till late November with tr Pluto in opposition bringing a sense of internal conflict and anguish about what he really wants.

   He’s not a happy bunny, for sure. And they haven’t even got to the Daily Mail lawsuit scheduled for January which is a stupendous and self-inflicted mistake. No matter who wins or loses, they’ll lose in the long run.

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12 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry rocking the Queen’s boat

  1. This is an astrology website and the one virtue of the Royals is they have solid birth times. So they can be a helpful way of illuminating how the astrology works. In addition Royals are of great interest to many people. It does tend to degenerate into a running soap opera but ‘twas always thus – look at Princess Margaret and her drama-filled goings on – and way back to the scandal pamphleteers of the 18th century.
    If Harry and Meghan had the kind of tied-together astrology that Zara and Mike Tindall have I’d wish them well. But they don’t and it would be remiss to ignore what their charts say. It’s one of the prices of a Royal or indeed a celebrity life in the public eye.
    So Barbara I’d stow your sarcasm and criticism. Pointing out the hazards of their astrology is no indication of malice – far from it. We could all do with a happy-ever-after fairy-tale at the moment.
    As for Hugh’s disinterest – I’m not sure whether it is a general boredom about all gossipy things Royal – or just about this rather tedious, none-too-talented pair.
    Personally I think it’s a tragedy for Harry who may not be too bright but he started the Invictus Games, did good work in Africa and had his military life – all of that and the Commonwealth where they could have done good has been thrown away. For what? Some glossy trash on Netflix, with running outbursts of portentous and vacuous do-gooding inspirational guff ( a touch passe) which will only last as long as the millions are on hand.

  2. Hugh Fowler, if you are bored with Harry and Meghan, here’s a thought – don’t click on articles about them. No one is forcing you to read Sussex posts/news.
    People who keep hoping that the Sussex marriage will crumble, just so their biases will be confirmed, are disgusting. Why can’t you just wish for the best for them going forward, especially because they have a child who shouldn’t be subjected to a broken home, as Harry and Meghan both were?
    I don’t especially agree with all the choices they have made but we don’t really know all the behind-the-scenes forces that drove those choices and we don’t have the right to judge them. I want them to create the very best life they can for themselves, their son, and any future children they may have. If the BRF is unhappy about that, well, that just shows their deep dysfunction and that’s their problem, not H&M’s.

  3. I’m not a huge H&M fan, but I think Prince Andrew’s behaviour and the way the Palace has handled it has done far more serious and lasting damage to the Monarchy.

  4. The Queen has a pedophile son, who has escaped justice. Super royalists really hate having a mixed raced American who has a mind of her own. They want someone white and submissive. I don’t blame them for getting away from the racist hyenas. I would think Prince Andrew raping teen agers with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell would concern them more. Plenty of royals in history in many countries have impregnated women, while they are married. Harry and Meghan seem to have some concern about the less fortunate, but I am more interested in what more talented people are doing. Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre cites Epstein, Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz as her rapists. She said Ghislaine Maxwell was the master mind as well as recruiter and groomer.

  5. What’s a shame is that they mean well – with much higher ideals than William and Kate, who frankly aren’t particularly intelligent or gifted, and bore me to tears – but get in their own way. The tabloids and the Firm don’t help, though both Harry and Meghan should have known this, if only by looking at what happened to Diana. Had Meghan become more like the way Harry was at his best, humble and genuine, instead of Harry being more like Meghan, perhaps much drama might have been avoided or overcome thru stoic determination. Though her own father seemed determined to ruin her life, no matter what she did…

  6. Virgo and Leo really don’t adjust together. RMM has really gotten out of control. I cannot fathom how Justcallmeharry puts up with her. they don’t seem lovey dovey at all.

  7. Perhaps if they should split, would Harry be more inclined to make adjustments and repairs to familial relations? Or even return to military service? It’s a hope.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. It sounds as if the Royal Family are heading into a quite turbulent phase altogether. I can see that the Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius at the Solstice might mark a turning point too.

    When I watched them talking about voting etc on tv I couldn’t help but think of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Not the same, as Harry would never be king except under the most extraordinary circumstances, but the general feeling I got. It’s such a shame, they seem so lost. They could have done a lot of good things, and perhaps they will in the future. But I do wonder if this marriage will stay the course.

  9. Apparently Harry was miffed that during the Christmas message broadcast last year, there were pictures of George VI, Prince Philip, Charles and Camilla and William and his family on the Queen’s desk, but none of him or his family.

    But really, it was fairly obvious that the Queen was subliminally messaging continuity of the Royal Family and the line of succession (why else would she include her father’s image?) and Harry is no longer close to the immediate line of succession (being now sixth in line to the Throne).

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