Mary-Kate Olsen & Oliver Sarkozy – a dream that died


A panic court application for fashion designer and former child actress Mary-Kate Olsen to speed through her divorce  from banker Oliver Sarkozy has failed. He has evidently ended the lease on their Manhattan apartment without informing her and she can’t get her possessions out before the closing day because of the lockdown. Sounds just like a banker but difficult to rouse much sympathy for the problems of the one-percenters.

They are remarkably similar astro-types – both Sun Gemini, both Virgo Moon and both Leo Ascendant – so much of a muchness in temperament.

She was born 13 June 1986 9.45 am Van Nuys, California, started acting as a baby along with her twin sister Ashley, and ultimately moved into the fashion business. She’s been a billionairess since her twenties. She was close friends with Heath Ledger.

She’s a freedom-loving Gemini Sun opposition Uranus; with an enthusiastic Venus in Cancer opposition Mars in ambitious Capricorn trine/saxtile a lucky-with-money Jupiter in the 8th. Venus in Cancer is ideal for the creative fashion business and Venus trine Jupiter suits the frivolous, superficiality of it all.

Oliver Sarkozy was born 28 May 1969 10.05 am Boulogne Billancourt, France, brought up mainly abroad, the half brother of former French president Nicholas Sarkozy, has worked in top level finance in Europe and New York and been previously married for 14 years with two children.

He’s a Sun Gemini trine Uranus with a powerhouse collection of Pluto, Jupiter, Moon in Virgo in his financial 2nd house; with an executive-ability Saturn in Taurus in his 10th and a charming Venus in Aries on his Midheaven.

Her chart has Pluto conjunct her IC and Saturn in the 4th square her Moon; and his has Neptune in the 4th opposition his Sun with his Moon conjunct Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto so neither had ideal childhoods or settled emotional lives.

Money would be a factor in their relationship with his Pluto Jupiter Moon and Uranus falling in her 2nd and her Jupiter falling in his 8th.  And according to reports what split them was her insistence on keeping up a heavy business schedule.

Their relationship chart is ambitious and soused with Neptunian illusions with a composite Sun Venus opposition Neptune trine Pluto square Moon; with a heavy-duty Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn trine Sun, formed into a Kite by Sun opposition Neptune – so it was always built on shifting sands and a mirage.

Their wedding chart, 27 November 2015 in New York, was hardly an auspicious start with Uranus in Aries opposition both Mars and Venus square Pluto; with Neptune square Sun, Saturn, Mercury – some passion, a ton of frustration and irritation and disappointments to follow.

At the moment the two major oppositions in her birth chart have collided as the Solar Arc Sun opposition Uranus sits squarely on her Mars opposition Venus, which would provoke a life-changing moment running on for several years. Her Sun/Moon midpoint at 26 degrees Cancer is catching the tr Saturn opposition this year and the tr Pluto opposition in 2021/22. So the divorce may drag on acrimoniously. Tr Neptune is also square her Uranus now and moving to conjunct her 8th house Jupiter and square her Sun in 2021 as her business almost certainly takes a hit from the downturn. Not a happy time for her.

His Solar Arc Saturn is moving to square his 2nd house powerhouse planets with tr Neptune moving through his 8th in opposition over coming years – so he won’t be on a high either till after mid decade.

Not a realistic match.

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  1. Maybe her sister can lend her some “new” old clothes from the closet? After all, they are “twins”… What a mess…

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