Al Capone – America’s dark lord


Yet another Al Capone movie, this one about his post-Alcatraz descent into syphilitic dementia, hasn’t impressed the reviews. The Wall Street Journal says: “If watching a shuffling, scrofulous, incontinent and delusional gangster in terminal decline is your idea of entertainment, “Capone” is what you’ve been waiting for. The Chicago Sun Times described it as “a noxious film about a noxious man”.

America’s most famous criminal ran a Chicago empire during Prohibition, built on illegal alcohol, gambling dens, bordellos, loan shark operations, protection and extortion rackets. He had judges, politicians, journalists and policemen on his payroll. His ‘Outfit’ brought in $1.5 billion in today’s money and left hundreds of corpses in its wake. He was ultimately convicted for tax fraud and once inside was diagnosed with late stage syphilis contracted from his early days working as ‘the muscle’ for numerous brothels.

Capone, born 17 January 1899 New York 9.30am (unverified) had a see-saw chart with three oppositions – an ambitious, can-be-dictatorial Capricorn Sun in a combative opposition to Mars in final degree Cancer; an innovative, unpredictable, emotionally changeable Pluto opposition Uranus Venus in Sagittarius; and a neurotic, paranoid, creative Saturn in dogmatic Sagittarius opposition Neptune. See-saw charts are continually looking for balance and rarely finding it. It’s not (on this birth time) that brutal a chart for a man who ran an ultra-violent crime outfit, profiting from human misery and depravity.

His serial killer 18th Harmonic was strong, as was his in-the-history-books 17H; and oddly enough the victim/sacrifice 12H, which joined together a fearsome combination of Pluto Moon, Mars and Uranus, much more descriptive of his murderous lifestyle – so 12H must have an additional meaning.

His reign of terror didn’t last long – in mob-boss terms – since he was sentenced at 33 by which time his mental decline was marked. At that point his Solar Arc Neptune opposition Solar Arc Saturn was starting to oppose/conjunct his natal Sun opposition Mars. When two major chart configurations come together by Solar Arc it almost always creates a life-changing crisis – and it would be in place for the few years following when he evidently failed to make much impact in Alcatraz as his deterioration increased. Tr Neptune was starting several years of squaring his Uranus. Venus, Pluto and Saturn. With tr Pluto in Cancer aiming also to oppose his Sun and conjunct his Mars in the final phase of his 8 year incarceration which would be devastating. He died at home of a stroke just after his 48th birthday.

For a man who became such an iconic figure for the USA, it’s a puzzling chart with less substance than might be expected. Though his Capricorn Sun was exactly conjunct the USA 1776 Pluto, tying him into the country’s seamier underworld.

Tom Hardy, always attracted to violent weirdo roles, stars. Josh Trank directed, continuing on his roller coaster career path, starting with an epic high in 2012 in Chronicle, followed by the disastrous Fantastic Four which Vulture called a “confused, joyless mess”, an abysmal box office fail.  This may not be much better.


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  1. I think the sign Cancer has a dark side that’s often hidden. Controlling, suspicious, jealous, fearful of failure, of being ‘found out” as inferior…These are just some of the shadow side. The US although possessing a Cancerian Sun is historically quite cruel to women, and many other groups. It’s cruelty reminds me that if we were to consider July 2nd (the date of the agreement among the founders)to be the actual birthday rather than the 4th, the date of signatures on the Declaration of Independence then the chart would give the country a Scorpio ascendant rather than a Sagittarius one. There are other placements that would fit with what we see of the US – for example its symbol, the Eagle. Then too, there is relentless a relentless fascination with guns, with controlling women’s bodies,
    ,death and sex, the plutonic drive for power, money, dominance. And please before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not america- bashing! I am American. I wonder how a July 2nd chart would play out for 2020…?

    • “…Cancer has a dark side that’s often hidden. Controlling, suspicious, jealous, fearful of failure, of being ‘found out” as inferior…”

      Sounds like many I’ve dated with prominant Cancer-moon or Sun-Cancer.

      • First thought is ‘interesting that you keep pulling many of that type to you’. What is it in your chart ?

    • Insightful indeed on Cancer. That said, I think Sadgittarius Ascendent works for The US, especially if you consider Sadge’s shadow. There’s thatabsolute obsession with Constitution and role of Supreme Court. Obsession with law suits, which isn’t that prominent at all in the other Common Law country, The UK. Also, the expansion. First, Westward, and the 20th Century, to The World, sometimes or even usually with absolute disregard for people already present in areas occupied. There are, of course, time The US “got it right”, shining example being de-nazification of Germany (although some might argue Nuremberg Trials were cruel, the things that went on in East were horrible, with people committing mass suicides and homicides, because they were absolutely horrified by Soviets, and this did not take place, let’s say, in Hamburg) and establishment of UN. On guns, Sadgittarius is a Fire Sign, and people who are actually enthusiastic about guns in that rather childlike way in which they like firing one on target, the sound, the damage to things – not people – are all either strongly Sadgittarian or Aries influenced.

      • I would agree, they are also obsessively dogmatic for a mutable sign and no other sign can be quite so convinced they are right, not to mention the childish, cult-like religious fervour which can blind them to reason. Also the reckless risk-taking – Sag is the infantile eternal boy/youth and thinks he will live forever. Then there is the often flashy exterior which can be superficial and gaudy but with little substance and the demand for individual ‘freedom’ at all costs, above and beyond the needs of the collective. Hunting culture is huge in the U.S. sometimes reflecting the sign of the archer literally with the use of crossbows as well as firearms and the cowboy riding across the plain on horseback incorporating the centaur aspect of Sagittarius.

  2. Jupiter in Scorpio is a recognized “money” placement… in his 8th house, “underworld money” seems to make sense. His Jupiter is sextile the nodes in Cancer/Capricorn. I’m also noticing that swampy Neptune/rigid Saturn opposition exerting extra pull on the Ic/Mc axis. As well, that dominating, brutal “fatal attraction” Venus/Pluto opposition, 9th house representing the law.

  3. it’s hard to fathom why usa movies about violent gangsters to Joe exotic is so popular?! for a matriarch Cancer country it’s weird.

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