Brexit – a dead parrot or a glorious leap

From here to eternity had nothing on the endless Brexit negotiations which have stuttered and stumbled, slithered and shambled well beyond the public’s tolerance levels or attention span. Does anyone care anymore? If the referendum were held tomorrow with the looming CV-19 economic hit would the vote flit to a no? Not that the EU is exactly in an enticing financial state itself.

Negotiations between Michel Barnier and UK civil servant David Frost appear to be deadlocked and getting tetchy which is normal except that time is running very short with decisions required a) by June and b) certainly by October. The charts of neither look cheerful ahead. Barnier born 9 January 1951 4.40pm La Tranche, France, a Sun Capricorn square Neptune with an immoveable 8th house Moon Mars in Aquarius opposition Pluto, has tr Neptune moving across his Midheaven this year into his 10th and squaring two of his key career midpoints till late February 2021.

David Frost, 21 February 1965, is a Sun Saturn Mercury in Pisces with Uranus Pluto Mars spread through Virgo – so a typical Boris scattergun type. He also has Jupiter in Taurus in an (over hopeful) opposition to Neptune (Moon) square Venus in Aquarius – charming and can be stubborn but no match I’d reckon for Barnier’s Mars opposition Pluto. He’s looking just as downcast at the moment and into early 2021. His midpoints are picking up the stuck, undermining tr Neptune opposition to his Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now and Mars/Uranus later in the year into 2021; as well as the failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune on and off till later this year.

Gove and Boris are suggesting Brexit is all-systems-go and if the EU aren’t savvy enough to bend to UK terms then it’ll be a bungee jump off the Brexit cliff without any clear indication what elastic there’ll be to keep things afloat. Though it seems clear there will be broken promises about a Northern Ireland customs border which are being obfuscated by No 10 at the moment.

None of the charts are remotely illuminating about what comes next. This June’s Cancer Solar Eclipse will conjunct the Cancer Moon of the Boris Government chart and oppose the Jupiter which might suggest a shock which blows a hole in the laid-back, it-all-be-fine optimistic attitude. The December Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct the Government Sun as well as oppose Boris’s Sun Venus – so it will be a game changing moment. Though in which direction isn’t clear.

From a previous post on Eclipses:

The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer is associated with difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Bernadette Brady remarks in The Eagle and the Lark that this eclipse brings blocks and ’the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action.’ It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.

The 14th December 2020 23 degree Sagittarius Solar Eclipse casting its shadow over the following months is strongly emotional about relationships or money, can involve lust and anger. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals feel they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions. It was around before in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930, 1912.

The EU/UK composite chart isn’t too descriptive either except that the June Eclipse will conjunct the Midheaven suggesting a good going dilemma in terms of joint direction.

The June Eclipse will also be conjunct the Sun of the 24 June 2016 referendum vote, but whether that indicates progress or upset, I’ve no idea. Mind you that chart has a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter North Node in Virgo opposition Neptune square Saturn opposition Mercury in Gemini, which suggests instability, inability to focus and all the windmill-in-a-storm characteristics of a Mutable Grand Cross; in addition to an unpredictable and constantly changing Uranus square Pluto. For a definitive decision it’s a very wobbly chart.

31 December 2020 which is when the government stoutly insist the UK leaves come hell or high water there’s a high-tension, thoroughly bad-tempered Mars square Pluto; plus a volatile Moon opposition Saturn Jupiter square Uranus (Mars); and a mushy Venus opposition Node square Neptune.

I’m completely flummoxed so anyone else who’d like to pitch in do feel free.

None of the main players – Boris, Gove or Dominic Cummings look upbeat in 2021, quite the reverse – all bogged down in a disappointing swamp and paralysed. I reckon most people had become resigned to it happening whether they voted for it or not, but the timing couldn’t be worse, putting an additional strain on an already fractured economy.


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  1. Wondering… Could it be that Brexit was never any more than an idea? a conflict in the UK about what Britain is? About British exceptionalism? Rather like anti disestablishmentarianism, it was never going to happen IRL? And now that it’s been confronted with something that is real – death on a massive scale – it’s just… gone? Did the fact that the whole of the UK is/ was locked down together start to heal a divided nation? Certainly it avoided most IRL street parties on VE day which could have made divisions between neighbours rather painful.
    Of course it might still happen, but the ideological push for totally going alone won’t be there I think. And it’s become painfully aware that the brash ideological cabinet collected to deliver Brexit is hopeless when it comes to covid.

    • I’m wondering the same. Brexit ideology has certainly become inundated by events and we will be in a different place altogether post-Coronavirus. I’m looking to June 2022 when Uranus in Taurus will be in square to the Brexit chart’s moon in Aquarius and transiting Neptune conjunct the Brexit referendum Chiron. As Marjorie says, the Brexit referendum chart is somewhat unstable and I can’t help but see the natal Aquarian moon and Uranus in the 10th as a sort of rebellion by a disgruntled electorate. But then this government is also highly mutable and I’ve a feeling that Johnson will not stay the course of his term of office.

      • If EU chart is under stress and trouble, wont loosing member(s) be one of the possible problems ? And generally, as per this site, UK’s chart is not great for a few more years .. which means, problems increased by separation from EU

  2. Marjorie, that you’re flummoxed is very polite!!! my head is completely done in by all the participants’charts….would it be simpler/clearer/even though its horary astrology, to just consider the exit time of 11 pm 31 January 2020 – too many cooks spoil the broth, etc. but what kind of basics do you intuit as the real McCoy? Of course it’s beyond belief, though I had a feeling from the start it wouldn’t happen… question is: which charts do you consider pivotal to what happens?

    • I haven’t the slightest. I’ve done so many cliff-edge, do-or-die deadline charts and they all slithered past. The official now-we-have-sort-of-left Jan 2020 chart has the unbudgeable Saturn Pluto straddling the IC square the Moon – with an admittedly separating-relationship Uranus in the 7th. Feet stuck in tar. One day one day it will all become clear.

      • Yes, but its the first time I’ve thought that personalities are out of it entirely as it’s such a maelstrom that tossing a coin might be easier to decide the outcome….truthfully, has the world ever been in so much disorder? not necessarily a bad thing but completely unpredictable even using solid astrology which is usually fairly near the mark……pass the gin and the loaded gun….

  3. Thank you Marjorie. After the cofid crisis, I suspect that all parties would like to get back to the status quo ante where they worked out their positions. I think that the stars indicate that all bets are off and past solutions and attitudes will be out of place. These eclipses seem to offer a general re-setting of positions. So general uncertainty ahead save that the old remedies will not work. I suspect that Boris, Gove and the rest will be looking back with nostalgia at the period 2016-2019 but wondering why their old “magic” is not as effective as it was. I suspect that Boris’ mode of government is to start campaigning for the next election but there is no panacea or slogan that works for the moment. This reflects in the astrology. ( As an aside it is interesting how in this crisis there is a desperate search fo and need for a miracle cure or action that does not exist) This is a new world. Nor do I think other solutions work, certainly not no deal Brexit or abasement to the US, China or the EU. It is all going to be messy though eventually Saturn in Aquarius will give some intellectual structure.
    As a further aside I note that certainly for previous eclipses in this cycle sterling was in trouble certainly in 1930, 1948 and 1966. 1912 was a difficult year for the British economy. 1984 was better though and 2002 was the Iraq invasion. So generally a harbinger of difficult times.

  4. I’m sure l read that on the UK election night there was a void of course moon in Gemini. Although the Conservatives have a large majority they are coming unstuck in many areas this looks really bad not just for the Conservatives but the country as well.

  5. The UK has another option, to renegotiate the single market membership with better conditions. That would keep the country out of the political union but with total and free access to the single market, like Norway or Switzerland. However, the current Government is too dogmatic and euroceptic to follow this option.

    • Filipe, you’re aware that both Norway and Switzerland have to obide to EU directives without a say in them and pay EU for this priviledge? It’s convenient for them, because they are small, rich countries who have extensive “boarder trade” with EU countries. Britain was one of the largest economies in The EU and had a say in politics through European Parliament. Given their economic structure, they also have really little to gain from this sort of an arrangement. And I say this as someone who would have preferred Britain to remain.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. Everyone is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea it seems. I’m wondering about the transit of Mars in Aries this year, since the Brexit vote MC is Aries, plus it’s Uranus. By August, Mars will conjunct that Uranus, and again in October and December. Chiron transits the Brexit MC in August, with BML conjunct the Uranus. Uranus rules the 7th in the Brexit chart – so could this be a manifestation of “independence” for the UK, or possibly some other kind of revolution/upheaval? How much independence can anyone have amidst a global pandemic – particularly if there is a significant second wave…..

    I’m also curious about the transit of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in Brexit’s 7th. Their December conjunction hits the descendant, which suggests the start of a significant phase for partnerships. Question is, partnerships with whom?!

  7. My main confusion is the ambiguous or unclear astrology – a split like this you’d expect to see written in headlines.

    On mulling matters over from an economic point of view, ducking out before the EU lands stratospheric financial demands on the surplus nations to prop up the whole EU edifice (Germany and Netherlands allowing) possibly is the least worst option. And the EU economic agony starts in July so it may well be timely to back out. But it’ll be a horlicks of a mess for UK trade/money 2021 to 2025 all the same.

  8. Could Keir Stamer be the missing piece here? I read an article last week on how unlike Corbyn, Stamer is effective in Parliamentary Work, and this is enough to allert Tories. Also, Stamer has not beenafraid of calling out Boris Johnson’s inconsistencies in what must be the most common Virgo/Gemini dynamic ever. I’m not pronouncing him to be the next PM, but he seems to have a catalystic quality in himself, steering Tory camp to a different direction, at least in communication, too.

    • No one but no one can overturn an 80 seat parliamentary majority in the Westminster voting system.
      Please bear that in mind.

      • From what I saw from Brexit votes last year, parties could not be kept in line. Also, see Sarah’s answer below on “right” and “left” wing Labour. Somehow, it seems to me there’s much more room to operate here than would seem possible right now. Somehow it seems to me that while in The US politics has entered quasi-totalitarian stage (right now, the closest analogy to what’s happening there is Bolsonero’s Brasil), The UK is still very much an extremely dysfunctional democracy (closest analogy would be Italy). This also is one of the reasons the charts are hard to read. There will be things that will surprise everybody.

        • A disgruntled Labour HQ whistleblower originally went to the Guardian with the leaked whatsapp emails, but, unsurprisingly, considering the open antipathy towards Corbyn and the ‘left’ they chose to ignore the story, so it went to Sky News who broke the story. It seems like Starmer was aware of the emails but kept quiet. The ideological split between the left and right in Labour is truly dysfunctional (Pluto on the Gemini Asc in the 1906 Labour Party chart could represent the dual opposing factions ‘fight to the death’). Worse than anything in the Tory Party whose trauma revolved mostly around Europe. The astrology for the leaks works – transiting Neptune in Pisces square the 1906 Labour Party Pluto in Gemini. The story came out of nowhere and suppression/ threats of legal action seem to be the response so far. Maybe this is a manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn shaking and uprooting political structures, or it could be a damp squib mired in legal manoeuvres. I agree with Solaia’s ‘dysfunctional democracy’ analogy – that really does appear to sum up the UK at this stage. (Apologies for the diversion from the Brexit thread).

    • Slight aside from Brexit, but Starmer is going to have troubles of his own to deal with this year and next. The ‘Labour leaks’ have shown that the left and right of Labour are almost irreconcilable, so which side will triumph? Transitting Neptune is square the Labour Party 1906 natal Pluto in Gemini which has coincided with the Labour HQ whatsapp email leaks which reveal that senior anti-Corbyn staffers did not want a Labour victory in 2017, and actively worked against it. It is quite fascinating – a lot of it is being supressed in the hope that it will go away, but Neptune is going back and forth over the Labour Party 1906 Pluto for quite a while yet.

  9. Anyhow, that current nasty little spat involving the German Constitutional Court and the ECB, will make Brexit seem like the proverbial vicarage tea party in comparison.
    The UK got out just right at the opportune moment 🙂

  10. I have (almost) the same birthday as David Frost, and you mention that he is looking downcast this year and into 2021. My birth date is 20/2/65 born at 3.15 am … You did not give any detail as to why things are not looking good for Frost. So I just wonderred if you could offer any more? Thanks Marjorie, your reports are fantastic.

  11. Talking with my circle of friends which includes Remainers, Brexiters, on-the-fence folk , Cornonavirus has not changed their attitude much.

    Remainers think EU is in better position than UK and some wish bad for UK for their i-told-you-so moment.

    Brexiters think Britain is in a better position and wish the EU goes down for their i-told-you-so moment.

    On-the-fence folk, still the are the same … They look at EU and think better we left, look at the situation in the UK and hope we should have remained .. going in circles, not able to make up their mind, as ever.

  12. Marjorie, to me this means disaster, pain and misery, economic and otherwise, in the short term (about 5 years), with solutions to emerge with a different government. But even Starmer as PM may not be able to rejoin the EU, which will itself be in crisis. The only realistic alternative is closer union with the US with a better President. Canada, where I live, will be caught in the middle and may have to choose between a US-UK superstate or the EU. Pluto in Capricorn has always been about the birth of empires.

    • Problem with relationship with USA is that it is unequal. At least with the EU we had a powerful voice. Also Democrats are not so in love with the ‘special relationship’ so the future looks grim for the UK

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