Israel – more of the same but worse

Israel has sworn in a unity government under the revolving leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz which is likely to oversee the annexation of large parts of the West Bank. It’s also likely to defer indefinitely any potential sentence for corruption charges against Netanyahu.

Trump/Kushner’s ‘vision for peace’ for Palestine, described as Monty Python-ish, which envisaged Israel taking full military control over Palestinians, grabbing much of their land and all of Jerusalem and Israeli settlements was comprehensively rejected by the Palestinians who in return had been offered the option of economic incentives, land swaps and the prospect of some form of self-rule, but with significant caveats. Speaking at the Knesset yesterday ahead of being sworn in, Netanyahu called it “another glorious chapter in the history of Zionism”.

King Abdullah II of Jordan has indicated extreme concern about the proposal and some believe it could lead to a cancellation of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty which has kept Israel safe on its eastern border. Jordan hosts millions of Palestinian refugees and would face internal disruption from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mike Pompeo reinforced Trump’s wishes on his visit to Israel last week. The EU is preparing for the possibility that joint projects with Israel will be suspended in response to moves toward unilateral annexation.

Israel just past another birthday is moving into a longish phase of domestic mutiny with tr Pluto moving into its 4th house for many years ahead; with tr Saturn leading the way for the first two years of that stretch. This year’s Solar Eclipses will trigger the national chart with the June Cancer Eclipse in an emotionally upsetting conjunction with the Israeli Venus; and the December Eclipse conjunct the Jupiter and opposition Uranus which could lead to an over-optimistic gamble.

The way ahead for several years until tr Uranus exits Taurus in 2026 will be exceptionally turbulent. First tr Saturn Jupiter will oppose the 10th house Moon in early 2021, and even more disruptive and unsettling economically the tr Saturn square tr Uranus will hard aspect the 10th house Pluto through 2021 as well into 2022. Tr Uranus then forms a jolting square to the Saturn and is conjunct the 8th house Sun in 2022/23, before moving to make a volatile explosive and insecure square to the Israel Mars in 2024/25. Along the way tr Neptune squaring the risk-taking and opportunistic Israel Jupiter opposition Uranus in 2022 to 2024 will lower confidence and diminish luck.

Both the Gaza and Palestine declaration charts have a congregation of Fixed planets that will also be jolted through these years. The relationship with Jordan does look uncertain exactly now; with a complete turnaround in 2021 which could be a break in diplomatic relations – and unrest rolls on for several years after that.

The government Swearing In took place yesterday around 2pm which gives a limp Moon Neptune in Pisces square Venus; with a confident, controlling and unyielding Sun (conjunct Algol) trine Pluto Jupiter and Saturn; plus an autocratic and financially erratic Uranus square Saturn. The Jupiter Pluto conjunction oppose the Fixed Star Procyon which sits on the Israel national chart’s Midheaven and is associated with rises to great fame/success and just as sudden falls. Both the Israel Sun and this chart’s Sun are conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol.

Netanyahu himself despite having tr Saturn moving through a low-profile, less successful 1st quadrant has tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter in 2020/21 so giving him undeserved luck to prop him up. But for all that he has tr Neptune opposing his Midheaven in 2021 which won’t do much for his progress.

Sigh. Plus ca change.The Saturn Pluto autocracy is alive and kicking the underdog.

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