Martin Lewis – talking money sense to paralysed politicians

UK Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has condemned the government for acting like “zombies” over the energy crisis, as he warned of the “cataclysmic” rise in bills, which are likely to more than double by January. Plus inflation sending food prices up, mortgages and rent rising. All the while BJ  skips off on holiday after wedding jollities and the Liz Rishi tussle ties itself in knots.

  If they had an election tomorrow Martin Lewis would probably be elected.

 He was born 9 May 1972 in Manchester, lost his mother to a riding accident when he was 11, was bullied at school for being Jewish and subsequently has had an extensive media career as a financial adviser and founded MoneySavingExpert which sold for mega millions in 2012.

  His Taurus Sun at 18 degrees is centre stage for the transiting Uranus, North Node Mars conjunction so he will be on high alert for current crises. His Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct the UK Sun and his Uranus falls in the UK’s 1st house exactly opposition the Aries North Node so he’s a supportive force and tied into the UK’s fortunes.  His Sun falls in the UK’s financial 8th house exactly opposition the UK’s 2nd house slap-happy, evasive Neptune. Right man for the job.

  It’s not sensible to read too much into his chart aspects as if they related solely to the UK’s fortunes, or lack of them.  But he will be facing a swampy, sinking patch between now and 2025 as tr Neptune squares his Mars Venus in Gemini and opposes his Pluto. He’s unlikely to be freezing and starving personally since he’s worth a good deal but he does look worried.

  The UK chart is in trouble at the moment with the financial 2nd house Neptune catching the transiting Uranus, Mars, North Node now and the substantial portion of that will continue into next May. Plus the Solar Arc Pluto will square the UK Sun exactly within weeks for a dead-halt and rising pressures. Into late 2023 the Solar Arc Saturn will oppose the UK Uranus for an eruption of irritability, tensions over restrictions and maybe outright rebellions.  And we haven’t even got to the explosive, Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the 8th house financial Mars in 2024, extending into 2025.

  It was always going to be a period of extreme financial turbulence through these years, no matter how much the BJ fanclub insisted the sunny uplands would magically appear after Brexit. It’s not all about leaving the EU but it surely hasn’t helped.

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  1. Interesting, thank you. I’ve been reading his blog/site/newsletter for about 20 odd years I think. It used to be the print media and opposition parties holding the government to account, but Martin and his site are very much of the new media and internet age. Thankfully it’s a positive influence in this case; but again, it appears Saturn ain’t what it used to be.

    The pattern of Mars/Uranus/NN in scorpio, followed by Saturn/Pluto in Libra – the crisis that justified privatisation and the peak of Thatcher’s privatisation including utilities. Last winter’s Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn has really brought that home to roost for the Conservatives. The Mars/Uranus/NN in Taurus seems to cap off the full circle

    • Marjorie, thanks for this…I’ve followed him for years as he’s so logical, balanced. I know its a speculative chart time but he’s a Sun Taurus Mon Pi, so instinctively a mother’s child… the midday chart (which seems to me pretty close to the time) he has no Sun aspects!!!! I read many years ago of his mother’s early death…his Moon is opp Pluto and in a couple of squares….Merc in Aries is his vocational indicator and the most aspected planet in the chart. That makes him outspoken despite his rather sensitive, and even shy, Taurus/Pi slant, with Merc aspecting the AC/MC so positively.

      Transit Pluto is on its way to conjunct the node and conjunct the progressed Moon, so he has attracted a far wider following than usual. He’s earthed but highly intelligent with 4 air plants and goodly earth but the Merc/asc/Neptune link) Merc being vocational indicator, show his complete dedication to his cause – educating us financially. A very decent man, but too sensitive for politics/ lunatics who are usually at the helm,,,,or distracting the world to their personal lives endlessly……

  2. As known, the Scorpio eclipse in October, squares the U.K. Jupiter. This may be significant for the new chancellor, as by then, they would have been able to settle down after the – in my view – unnecessary Party Conferences and really see what mess we are in. If Sunak wins there may even be an announcement with some sobering news, as he would be able to help the new chancellor put some serious changes in place. The retail sector will be hit the most and could be another blow to our High Streets. Stressful times for many. The eclipse could also bring an interim report on Johnson misleading Parliament?

  3. Imagine that .. a Taurus man with Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto in Virgo turns out to be an expert on money!!

    He has certainly become front and centre over the past year or so for explaining money matters. I guess it’s the Uranus in Taurus but maybe a time of birth would show something housewise.

    I wonder if the now-to-2025 takedown will be the mediia and/or politicians trying to cut his popularity in some way.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. Such an interesting, thoughtful individual, and you’re absolutely right many of us would vote for him tomorrow! I’m just grateful he’s speaking out, so far all the politicians seem frozen and unable to say anything positive or practical. The full horror of all the price rises is slowly gathering momentum, here and all over the world. Perhaps Saturn and Pluto moving into new signs next spring will speed up or trigger change? They’ll be aspecting Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto for the UK. Could even be a snap election?

    I see there’s also a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (26 degrees) next spring. That would conjunct the UK Part of Fortune, although haven’t a clue what it could mean? Or is that the Part of Misfortune?!

    As for Boris and Carrie’s “honeymoon” jaunt – I was amused to see it was actually a trip to a luxurious health and wellness eco spa in Slovenia. I suspect this was chosen by Carrie, perhaps to encourage some weight loss for her husband? Very expensive, but indulgent in a virtue signalling kind of way…..

    • Dear Jane. Jupiter Neptune conjunct? That was April 2022.
      I don’t know what UK pars fortuna is but if Neptune going over it, expect that sinking feeling.
      Pluto really is destroying globalisation for the elite, but we are all caught in it’s net.

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