Marion Bartoli – persevering despite ill-health

Marion Bartoli


Former Wimbledon champion, Marion Bartoli has spoken out after being accused of suffering from an eating disorder. She has lost 5 stone (30kg) since her 2013 win and was refused permission to play an invitation doubles on medical advice. She says she contracted a mystery virus, she thinks in India, which doctors cannot identify and it has left her unable to eat anything other than organic salad leaves and made her hypersensitive to tap water and electrical devices. She fears she may not survive unless they can find a remedy.

She was born 2 October 1984 9.15pm Le Puy, France, and has a 5th house Sun Mercury in Libra with Venus Pluto in Scorpio also there, so definitely a performer She also has Saturn in her 6th house of health and tr Saturn has been moving through her 6th since 2014. Tr Pluto has also been sextile her Saturn which is heavy going for the past eighteen months.

Her Secondary Progressed Mars was conjunct her 8th house Capricorn Moon earlier this year which also wouldn’t help.

Hopefully tr Saturn moving out of her 6th by later this year will help to lift the strain off her health. Though she does have stressful Solar Arcs for the next three years which may slow down her activities.



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