Theresa May & Angela Leadsom – contenders for MaggieT’s throne

Theresa MayAngela Leadsom



The next UK PM will be chosen in early September by ballot of 150,000 genteel, mainly elderly Tory Party members, which is another inanity of the political system. (Unless the process is speeded up, for which there is growing pressure.)

Angela Leadsom, having emerged out of obscurity in the Leave campaign, is exuding confidence. Though she’s tripping over questions about exaggerated claims in her CV vis a vis her previous finance City experience, her unpublished tax returns with a hint of off-shore tax dealings in the past, and mis-steps in her comments on Theresa May’s childlessness. As well as her lack of political experience at a high level.

Born 13 May 1963, she had an incredibly Fixed chart with a Taurus Sun (Mercury) in a Grand Cross in opposition to Neptune square Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo. So definitely enduring and stubborn to the nth degree; hard and maybe unsympathetic with Fixed Mars Saturn, determined religious views with Neptune. She’s also got a hard-working Capricorn Moon trine Pluto (conjunct Uranus) in Virgo. Her Pluto is quincunx Jupiter in pro-active Aries, so not short of confidence though could have a tendency to cut corners and think rules don’t apply to her.

It’s not a chart I warm to, but she does have a strong, dominating and get-it-together 5th Harmonic, a memorable 17H, and a leadership 22H; and also a self-destruct 10H.

There’s the usual mixed bag of influences (with no birth time) – a stuck tr Saturn square Pluto through August, though tr Jupiter is trine her Mercury and conjunct her Solar Arc Jupiter in the first few days of September which is mildly upbeat. Plus tr Uranus conjunct her Venus in Aries from Sept 3 which could go either way – an emotional shock or great opportunity. Though even if she loses she’s likely to get a senior Cabinet position.

Her relationship chart with the UK has equal amounts of affection and doubt; with a distrust of her pushiness.  With the Conservative Party, there’s an awkward, stuck-together and resenting it composite T square of Saturn opposition Pluto square Mars and an ambivalent Venus Uranus.


Theresa May, 1 Oct 1956, who is the overwhelming favourite amongst Tory MPs, is a Libra Sun with Jupiter Mercury in Virgo, with Jupiter opposition Mars, and a tough Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Venus in Leo. Her Mars is a singleton so she can be erratic when asserting herself and take chances, despite her reputation for steadiness.

In general this is a good year for her with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter, though it doesn’t return till next Jan and runs on through 2017. What will sink her next year is an ominous tr Neptune conjunct her Mars, which tr Saturn squares this Oct. So if she does become PM, it’s not going to be a fun or successful run for several years as tr Neptune moves on to square her Mars/Jupiter midpoint and then oppose her Jupiter.

Like Leadsom, she has tr Jupiter conjunct her Mercury in the first few days of September as well as tr Uranus opposing Jupiter/Node, though both have disappeared by the 9th. From Sept 3rd she has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Saturn which can bring career losses or a change of residence and irritability through that.

Her relationship chart with the UK has a Mars opposition Saturn, so not unalloyed affection, more gritted teeth, though there is a friendly Sun Venus square Jupiter, which is well aspected by tr Uranus in September.  A composite Uranus square Pluto does suggest she might be the person to step in during a time of major upheaval.

Her relationship chart with the Tory Party, is odd – a Uranus opposition Neptune Mars square Node Sun, with Uranus trine Saturn – rather explosive and more so over the next two to three years, highly strung, very see-saw. Though the Saturn trine Uranus will be helpful again through a time of transition – best of the old merged with the best of the new.


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