Marilyn Manson – stage depravity gets real

Marilyn Manson, the singer with a deliberately cultivated weirdo-creepy image, now sinking under a deluge of abuse allegations, has been described by Le Monde as the American nightmare. He chose his stage name to resonate with the infamous Manson killing cult, and hasn’t deviated from flaunting depravity in decades. He’s been accused by actress Evan Rachel Wood of Westworld fame of grooming her as a teenager and then going on to abuse her for years. “I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission,” she wrote on Instagram. Manson has denied the claims, but has been dropped by his manager, record label and talent agency. His two wives (one former) have refused to be drawn into commenting.

  He was born 5 January 1969 8.05pm Canton, Ohio, and has a Capricorn Sun in the performing 5th house. His Moon in Leo hidden in the 10th is not well-aspected being opposition Mercury and square a vengeful walk-on-the-dark-side Mars in Scorpio. He will have problems with women, for sure – a reservoir of dark anger in there.

  Evan Rachel Wood, 7 September 1987 1.24am Raleigh, NC, also has a tricky Moon – in her case in Pisces trine Pluto and opposition Mars; with her Mars conjunct her Sun and both square Saturn (Uranus) so she would be used to difficult relationships in childhood which would have blunted her antennae for danger and risk.  Manson’s Mars in Scorpio is conjunct her 5th house Pluto, which explains a good deal and she may initially have been attracted by his celebrity as well as the frisson of excitement he brought.  Their relationship chart has a high-tension, cold and erratic composite Moon opposition Uranus Sun square Saturn; plus a power-struggling Jupiter square Pluto.

  His first wife burlesque dancer and actress Dita von Teese, who has appeared in adult as well as mainstream films, some fetish soft-pornography, was born 28 September 1972 in Michigan. She left the marriage after seven years claiming drugs and infidelity were the cause of the split. She has a Libra Sun which is conjunct Manson’s Jupiter Uranus for a spark of adventure. More pointedly she has a volcanic Mars Pluto Sun conjunction hinting at a dominating father who was reportedly the raison d’etre for her fascination for lingerie, having seen it in his Playboy magazines when she was young. That volcanic collection are conjunct Manson’s South Node and Pluto, so she would hook into his shadowy streak.

  His present wife Lindsay Usich, a photographer, 2 October 1984, like Dita is a Sun Libra and her sensual and passionate Pluto Venus in Scorpio are conjunct Manson’s Mars for another intense connection. Her Mars Neptune in Sagittarius also squares his Pluto, so it will be a high-octane and controlling combo.  Both wives’ relationship charts with him have composite Sun Jupiters for largesse and good feelings and no indications of major aggravation. So either they didn’t/don’t care about his behaviour since it fits their pattern and preferences, or he treats them differently.

  His career looks like taking a sharp change of direction with tr Uranus conjunct his Taurus Midheaven with tr Saturn square within weeks and running throughout this year. And there’ll be serious emotional disruptions or agitated women as well with his Leo Moon also in the line of fire of tr Uranus and tr Saturn this year.  Plus a car-crash setback from tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint from late this month, on and off for two years. So the avalanche may continue to bury him.   

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  1. The women like Amber and Rose are damaged by abuse, hence the sharp edges and the appearance of mental instability at times, that is what abuse does to people.

  2. Von Teese’s relationship with “the Count” is also very fitting to her Venus in Leo with (I think that’s her Part of Fortune?) conjunct the Venus, which would very much enjoy being treated like royalty.

  3. Interesting to note Manson’s natal Venus just into Pisces and the 7th. On its own it would seem to indicate he really likes women. Wants to be married to a goddess? Von Teese’s Venus in Leo on her ascendant suggests perhaps he viewed her in that light. But having his natal Venus square onto his Mars in Scorpio, I wonder if he got angry when she didn’t match up to his high expectations for a mate (whatever those may be!) I’d expect Mars Scorpio in the 3rd to use words as a weapon when afflicted. Also, Von Teese’s midheaven is pretty intense on its own, and Manson’s Pluto and Uranus/South Node/Jupiter conjunction falling in range in synastry… never a dull moment under any circumstances IMO.

  4. Well, one could say Brian Warner does have a type for his long term relationships! I was particularly intrigued about Dita and Lindsay, who I saw from Jo’s request were Libra Suns. It is my experience, as Libra Sun myself, that Libra Sun women/ Capricorn Sun men relationships often have a very specific dynamic, where Libra Sun women become enablers for Capricorn Sun men less savory behavior, because female Libra Suns self perception is very much tied to being capable of handling situations. I think British society, with still at parts segregated school system, both by gender and by class, gives the best arch type of Libra women with the description of “head girl”. The dark side of being a “head girl” is the willingness to participate in what ever abuse is inflicted to other by authority – Capricorn/Saturn – they represent. This is often toxic at work environments, but particularly so in private relationships. Good Libra “head girls” are not victimized by their abusive Capricornian fathers, brothers and partners, but may enable the behavior, or even be accessory.

    It takes a lot of self reflection, and sometimes hitting rock bottom to fix this kind of behavior. I think that Lindsay Usich, who, interestingly, shares quite a lot of astrology with Michaela Coeh covered last week, may come to the realization through her Capricorn Moon, that is a challenge if one does not take emotional responsibility of ones actions. Dita Von Teese’s Airy Moon may be harder to reach. But I don’t for a moment, doubt these two ladies in particular may have been overlooking a lot of abusive behavior they should have noticed.

    • That’s most interesting regarding Libran women, Solaia not only because of Saturn’s traditional exaltation in Libra but because in my own experience as a Libra Sun, we do want to please our ‘other’ and we can also play the appeaser, sometimes to our own detriment. I grew up in a situation where my Taurean brother who had what we’re back then described as ‘behavioural problems’ (probably now ADHD/ADD.) – his violent outbursts were regular and as he became a teen it worsened and became more frightening. (I have Moon, Mars, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd). There were confusing boundaries as he was allowed to break them while I was expected to obey. My mother was unable to cope and my father refused to acknowledge there was anything wrong at all. As a result I played the good child and did well at school as I didn’t want to contribute to any further chaos to my parents. I was very close to my brother despite everything. My relationships in my teens and twenties were a succession of hopeless, addicted, damaged men, one of whom was considerably older than me and exploitative. The truth was that I had grown up accustomed to accommodating, appeasing and accepting bad behaviour, violence and drug abuse from males and it took until my late 20s to become aware of what I was doing.

      • Libras are interesting and I am not talking about the Manson business, so much here, for air signs they often have immense power behind the scenes and are far more wily than people credit them. I also see them enable not very savoury powerful people and ignore other’s misgivings. Not the lovely harmony people of basic astrology at all.

        • Yes, the classic example of that would be Margaret Thatcher who was friends with General Pinochet and who made no effort to stand against Apartheid.

          • Yes on Maggie. She idolised her father who was known locally as a ‘groper’ of shop girls etc and surrounded herself with several men politically who were of questionable moral probity. And she treated her mother with indifference and contempt – which is another Lady Libra trait I’ve noticed in others as well.

  5. Thnaks for doing this, Marjorie.

    The folks on the internet have dug out a couple of interviews that Von Teese did after she divorced Manson that may throw a little ight on what was going on when she was married to him.

    In 2007, Von Teese sat down for an interview with The Irish Independent, not too long after she and Manson had divorced in 2006. They report that a week before Dita had left and began looking for a new home when she heard “some revelations”. Von Teese continues, “I thought: ‘Wow, I’ve got to get out of here.’ Then suddenly you have to see the facts. Then I decided and thought: ‘Well, you know, I had taken a lot of abuse. It hasn’t always been easy but this time I am asking myself how much more am I going to take?’”

    In 2010, Von Teese was describing her current relationship at the time with Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac in Genlux Magazine. She said, “He took me to his family’s castle and I was completely wooed and couldn’t speak for days. He thought there was something wrong with me because I was so in shock that someone could treat me so well. I was used to people hurling things at me in the middle of the night in a cocaine rage. So to be in this castle and have this man cooking for me… I was stunned into silence.”

    So, I think she is well aware of his behaviour and is choosing not to be part of his ugly narrative anymore. And who can blame her?

    His other ex, actress Rose McGowan, has stated he wasn’t abusive to her but is supporting the women in this. They were engaged for two years before splitting in 2001. You might be right that in some relationships (or maybe his very early relationship with McGowan) he wasn’t anywhere as bad or not abusive at all, but has got progressively worse over the years with his drug taking getting out of control.

    McGowan, even though she has had to endure a lot of abuse throughout her life and I feel explains why she seems to be emotionally volcanic and unstable at times, I think would have jumped on this bandwagon to get more mileage. But she hasn’t. I still remember her gettiing angry and arsey because her ex-cast member, Alyssa Milano, whom she never got on with, came up with the hashtag MeToo, and for a brief moment was looking like the head of a movement that McGowan felt she started.

    • @Jo, Rose McGowan is a Sagittarius Moon who grew up in a cult. While I don’t question her experience, and actually have a kind of soft spot for here (akin to that with Britney Spears), and I think she may have developed a very selective memory as a result of her childhood environment. I remember her being angry with Alyssa, but also overlooking the very problematic side of Asia Argento (I’m not ruling out she wasn’t abused by Harvey Weinstein, but there’s also a part of me that thinks she may have gotten the idea for her account from a friend, wasn’t it Amber Heard who was discovered having used someone else’s MeToo story?).

      • Yes, I heard about the cult she grew up in. Quite hair-raising and a terrible thing for anyone, much less a child to go through. I too have a kind of soft spot for Mcgowan, but lord she has some sharp edges. But i do understand why she is the way she is. The poor woman is damaged. I forgot about the Asia Argento thing but do remember now you bring it up and agree on the selective memory behaviour. I have often seen this kind of hypocritical behaviour first hand from damaged people, my mother being one of them.

        I didnt know that about Amber though. Its hard to warm to her. The sad thing is, she has probably gone through real abuse herself, but when shes using other peoples abusive experiences to garner attention, its infuriating. We live in a mysogynistic world. 999,990 women can relay their genuine sexual abuse histories and 10 women can lie for attention. Because of this misogynistic default, those 10 women are used to invalidate the entire huge collective screaming to be heard and demanding change. It happens every damn day!

        • Your last point regarding lying for attention, is indeed upsetting Jo. Here in Canada Jian Ghomeshi was brought to trial.
          The accusers were shown to have lied extensively, colluded with each other and one was very clearly a stalker. Christie Blatchford, court reporter of the Toronto Star, wrote extensively on the whole the sorry affair.
          Outside the courthouse, protesters proclaiming “we believe the women” stood vigil.

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