Lynda Bellingham – a family mess

There’s a sad story about Lynda Bellingham, the much loved actress who died eighteen months ago. She evidently left her entire estate to Michael Pattemore, her third husband, a Spain-based mortgage broker, who served 21 months in prison in 1998 for a financial scam. Her two sons from her second marriage were assured they’d be looked after but have received virtually nothing while MP has been holidaying round the world and claiming at the same time to be devastated at losing her.

Lynda Bellingham, 31 May 1948 3pm Montreal, Canada; Michael Pattemore 18 August 1955.

He has power-house and flamboyant stellium of a Leo Sun conjunct Pluto Mars Venus with Jupiter also in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio so no slouch when it comes to getting his own way or living a five-star lifestyle.

She was a Sun Gemini with a Pisces Moon and Saturn Pluto in Leo. So not the easiest of matches. Their relationship chart had a needs-space composite Sun Uranus square a head-in-the-clouds (especially about money) Jupiter Neptune conjunction. With possibly composite Moon trine Neptune as well.

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