Heidi Cruz – Leo to his Scorpio

Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted, born 7 August 1972 in California, would be well prepared for the role as first lady with a background in high-level politics as a strategist. She is also a Goldman Sachs investment manager.

She has a Sun Mercury in Leo on the focal point of an innovative mini-Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini to Neptune. Her flamboyant Mars in Leo is in a risk-taking and lucky trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Her Venus in Cancer squares Pluto so she can turn on the charm when required.  Her Moon is Cancer or Leo. Her Venus opposes his Sun and her Moon will be trine his Jupiter in Scorpio; her Jupiter is conjunct his Sun – so affectionate and mutually morale-boosting.

Their relationship chart has a fearsomely ambitious Pluto Mars conjunction trine Saturn trine North Node; with Saturn opposition Neptune – so an undoubtedly talented couple when they are pulling together. Though it won’t always be even-handed with one side demanding sacrifices from the other. They are both religious which will soak of some of that emphasised Neptune which will also give them a vision of what they want in life. But Neptune can be slippery and ultimately disappointing. The composite Moon may be conjunct Venus and square Jupiter Neptune. So there’s a great deal of Neptune hanging around them together.

Her Uranus is picking up the tr Pluto square this year so a time of major change and upheaval for her. The relationship chart is also showing significant sudden changes. She’ll have some highs across coming months but also some devastating lows at about the same time as his chart shows losses, especially through June.

She certainly looks elated just after the election in November with tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Jupiter but whether that is a win or just plain relief at not being thrust into the goldfish bowl and freed from constant spotlight isn’t clear.  Tr Jupiter is conjunct that Sun/Jupiter over the Inauguration which is upbeat.

Ted Cruz’s birth time of 1am was selected from his story of ‘very early morning’. If he’d been born at 12.30am then he’d have Pluto conjunct a Virgo Ascendant which might make sense of his appearance. Though it would put his Sun in the 4th and Neptune in the 3rd which sounds less likely.  3.30am is a Scorpio Ascendant with a 1st house Mars Venus Jupiter in Scorpio. His Moon is in Libra whatever the time conjunct Uranus and square Mercury, inconjunct Saturn – so cool, emotionally changeable, standoffish.

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  1. Pluto on the Ascendant gives a fairly impenetrable persona, difficult to get to know or to get through the outer layer. So to some extent it will put a Scorpio feel to the ascendant, no matter the sign. A Pluto in Leo on the Asc has the flamboyance very toned down. Even if Ted Cruz had an early Libra Asc, Pluto is conjunct from the 12th, so it would dull the edges of the light, bright, charming Libra.
    Pluto clamps down control on whatever it touches. The old rule of thumb used to be that caesarean births were quite often Pluto on the Asc, making entry into the world feel dangerous. In the old days caesareans were only performed in emergencies when either mother or baby were at risk. So thereafter the world and all encounters are approached defensively as if they might involve risk.
    Individuals who have it in their charts feel like heavyweight personalities since power is what they project. So it will darken appearance.

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