Justin Welby – family secrets

It seems to be a week for fathers causing problems. Justin Welby, the present Archbishop of Canterbury, has just discovered he wasn’t the biological son of the alcoholic con-man who married his mother and brought him up. DNA tests have proved he is the son of the late Anthony Montague Browne, a private secretary of Winston Churchill’s and quite a ladies man in his day.

Welby, 6 January 1956, always did have an extraordinarily tough chart with Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto and Jupiter. His probably Scorpio Moon is conjunct Neptune square Mercury in Aquarius opposition Uranus in Leo – his mother was also an alcoholic for many years, which fits Moon Neptune Uranus.

He is taking the news stoically , seemingly unruffled, though his 15 degree Capricorn Sun is labouring – last year and this from tr Uranus square and tr Pluto conjunct. As indeed is David Cameron’s Libra Sun at the same degree – so fathers much in mind.

His biological father Anthony Montague Brown, 8 May 1923, had a much cushier life with a Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Leo possibly opposition an Aquarius Moon. So certainly indulgent.

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