David Cameron – grappling with a family legacy

David Cameron’s bad week will run on right through till the beginning of June with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Ebertin describes it as: “Insufficient power to tackle obstacles, weakening power, self-torment, a grievous loss.”

His embarrassment at the publicity surrounding his father’s involvement in an off-shore fund couldn’t have come at a worse time for the REMAIN campaign for the EU referendum and follows damaging criticism for the last welfare-slashing budget.

With a Moon Jupiter in Leo, DC would have been proud of his wealthy family and with a Taurus North Node in the 8th loathe to reveal family financial dealings. Though that North Node is opposition Neptune so secrets will out, usually at the least convenient time. Plus his Mercury is in secretive Scorpio in the 2nd – which doubles up his reticence.

His father, Ian Cameron, 12 Oct 1932, was born with deformed legs requiring several corrective surgeries but went on to accumulate a considerable fortune.  He was a Sun Libra like his son, but born into the troubled early thirties so his Sun opposes Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn – an innovator, tough minded, determined. He had Mars in Leo also like DC, and a high-finance Jupiter Neptune and Venus in Virgo.

The relationship chart between DC and his father is powerful with a composite Mars Pluto Jupiter opposition Saturn – so equal parts confidently hard-driving and some aggravations. Those aspects would tie them together in an extraordinary way. Plus a composite Sun Neptune opposition North Node – so some illusions, evasions and disappointments.

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