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Apologies for absence.  Some nasty net snafu. A year with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on my Mercury in Virgo ++ the Eclipses clearly not helpful.  Cross fingers all will run smoothly from now on (joke).  Marjorie

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  1. So sorry Marjorie about my last comment re.the amazing losing streak of tennis ‘greats’.A major mistake on my part having written in a hurry. The only highly ranked player was Nadal who actually won the tournament. This too was surprising as he’d lost so much since a long time. However,the question about mars retrograde still holds.

  2. Marjorie: Thanks for you addressing the tragedy of Canada’s First Nation people. You know, it always kills me when I here certain people babbling about the possibly of finding another planet similar to Earth as a possible future alternative to life here. We can’t (or won’t) take care of each other and our Earth now for various beastly reasons (mostly greed). So what are we going to do? I guess go screw up another planet. It is though we are all a bunch of spoiled teenagers. Anyway, thanks for sharing your astrology insights.

  3. Marjorie: I have no idea how to use a date for my question but can you share your astrological insights about the current suicide crisis with the Canadian Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario? I read on the BBC website about the escalating suicides among their tribe. Truly tragic and disturbing. I believe they need more support that mental health counselors. As a somewhat ignorant American I always thought Canada seemed to be more kind to their citizens. I guess indigenous people get messed over everywhere. Thanks any insight.

  4. Website seems to load more quickly since being off-the-air. New routers? Before, was slower than molassas in a true winter. Precious few of those lately 😉

  5. Jennifer, Pluto and Neptune take two years usually, retrograding backwards and forwards over the exact aspect so I’d tend to take see those two years as resonant with those aspects. How far in advance? Maybe a year before to give a feel of the run up which is usually two or three degrees. I wouldn’t use the standard birth chart aspect orbs for configurations of 8 degrees since it’s too much. Then I’d pay especially attention to the exact aspects which are usually event-full. And Pluto has a nasty habit of lingering on after the exact aspect has passed – a very slow burnout.
    Uranus tends to trigger on the exact aspect though sometimes beforehand. Again I wouldn’t pay too much attention until it was more or less there. But treat the year of its triple hit to the planetary aspect as carrying the tone. If that makes sense.

    • Thanks Marjorie, I have Saturn in Pisces so getting hit with Neptune there, then Sun/Mercury in Cancer so getting hit by Pluto there, and then Moon in Aries so of course Uranus has to get his 2cent worth. Will there be anything left of me when they all are finished, oh and the cherry on this cake is my Chiron return. Wowsa!! I am learning to be very flexible and bend with the wind. If I resist it hurts….. lol

  6. Yaay! You’re website is functioning at last. I didn’t know what to do with myself in your absence as I like to pop in here every couple of days. Hope it all runs smoothly here on in!

  7. Hi Marjorie
    Can I check what the orbs are when working with transiting Neptune, Pluto and Uranus to personal planets please?
    Many thanks
    Best regards

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