London Bridge Attack – fanatical Pisces ++ Anjem Choudary


A former prisoner convicted of terrorism offences out on automatic release wearing an electronic monitor killed two and wounded three yesterday in a knife attack on London Bridge before being restrained by members of the public and then shot dead by police since he appeared to be wearing a suicide vest. He had been attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation.

Usman Khan, 10 March 1991 (police notice) was a Sun Pisces in an excitable square to Mars in Gemini, trine Pluto and sextile a highly-strung and can-be-fanatical Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. He had two strained Yods – Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars and Mars sextile Venus inconjunct Pluto – so he would have problems handling anger and power issues. He also had a see-saw Jupiter opposition Saturn. Pisces is a sign often found with Islamic terrorists.

The attack began at 13:58 GMT putting Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in final degree Sagittarius straddling a Capricorn Midheaven with Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Moon in the 10th – designed for maximum visibility. The explosive Mars in Scorpio was still in orb opposing Uranus.

Jupiter is headlined being on the midheaven – which is often the case with disasters or atrocities and several Jupiter midpoints were keyed up, most notably the Sun sitting on the Jupiter/Pluto. No doubt pointing to the confidence needed on the part of the perpetrator to execute the act.

On his own chart he had tr Uranus conjunct the Sun/Mars midpoint which would bring a fit of impulsive over-excitability, as would the high-tension tr Uranus square his Saturn; and his Solar Arc Mars was in a publicity-attracting and also panicky opposition to his Neptune.

Khan appears to have been a “student” of convicted hate preacher, Anjem Choudary and an integral member of his inner circle. Supporters of Choudary’s proscribed terror group, al-Muhajiroun, carried out atrocities including the London Bridge attack, 7/7 London bombings, and the murder of Lee Rigby, while others have fought for Isis, al-Qaeda and the Taliban abroad. Choudary was released on licence in October after serving five-and-a-half years in prison for encouraging Muslims to join ISIS.

Another of the group who were imprisoned along with Khan in 2012 for plotting to form an al-Qaeda-inspired network to carry out attacks on the London Stock Exchange, the American Embassy and the home of Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London, has reoffended since his release in 2017. He was found guilty of plotting an attack on police and military targets.

Choudary, born 18 January 1967, is a Sun Mercury in Capricorn in an expansive and over-confident opposition to Jupiter square Mars in Libra (opposition an Aries Moon). His Capricorn Sun is conjunct Khan’s North Node – suggesting he took on a paternal role in Khan’s life; with Choudary’s revolutionary Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposes Khan’s Pisces Sun. Their relationship chart has an explosive composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus, tied into a megalomaniac Pluto and Neptune.

Choudary looks seriously aggravated and trapped at the moment with tr Pluto square his Mars. His Sun, Jupiter, Mars T Square has moved by Solar Arc to clash with his other major configuration of Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn over the next several years. This usually denotes a significant life crisis. He will have some upbeat moments (regrettably) in 2020/21 but they will be short lived. Tr Neptune will be undermining his power, influence and rebellious credentials as well as it wends in hard aspect to his Pluto, Uranus, Saturn.

I can’t imagine France being as lenient towards axe-wielding madmen. Lifetime incarceration doesn’t sit comfortably with liberal inclinations and is very expensive but letting the malign roam the streets is not the answer either.

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  1. We will never understand what the real purpose of these strange, symbolic laden and weird events are truly about. We can see that some strange drama is being played out on earth and just pray we dont get caught up in it. It’s really all beyond our comprehension.

  2. Choudray’s Pluto at 20Virgo opposes Khan’s Sun. Sepharial speaks on 20 Virgo symbology as….
    “He, Choudray is “born to disputes, quarrels…involved in a fracas with foreigners in a foreign country…
    liable to hurts from secret enemies. It is a degree of FIGHTING.”
    Choudary’s Pluto joins with Khan’s Sun Pisces(TWO SWORDS CROSSED).

    Re BRIDGES…..In Khan’s rectified chart in a triwheel at death, he has trans asteroid BRIDGES sextile his Asc,
    and Solar Arc BRIDGES trine his MH…..showing his prescence on the London Bridge at event time.

  3. It could be interesting to look at the chart for London Bridge itself. Today’s current bridge was opened on 17th March, 1973. It has Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces, with Mars at 23 Capricorn, square Uranus at 22 Libra. Pluto is transiting that Mars-Uranus, although not exact yet. London Bridge Saturn is 14 Gemini, with tr Neptune squaring it for both June 2017 and this terrorist attack. In June 2017, transiting Saturn was 25 Sagittarius, Chiron 27 Pisces, Mars 28 Gemini – all aspecting the London Bridge Sun at 26 Pisces.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. Looking at these charts helps to make a little sense of this senseless and alarming event.
    The Sun is aligned with fixed star Antares in The Scorpion constellation. Its known as The Heart of the Scorpion, and is associated with obsession, and life-and-death experiences. Jupiter aligns with Acumen, in the same constellation. It is associated with attacks, both verbal and physical. Ancient Egyptians saw this constellation as a gateway to the underworld. The Moon’s south node in Capricorn aligns with the nebula Facies, “the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon. It holds the most difficult and possibly most violent symbolism in the heavens.” (Brady).

  5. Sepharial in his “The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized” says this about 19 Pisces, the degree of Khan’s natal Sun”
    “…a nature given to contention….distinction in the use of arms…..too contentious but to excite the worst passions in others.
    It is a degree of WOUNDING.”
    Khan attacked with 2 knives taped to his hand.
    Khan’s MH is at 25 Scorpio….degree symbol: “A WOLF STANDING UPON THE CARCASS OF A HORSE”
    “He will snatch an advantage, and will be forced to surrender it to others…” Khan was set upon by others who seized his knives.
    “It is a degree of SEIZURE.”

  6. Wow, talk about synchronicity. The attack was so Neptunian. It began at Fishmonger Hall, one of the heroes who went after Khan used a narwhal tusk as a weapon, water from a fire extinguisher was also used, the climax unfolded on a bridge over a major waterway and Khan himself was a Pisces.

    • Sir William Walworth, Lord Mayor of London and a member of the Fishmongers Guild killed Wat Tyler – leader of the Peasants Revolt – at Smithfield on 15 June 1381. It occurred at the time of a Mars-Venus Conjunction at 8 Gemini. This degree was opposing the Sun at 7 Sagittarius when Usman Khan began his knife rampage on 30 November 2019 in Fishmongers Hall. After Tyler’s slaying his head was cut off and taken on a pole through the City to be displayed on London Bridge. Fishmongers Hall still holds the sword reputed to have been used to stab Tyler.

  7. I rectified Khan’s chart to 4:21:11 AM. The Lunar and Solar Returns verifiy the rectification. His Lunar Return at death, Pluto exactly conj IC, endings. His Precessed Solar Return at death, SR Pluto, 22 degrees, exactly conj his MH. The number 22 always signals either killing or being killed.. .

  8. Speaking of Pisces-Neptune, did you more the guy who went after Khan with a 5-foot narwhal tusk taken from the wall in the Fishmonger? (Ray Grasse noted this on FB.) You can’t make this stuff up!

  9. Thank you Marjorie. It’s interesting what you say regarding Jupiter on the Midheaven’s synchronicity with disasters and also the Pisces connection with Islamic Terrorism; the attack began in Fishmonger Hall and Usman Khan had recently been released from prison. It did strike me – that crazy line-up of planets in Capricorn yesterday, with Jupiter at the anaretic degree of Sag when I looked up the planetary positions yesterday.

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