Andrew Neil – a scary clash ** +Andrew Marr

Boris the Brave is ducking a confrontation with TV inquisitor-in-chief Andrew Neil (for now). This comes a few days after Jeremy Corbyn was reduced to mincemeat in a train-wreck appearance in which he failed to apologise for anti-Semitism within Labour, and got in a tangle over the financing of pensions and other benefits.

Andrew Neil, 21 May 1949 9.45am Paisley, Scotland, was born only five days before Corbyn, so has the same heavyweight Mars in Taurus square Pluto. Neil also has the additional heft of a Taurus Sun square Saturn in Leo; while Corbyn’s slippery Gemini Sun trines an evasive/idealistic Neptune.

Their relationship chart has a defensive Sun Saturn square as well as the fight-to-the-death composite Mars square Pluto – so no surprises that ended in a knock out.

Boris’s relationship with Neil isn’t exactly a match of minds and hearts either. Boris’s head-in-the-clouds is square Neil’s uber-determined Pluto for a power struggle; with Boris’s afflicted Mars square Neil’s Saturn for a bad-tempered chemistry; and Neil’s Uranus conjunct Boris’s Sun Venus suggesting differing agendas and an ability on Neil’s part to throw a Uranian firecracker in to ruffle Boris’s charm and get under his skin. Boris’s chaotic Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto also squares Neil’s Venus in Gemini for an emotionally dampening and irritating effect.

Their relationship chart has a hostile composite Mars square Pluto and a resentful Saturn square Pluto. It’s under pressure at the moment from tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Pluto midpoint; and sagging from mid December onwards.

Neil and Sturgeon are a confused combo with her Neptune opposing his Taurus Sun so he’ll find her evasive. Their relationship chart has a competitive, argumentative composite Sun Mars. But it’s nothing like as tricky as with the two main leaders.

An interview with Jo Swinson, the Lib Dem leader, is still to come. Her Aquarius Sun opposes Neil’s Pluto and squares his Mars which doesn’t sound an easy-going meet; with her Mars in Virgo square his Mercury and her Saturn in Virgo square his Uranus for tense outbursts. Their relationship chart has a heated and argumentative composite Sun square Mars; and a gritty Mars sextile Uranus Saturn Pluto. Any discussions between them will be mega-intense with tr Pluto square their composite Mercury till mid December.

Nigel Farage, for what its worth, since he’s only a bit player in all this, isn’t a great fit since each will regard the other as grandstanding; and they won’t be comfortable in each other’s space with a composite square Uranus in their relationship chart. They’re on a rocky road right through till next spring and beyond.

** Update: If Boris thought Andrew Marr would be a softer touch than Andrew Neil he was rudely awakened this morning on Marr’s Sunday morning TV show after a fiery clash in which Marr accused him of ‘chuntering’ (to talk in a low inarticulate way, ie. rambling on tediously about nothing much). And Boris objected to being interrupted.

Marr, 31 July 1959, is a Sun Leo with a Gemini Moon and a ferociously determined Mars Pluto in Virgo which is conjunct Boris’s Uranus Pluto opposition his Saturn and square his Mars for a very tetchy interface; and Marr’s Uranus squares onto Boris’s Jupiter opposition Neptune for another clash of agendas.

Their relationship chart has a competitive and argumentative composite Sun, Mars, Mercury and a cool, suspicious Venus opposition Saturn square Neptune. Tr Saturn is opposition the composite Sun Mercury exactly now and moving to oppose the Mars in December for more fireworks; with tr Uranus in a high-tension square to the composite Saturn.

Ooh what fun.

7 thoughts on “Andrew Neil – a scary clash ** +Andrew Marr

  1. Thanks Marjorie. It’ll be interesting to see if Boris’ advisers let him do this interview. Hard to imagine it going too well for Mr Johnson. Curiously, that other (former) ultra-determined interviewer, Jeremy Paxman, is also Taurus Sun square Pluto, with a Pisces Moon (11 May 1950). Fixed obstinacy and pushing to uncover the depths, plus an intuitive Pisces ability to slip beneath someone’s defences, like water under a door.

    • On election see posts 30 October 2019 and 24 October 2019 – which indicate that my reading of the runes is a million miles apart from the polling at present. But a week is a long time etc….. and there’s fourteen days still to go.

      • I agree with your October posts Marjorie. There is so much going on in 2020, including all the retrograde cycles, it doesn’t suggest anything straightforward; I think whatever happens on the 12th December is unlikely to hold for long.

      • A few hours is a long time in politics these days. Latest polls (unreliable, I know but…) shows the gap between Labour and Conservatives closing. The election chart has a rather foggy Sun square Neptune plus the Neptune is in square to Boris Johnson’s Gemini Sun and a bleak Saturn/Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Election Day itself is dark, dank and foggy. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t look like a decisive kind of chart to me.

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