Don Johnson – zenning into his seventies


Don Johnson, the Miami Vice heartthrob and wild-partying bad- boy, has found inner peace through Buddhism, stopped drink and drugs, settled into a fifth marriage and is experiencing a career resurgence. With notable mentions in Django Unchained and the Book Club, he’s now surfing higher with the Watchmen and Knives Out.

He was born 15 December 1949 10.30pm Cassville, Missouri (astrotheme), into a poor family with teenage parents; and dated Melanie Griffiths, daughter of Tippi Hedren, when she was 14 and he was in his early 20s and just starting to act. He married her twice, producing daughter Dakota; and had two other brief marriages, plus his last in 1999 which has produced three children. As well as multiple liaisons with other starry ladies including Barbra Streisand in the early days.

Birth time being accurate, he has a 4th house Sagittarius Sun trine a 12th house Pluto and square a hard-edged and irritable Mars Saturn in Virgo which would bring frustrations and setbacks. His intensely emotional Scorpio Moon is square a frivolous Venus Jupiter in Aquarius and in a restless trine to Uranus.

Melanie Griffiths, 9 August 1957 11.49pm New York, was a reasonable match from his point of view since her Aquarius Moon is conjunct his Venus Jupiter and her Sun conjunct his Pluto, with her Venus conjunct his Mars Saturn – so she would calm his rougher edges and be under his control but it wouldn’t be a long term runner with her Uranus square his Moon. Their relationship chart is half passionate with a composite Pluto square Venus Jupiter, trine Moon and half a mess with composite Sun, Neptune Saturn square Uranus. Not designed to last. His daughter Dakota, 4 October 1989 2.49pm Austin, Texas, has a Libra Sun Mars on the point of a T Square to the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn opposition Jupiter – reflecting a father who was a mish mash of positive and scattergun.

He’s in for a run of Neptune transits in opposition to his Saturn first in 2020 and then hitting on his Sun and Mars – so a swampy patch ahead. Though being in the film business may soak up some of it. It’ll be emotionally changeable with tr Uranus square his Venus and Moon this in 2020 as well.


Pic: Peter Kudlacz


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