Lizzo – fat is fabulous???

Lizzo, the US rapper, singer, songwriter, and poster girl for fat-positivism has celebrated her recent weight gain on Instagram.

  She was born in Detroit on 27 April 1988 at 2.30pm (rectified) and is eight days younger than Adele so has the same Sun Jupiter in Taurus opposition Pluto square Mars. In Lizzo’s case the Mars falls in her 6th house of health.

  Skipping across actresses’ charts who have talked about their weight issues in the past and been fat-shamed, two similarities stand out – one is a proliferation of Taurus. Roseanne Barr has Jupiter in Taurus, like Lizzo and Adele,  which is notoriously indulgent. Gabourey has Sun, Mars, Mercury in Taurus.

  The other common astro-pattern oddly enough is Mars Pluto hard aspects, or a stressed Mars.

  Adele and Lizzo have Mars square Pluto; Kirstie Alley has Mars opposition Pluto; Oprah Winfrey has Mars square Pluto; Roseanne Barr has Mars in hard aspect to Uranus as well as Neptune and Saturn.  An afflicted Mars especially in relation to Pluto suggests a tough upbringing with dominant and/or aggressive men creating fear.  Gaining weight is often a defence against fear either because being light in bulk is experienced as a vulnerability, or in some cases because becoming unattractive is felt as safer.

   The fashion business and movies went too far the other way painting an ideal of feminine beauty as synonymous with slenderness – and the camera does add pounds so those in the public eye have to pitch under to get the look they think desirable. It is slowly shifting with the pushback against anorexic models and the glorious Kate Winslet showing she doesn’t care about bulges and still looking great.

  But the answer can’t be too applaud unhealthy lifestyles – morbid obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, joint problems, breathing issues etc etc etc. Doctors have to tread lightly or be accused of prejudice, which is another modern insanity.

  Having struggled with weight issues most of my life and food addictions I sympathise with the problems of adopting a healthier lifestyle. No amount of well meant advice sinks in until you make a personal decision – which is fair enough. Everyone chooses their own road to perdition. But an influencer flaunting it as desirable and to be admired is downright dangerous.

  Tr Saturn is moving through her 6th house of health until early 2023, followed by tr Pluto moving in from 2024 onwards for many years – both of which usually bring lessons about attending to health issues. And she has a debilitating Solar Arc Neptune conjunct her focal point 6th house Mars in 15 months. I wouldn’t wish problems on anyone but it’ll be interesting to see what the next several years bring for her.

21 thoughts on “Lizzo – fat is fabulous???

  1. Aspartame is put into sugar free soft drinks. It has been proven that the human brain hasn’t a clue as to how to process it. The brain decides everything to do with the digestive system.

    Lots of things have EMA or FDA approval that aren’t fit for human consumption. The diet food and drink industry knows that artificial sugar is not the panacea that will deliver us all from obesity and the diseases that obesity can cause.

    • Thanks Linda. It has been theorised that there may be an effect caused by the brain detecting something sweet and the body not receiving it, if you like. But it’s only a theory and nobody has found evidence for it. Aspartame is a very, very simple peptide that breaks down quickly and easily into amino acids that you consume all the time anyway. It’s not an artificial sugar, it just happens to taste sweet in that particular arrangement, like an optical illusion for the taste buds. In fact, it breaks down so quickly and simply, it can only be used in soft drinks and sweets. It breaks apart with any heat so you can’t use it in baking.

      Nitrites/nitrates have a much more complicated break down process in digestion and we’ve known for about 50 years that they produce carcinogenic compounds. Epidemiological data has linked it’s use in processed meat to an increase in cancer.

      Sorry, I just want to make this point because there is so much misinformation and bad science about aspartame on the internet. It’s almost a forerunner to other types of health misinformation – I believe it began as one of the first email hoaxes way back in the 90s.

      Meanwhile all the attention and research money that has been going towards proving aspartame safe, over and over again, could have been spent researching the carcinogenic properties of nitrites and nitrates – not to mention it’s claim of preventing botulism, which is the justification that is often used for not banning it.

  2. I think a lot of Americans have lost their sense of taste. If you watch The Food Network, it’s programmes regularly put all the herbs and spices they can muster into each and every dish without any thought or appreciation of whether or not they complement the dish at all. And you would only do that if your taste buds had gone on strike.

    In our household we don’t allow anything that contains dextrose, fructose (corn syrup), or aspartame over the threshold. I personally tried to avoid dextrose when I found that the cornflakes I was waiting to become soggy hadn’t. As I pondered the digestive consequences of that, I came to the conclusion it couldn’t be very good!

    My husband was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic in 2004. He regularly had to manage his Diabetes by injecting Insulin 4 times a day and with diet. After stopping the dextrose, fructose and aspartame: the amount of insulin he needed halved. He now doesn’t need insulin at all and hasn’t for the past several years.

    While it has cured him of diabetes, it has not cured his neuropathy, and other medical conditions. So don’t expect miracles. But I think our lives have been enriched greatly by avoiding those three things!

    • Why no aspartame, out of interest? It’s a harmless chain of amino acids and has been proven to be safe over and over again. I don’t think any food additive has been tested as much as aspartame.

      Sodium nitrite on the other hand, still approved for use and definitely a lot dodgier according to the evidence. Yet I see people all the time avoid aspartame then happily tuck into a ham or bacon sandwich. I guess familiarity is important when it comes to food, as well as a suspicion of the new.

      Sorry for tangent I find this fascinating

  3. Firstly, I have to confess that I must be getting old because I have no idea who Lizzo is, sorry! However, I see that she also has an out of bounds Venus and many of the women Marjorie mentions have either an out of bound Moon or Venus. So they are definitely going to do things their own way despite what society expects female celeb to be. What worries me a bit is the trend for some celebs to be all “big and proud” to get media attention and then a few years later get more attention by having a dramatic weight loss. Just another media circus.

    I’ve never been overweight, but I am “undertall” and have a Taurus ascendant so I’m waiting for that middle age spread 🙂 I was reading some research on the psychological factors of eating and a big area of interest is attention – people who eat while distracted are more likely to overeat. Also, as Marjorie said, we are not very good at listening to our bodies any more.

  4. You’ve got ot all backwards. Millions if not billions of dollars jave been spent on the construction and presentation of food that in every way addictive. Humans – all living things! – are hard-wired to consume the most nutritious, most energy supplying food they can find, whenever they find it. Armies of professionals work constantly to expliot this. We are surrounded by delicious aka addictive food wherever we go, or images of it, and the most calorific is the most affordable. How most of us manage to keep a healthy weight is down to constant suppression of our deepest instincts, a mental effort.
    So consider this: if you’re lowering your own quality of life by your weight, you’re a victim of this obesegenic environment. The addiction the food manufacturers create is proveably as powerful as hard drugs: exact same pleasure circuits, nothing like eating for hunger.

    One of the nastiest things food manufacturers have invented is the low-satiety principal – make a snack LESS complex and tasty and people eat more of it in search of satisfaction.

    • I totally agree and have been banging on about the food industry since John Yudkin’s anti sugar book in the ‘70s. He, btw, was hammered for his science and research based views and hounded out. Exponential growth of the dieting industry has developed alongside.
      The food industry, with agriculture, like the tobacco industry, uses every trick in the book to keep us consuming, exploiting us from all angles. It is a massive industry which has ruined food and is ruining us. Obviously there have been good developments too, but we are now way beyond that.
      Ideal weights for us to conform to, were arbitrarily compiled from obituary lists, then adopted by the insurance industry.
      Nonetheless, whatever the cause, we’d all be healthier if we were the appropriate size for our bodies. Differences shouldn’t be seen as aberrations.
      The problem is the cure. Fat blaming is inappropriate not least because it is the result of food industry machinations, but also because it doesn’t work. Neither does blaming people for putting food in their mouths.
      Widespread obesity at current levels did not exist before industrialised production and preparation of food.
      Humans, as you say M R, are programmed to eat and we eat for many reasons, not just because we are hungry, all of which are exploited by the food industry and its advertisers.
      Governments, especially the US government, pander to agriculture and food industry lobbies who dominate organisations like the WHO.
      For the first time NHS expenditure on obesity related conditions equals related tax revenues. Coincidentally ? there is growing published concern about obesity from a medical standpoint.
      It is such a massive con trick that food and agriculture are caring and nurturing, when their activities have gone well beyond that, yet they continue unscathed.
      It occurs to me that this growth occurred concurrently though probably independently of other globals like GAFA.
      Is there some astrological underpinning for this from the 1970’s onwards? Does Ceres (afflicted?) play a role here? If so, is it likely there are planetary aspects showing the possibility of change to stop all these industries running rampant?
      Control, monitoring and accountability are currently missing. I suppose you can say that of many institutions and organisations now.
      Apologise for lengthy rant, but this is fundamental to our well-being on many levels.

  5. I have never thought to look at my chart as a window to my issues with my weight. Wow.
    But all the signs are there – Pluto in 8th, Sun (Cancer) sq. Mars (Aries). Except for Pluto, no Earth. (I’m thinking NO Earth is a much like a lot of Earth!!), Moon conj S. Node, .. it goes on.

    I’m betting this is about Power/Powerlessness… and wrapped up in sexuality. I certain see this in Lizzo’s chart. A big Inner Critic with Moon conj S. Node in Virgo and that SA N. Node in Aries. N. Node in Aries will sort of “push” their way through to be seen… there will be a quality of needing to fight to win.

    I blossomed as a teen and then received much inappropriate attention from my father’s friends. I felt ashamed and ate and ate … a f**k you to them and to being attractive. My first Saturn return was all about addressing my emotional binge eating. I decided to start with where I was, who I was. No judgement about what I ate or how much. Gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted.

    With a couple of caveats. 100% of me had to want it… my mole on my cheek, my eyebrows. Each forkful had to be 100% desired. The moment that changed the fork went down. Even the bingeing… I had to be 100% on board for that… every cookie, every mouthful. The result was that I was more aware of what I was eating!! I would start to eat a donut and then realize I really wanted an apple!! I began to eat less.. be aware of being sated. And the bingeing?…. I would eat 4 cookies instead of the whole bag. In doing this I also discovered intermittent fasting!… way before that was a thing! I eat when I am hungry. Period.

    No judgment about the food, about my weight, about what was bad or what was good.
    I dropped 40 pounds and have kept it off for 33 years.
    And the beautiful, unexpected benefit has been that I rediscovered JOY in food…. colour, texture, flavour. Food no longer was an adversary, the Enemy.

    having said that all…. when very stressed after a divorce, I became anorexic!!!
    This resolved and all is well…. but it was interesting to be on the other end!

    And no doubt, for me it was about claiming my personal Power. Still working on that… good old Pluto in the 8th. If you have a strong chart, IT will happen to you… that’s the challenge. So now this seems to be Lizzo’s way of starting to do that. Not the best way to be sure.

  6. About a year and a half ago, I lost a college friend to congestive heart failure, triggered by his being morbidly obese. He always felt hungry and preferred half and half poured over his midnite meal of cold cereal. Several summers ago, he’d burned the soles of both feet from walking on lava-hot blacktop in a parking lot. His feet started oozing “liquid” nonstop so he went to a doctor, where he was diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure. His doctor urged him to lose weight, so my friend stopped eating. “Fastest way to lose weight!” he’d proclaim. Unfortunately, such a move shut down his metabolism.

    He became a prisoner to night-time talk shows. “Drinking apple cider vinegar every day will cure my diabetes!” He did lose 40 pounds of water weight … due to diuretics…and he rewarded himself by visiting the buffets at the local Marriott chain. There was a local VFW chapter that “served the best roasted chicken meals”. Half a roast chicken, bag of chips, and a large soft drink for only $8.99! “Wadda deal!”

    He bought a tricycle for “large” people and would slowly pedal it in the summer heat of Baltimore and Delaware. “Hot weather will make me lose weight!” Our final conversation was a fight about him watching aerobic exercise youtube videos. He became enraged after seeing a young woman trainer wearing an outfit he felt was inappropriate. “I don’t need anyone’s help! I can do it all myself!”

    Three months later, I found his obituary online. Obesity ran in his family – his mother died from it and his brother died from a stroke from being obese. His sister and her kids are all “large”. His sun sign was Aquarius.

  7. Angelina Jolie came to mind (with her Moon conj Mars opposite Pluto) and declaration of not being able to eat well following the death of her mom. Opposite result, but perhaps the same cause?
    I’d be interested if the Taurus and Mars theme holds with men. I can only think of John Goodman, and Orson Welles off the top of my head, which shows how conditioned we are to judge women’s bodies.
    Up or down I don’t know anyone who has been happy.abt unchosen weight change. In the short term a poor appetite or bloated stomach causes discomfort, and having clothing not fit properly is a confidence buster. Long term health risks are awful, as Marjorie states.

    Lizzo may have gotten press out of this, but nobody is going to start saying Hey you look great, have you gained some weight ?

    The afflicted Mars in me is just pissed at an *artist* flaunting fat for attention, while *woke* media uses it as clickbait. And the food volumizer in me pings between sugar and gluten. #Funtimes

  8. “But the answer can’t be too applaud unhealthy lifestyles – morbid obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, joint problems, breathing issues etc etc etc. Doctors have to tread lightly or be accused of prejudice, which is another modern insanity.

    Having struggled with weight issues most of my life and food addictions I sympathise with the problems of adopting a healthier lifestyle. No amount of well meant advice sinks in until you make a personal decision – which is fair enough. Everyone chooses their own road to perdition. But an influencer flaunting it as desirable and to be admired is downright dangerous.”

    Hear hear!

    • Fat, grossly obese fat, is desired by some men and women. Some years ago I watched an American TV programme on men who were actively stuffing their women with food to get them as fat as possible. It’s a sort of fat cult.
      The complicit women seemed happy to go along with it, but who knows. They were prisoners in their fat. It was shocking and deeply disturbing.
      Admittedly this is an extreme view, but the excellent book, Fat is a Feminist Issue by Suzy Orbach, showed that for many being overweight has its advantages.
      It’s always assumed that being slim is the only good and happy way to be.
      It’s not surprising that there is a pro fatness movement in reaction to food industry machinations to keep us eating ever more, with attendant cravings for unnecessary, unhealthy food.
      Perhaps Lizzo’s defiance is part of that. Her weighing and recording of weight gain is the other side of the same syndrome as those detailing their weight loss diets.
      Because of medical issues, food allergies, as well as societal pressures, I’ve been both over and underweight.
      I dislike both. I resent the time I’ve wasted worrying about it. I know very few women who don’t.
      I’m currently whacking on the weight after an operation, which has totally unbalanced my system.
      This time I’ll consult a nutritionist, though ultimately as Marjorie says, you eat less, you weigh less.
      Perhaps I can blame my Taurus ascendant.

      • You have to find a diet that suits your system if you’re going to stick to it and everyone is different. So all these wonder diets, advertised as THE answer only suit some people. And some are downright dangerous. Decades back I was put on a zero carb diet – all steak and veg – I felt shockingly bad after a week and completely euphoric after two weeks with a stone off – but the strain it puts on kidneys are not worth the risk and you can’t keep it up.
        I have a horribly sweet tooth so need to find a substitute in apple juice, bananas etc and activia yoghurts. I’m not exactly fading away to a shadow but it works well enough for me – with plenty of protein. Cutting out alcohol makes a huge difference.
        Learning to live with hunger pangs is also a key to diets. Don’t head for the crisps when you get a twinge.

  9. She’s pushing a faulty premise, namely that one can be just finehealthwise and quite obese. I have been dealing with difficulty in weight loss after surgery 1.5 years ago, so I feel the anxiety over this for health reasons. Good luck to you Marjorie and any others here in a similar situation with their weight/health. But I always thought it was the heavy Cancer influence rather than Taurus that was the bugaboo for weight issues. I have so much conjunct in Cancer along with the So node, so I assumed that was the difficulty. Wishing you all good health going forward.

    • Cancer looks for mothering and nurturing so that can be food-connected.

      Gradually with advancing years common sense has set in and I gave up my last vice – of ice cream – about two years back. So now I eat no processed sugar, which for a Scot is unthinkable. A great deal of fruit to fill the gap. Also I got an overly large, overly exuberant dog which requires a great deal of exercise so that has made a significant difference. When I got her I thought I’d lose a ton of weight, walking ten miles a day and discovered it made no difference to my waistline and I just got hungrier. The only thing that takes weight off is to eat less.

      • God Marjorie, I started on the ice cream a year ago, bought a box of Magnums and all was lost! I eat two a day but that’s a lot!!!! Moon in Cancer I’m a cook with great cooking gear but now live alone so it’s not attractive, used to love it all…most women consider themselves fat, when I look at photos over time I’ve never got bigger or smaller… but so few have body confidence…. Having no Earth I’m not obsessed with the physical body as it’s done it’s job and the appendix, tonsils and all teeth are mine! The one essential is the dog of course, our mates who tell us what we need….fat people should not have to feel the world is judging them, they can change anything they care about, always, there is so much help out there.

    • This is off-tangent but there is a biochemist, Jessie Inchauspé, known as ‘glucose goddess’ on Instagram (she must be on Facebook too). She says a key to good health is to flatten our glucose spikes thereby reducing cravings and extreme hunger pangs. Her tips are simple – she’s tested them on herself first whilst wearing a glucose monitor – but the main one is not eat sugar (including fruit) and carbs on an empty stomach in order to maintain steady blood sugar levels without the peaks and troughs which can set off cravings.

  10. This whole fat fab phenom gained traction from a comedian/actress named Mo’Nique started doing comedy routines chastising….quote, “skinny b@&%es in the 90s; ushering in the BBW phrase craze. The irony is that she has now apparently woken up to shed almost 100lbs to become closer the very critique she once railed against. Health issues do tend give a proper kick in the behind wake up call.
    Fat shaming is not ideal, but using reverse psychology on one’s own self to perpetuate unhealthy habits and influence people via stardom is not admirable either. Lizzo will likely get her kick in time.
    Gayle King(Oprah’s bestie) is an example of a healthy looking full bodied grown woman who’s physique should be admired for her age; as an example.
    Extremes in either direction are never good as none of the longest living people in recorded history were ever obese or anorexic looking. But I guess some chose the ‘we all are gonna die one day so to hell with being healthy’ mantra.

  11. And she has Moon in Virgo conjunct the south node which could mean she is stuck in her ways in relation to sustenance (both emotional and physical). Lack of water – she could have difficulty processing her emotions. There is a very compulsive quality to her chart with the fixed t-square which has a Pluto Jupiter opposition.

  12. The protective pudginess of Virginia Giuffre fits with someone who has been sexually abused.

    As a Taurus with “volume eating”, sweet tooth challenges, I recommend intermittent fasting. Only eating in a four to six hour period out of 24 hours — such as to accommodate one meal a day around dinner time — was the only way I could lose weight. ALL or nothing worked for me. A bit of hunger (this is NOT starving!) is tolerable when one learns of calories being shed and many other health benefits including with the digestive system. I can’t do this every day but when I do, I feel GOOD. Good luck to all who struggle with eating issues!

  13. 7 planets in earth – stuck in her ways. Lack of fire to go out and seek new experiences. One of life’s transmitters hence rapping and influencing (air mars/venus). With her sun’s the opposition to Scorpio Pluto, she is probably always attracting people who try to transform her and fighting against it.

    Neither of the pictures you’ve posted look happy and a quick search didn’t find any better. Any smiles look forced and I get a vibe of “don’t mess with me / you cant tell me what to do” about her (that mars-pluto square particularly being Aqua-Scorpio).

    Her gemini venus is square virgo moon – isn’t there stuff around issues with mothers in that placement?

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