Liz Cheney – the sword-wielder loses her crown

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Liz Cheney, the surprising adversary-in-chief of Trump and demolisher of the stolen-election lie on the Jan 6 investigation, is about the pay the price for deserting the GOP’s party line.  She is facing  defeat for her Republican seat as her Trump-backed rival now has a 29-point lead over her.

 Cheney isn’t unique in that most of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have lost renomination or opted to leave.

  What is so extraordinary is that she came from a family entrenched in Republican ‘values’, sniped at Obama when he was in residence, supported Trump when he was elected and during his term. It was only in the aftermath of the 2020 election that she flipped and has come to be seen by Democrats as a principled politician while her own party have stamped her as a “swamp rat”.

  There is some pressure on her to go for an anti-Trump run for the 2024 Presidential election. She is uncommitted as yet and it is reckoned such a run would be a kamikaze stunt, not successful individually, but perhaps an effective wrecker of DT’s chances.

  She was born 28 July 1966 11.57pm  (birth certificate) Washington, DC and has an expansive Jupiter in Cancer on her IC and a flamboyant Sun Mercury in Leo also in her 4th – roots, family lineage all important to her; and has an enthusiastic Venus Mars in Cancer in her communicative 3rd house. She is married with five children which fits the Cancer emphasis.

  The rebellious, mould-breaking Uranus Pluto conjunction of the mid 1960s is trine her Capricorn Midheaven so it may not be so odd that she stepped away from political obedience to speak her mind. Her Sagittarius Moon sits in her 9th house suggesting she will live abroad at some point so a future ambassadorship is not out of the question.

  Tr Uranus is now moving through her first house since 2018 till 2026 which will make her independent-minded and uncaring about others’ reactions; and tr Saturn moving through her upper quadrant until April 2028 will see her at her peak, working hard and shouldering responsibility. Though it won’t all be successful with a downbeat Solar Arc Sun and then Mercury opposition her 12th house Saturn this year and next. Tr Neptune conjunct her Saturn from 2024 to January 2026 will be uncertain and undermining; and her Progressed Mars square her Neptune exact over the 2024 election won’t be encouraging.

 2026/2027 look more upbeat and successful with her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Pluto and then Uranus. At that point she will be under exceptionally heavy pressure with tr Pluto opposition her Mercury and Sun. By 2028 Saturn is ready to dip below her Ascendant into a lower-profile few years – which doesn’t mean she couldn’t win. Macron won the last election on similar but it tends to bring a lacklustre career patch of a few years with sagging motivation and energy.

  She’s certainly not making headway in 2024.  

17 thoughts on “Liz Cheney – the sword-wielder loses her crown

  1. Thought of a possibility referencing the transiting Jupiter trine to her Sun-Mercury (suggesting personal advantage, opportunity, reward) combined with her broadcasting experience/interest in the past (Jupiter rules her 9th House and Sagittarius Moon): She might be hired as a political contributor for CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox (again).

    I figure this could be a beneficial and lucrative association for all even if it is relatively short like her stint at Fox (one year). Surely her current high profile and name recognition would draw viewers, while the commentator role would offer a continuing stage to influence political opinion and keep her (Leo Sun) in the spotlight.

    We’ll see.

  2. Liz has earned the respect of many people who do not agree with her politics because she is putting her country ahead of her own interests. Sent. Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican senator from Maine asked the late Senator McCarthy if he had any decent and helped break the spell he cast over the country.

  3. I don’t think Trump will ever be elected to any post. All these shenanigans coming out in the open. Melanie hated the White House and Jared and Ivanka received all the fame and monetary benefits they wanted.

    So who revealed he took the ‘classified’ documents to Mar A Largo?

    Howard Stern asked him in an interview ‘why mess up your life and run for President’.

  4. Trump doesn’t want to be President, Trump wants to be elected Speaker Of The House, much more powerful than President..Just look at the power of Pelosi. Congress can legally elect anyone they want so it could be Trump, in fact this idea has already been mooted by some.

  5. Looking at her Firdaria, she is in Venus, Major period and Mercury subperiod. Venus is in her 3rd House,
    rules her 6th of work and 3rd of communication. Mercury is combust the Sun, rules her 3rd & 6th House
    of work. She has a law degree so would have no difficulty finding employment with the Democrats.
    Trans Pallas, politics, is in her 2nd House of income and sextiles her natal Pallas, in 12th, behind the
    scenes. She has 5 children, ages 12, 16, 18, 25 and 28 so they would still require her time and care,
    unless she can afford a nanny.
    She will probably go back to work with the Democrats, working behind the scenes.

    • @Martha, she doesn’t need to work for Democrats. There are plenty of anti-Trumper Republican-aligned or non-partisan law and lobbying firms or nonprofits that would hire her.

    • She will move onto bigger and better things. Also Some nice Neptune transits coming to her on and off the rest of the Decade and a Leo Horse! Powerful.

  6. Trump is not going to win reelection. There are way too many powerful people behind the curtain who would not allow that to happen. The President is just a puppet for the public anyway. Corporations and their powerful shareholders have way more power and influence than the President, hence why Obama wasnt able to create all the changes he campagined on.

    We will be entering a new era that will see the Constitution changing (most likely States splitting) and power coming from the people instead of the elites. Who will be the person to trigger that change in the consciousness of the collective remains to be seen. Based on our collective evolution, astrology denotes THAT someone will start to come out around 2023-2024. I have a feeling its going to be someone out of the blue who is not in our realm of political leaders right now, and very possibly a woman.

    • @Robert: Funny you said that you expect a woman out of the blue or under the radar to emerge. I’ve seen some astrologers say the same thing. That they’re seeing a female energy other than Kamala. So I’ve been looking into it for some time now racking my brain who it could be. Likely not S. Abrams or anyone else of note, so who? Until it recently hit me. Muriel Bowser, the current Mayor of Washington D.C.
      Why? She’s under the radar, she’s black, she practically a Governor as D.C is not a state but is run like one. She’s a Leo sun. And if her birth time is where I suspect it is, Mercury, Mars and 12th H. are also in Leo(Astro aficionados can explain if this would mean anything significant for leadership on a POTUS level). She has won 2 terms as Mayor, she’s not term limited and she’s only 50. So she can easily run again, which she is due to run next year; BUT, if she doesn’t, then I think she’ll be up to something! If you catch my drift. 🙂
      She’s my finally found true dark horse.

      • I am catching your drift Troy. That is a great hypothesis and makes a lot of sense. I think she will be up to something too. Lets see what happens!

        • Her re-election actually took place this year as it was so low key I didn’t know Lol. I thought the D.C election was in an off year but so be it.
          Like you said, let’s see.

  7. Very worried to read that she will not make headway in 2024. If Trump wins reelection, it seems more and more that our cluster of small electoral swing states will reinstall a literal traitor in the White House. I do not think our Republic can survive another Trump term. Biden has had a brilliant month with accomplishments few expected he could pull off, but even his supporters are very worried about his age. He does not need, at 80-plus, to continue in the most stressful job in the world. (Nor does Trump, at almost-80.)

    • Way too conservative but definitely be commended for putting country first . Before getting completely depressed. Maybe re-read Marjorie’s post of May 29th re: US Republicans – heading for a hot-button MidTerms ++ Cheney + Trump in which she also discusses 2024.

  8. She is one of the few who have stood up to Trump. She understands what is at stake here, and that is the Republic. She has earned the respect of many. You have no idea what is going on over here.

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